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Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston Old Lady Bikini of the Day

Courtney Cox Jennifer Aniston Old Lady Bikini

In Friends revival news…

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are at the beach….in bikinis…living their best rich as fuck thanks to FRIENDS and I guess other choices they’ve made since FRIENDS…but without FRIENDS would both virtually be non-existent….

Doing this whole “We may be 65, retirees but we aren’t fat, so let’s get into bikinis”…..Aniston because she’s never had kids to ruin herself, COX because she’s a fucking skeletor zombie coming to eat your brain….or at least you wish that is what she was doing.

I guess this is what retirement homes look like for the rich, filled with pussy that may be dry and menopausal but that you’d love to still fuck….

Still BFFs…doing BFF things…cuz it’s good for the paparazzi story telling that keeps them relevant…

Here’s Aniston


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Jennifer Aniston Topless of the Day

Jennifer Aniston Topless

Jennifer Aniston is very fucking rich. She was very fucking rich when she was born. She got very fucking rich when she did Friends. She’s had a whole career after friends where she continued to get very fucking rich. I think it’s safe to say it’s time to hang up her nipple prosthetics that she’s uses to get all the money and attention all these years…like she had one of the hottest birth defects of all time…permanent hard nipples on her great tits…and just accept that she’s in her 50s and that we got other tits to look at now.

Sure the die hard Aniston fan will still jack off to this excitedly, but there comes a time you need to grow up, get with the times, or fucking retire….

There is no real need to have a topless Jennifer Aniston….but I guess in ways it is a good thing to have happen…you know to properly document her demise and dealing with aging….like a vapid attention seeking celebrity would…”what if I pull out my tits, people will get excited and still want to look, cuz my tits are awesome thanks to never having that child I wanted before menopause cuz I was too focused on my ego and not destroying my pussy that no man appreciates enough to stick with”….cuz it must be the fucking worst…even if it’s greek and greek pussy is anus.

Jennifer Aniston Topless


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Jennifer Aniston Tits in a Magazine of the Day

Is Jennifer Aniston still hot?

I don’t have the answers, or at least a logical quantifiable answer, because you’re all perverts who would fuck anything…

You’ve been tainted by her hard nipples that have been shoved in your face for decades – giving you the illusion that they are tits you want in your mouth…because what tits don’t you want in your mout.

It’s marketing, like McDonalds, showing you shit you don’t really want enough times for you to want it…

Unfortunately for Aniston, no one wants it long enough to get her pregnant…cuz they dip before shit gets too real…because she must be the fucking worst…

The Titty Exploit Continues….and may never end…

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Jennifer Aniston Hard Nipples of the Day

Jennifer Aniston Hard Nipples Black Shirt

Jennifer Aniston has one thing to offer the world…hard nipples…

Besides Suzanne Somers in the 70s hit show Three’s Company, RIP JOHN RITTER, she’s been the most famous set of hard nipples on TV…at least that is what I assume…Friends was a huge, yet annoying as fuck sitcom, and her nipples were really the only reason to tune in…

It’s been nipples that have helped carry her career, that have helped her get to the level of rich as fuck she is, it may even be the nipples that led to her narcisssism that prevented her from having babies for her career, and maybe from having dudes stick it out with her, because there must be something wrong with her at her core….but that something is not her nipples…those nipples are solid…literally and figuratively…

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Jennifer Aniston Wasted Hard Nipples of the Day

Jennifer Aniston Hard Nipples In Grey Shirt

Jen Aniston looks like an old mom – but doesn’t have any kids…which could be seen as ironic or sad, that when she was at her peak time to breed, she was too busy being confused as being a hot chick in movies, instead of a 45 year old with hard nipples in movies, because old mom body without kids cuz no one wanted to knock her up or not, but she does have hard nipples and it’s become her signature move, everything about her, and it is almost at the point of ridiculous. Like are her big nipples a genetic disorder, or are her big nipples a result of nipple implants, are nipple implants a thing, and are her nipples even real nipples, or just prosthetics she wears to seem like she as hard nipples because it’s her security blanket…

I have known girls in my life and rarely do they have chronic hard nipples, there was one girl who had breast reduction who was plagued with hard nipples for life, there was another one in high school with big tits who always had hard nipples, that our 15 year old pervert boy selves couldn’t handle…but besides that….Jennifer Aniston seems to be the most prolific hard nipples our generation has ever seen…which is also ironic…since she’s got no one to milk with those nipples…since no one will knock her up and now it’s clearly too late cuz she’s old…

Making these the wasted hard nipples of the day – cuz she’s got no baby to feed with them.


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Jennifer Aniston in a Bikini Spy Cam Paparazzi of the Day

Jennifer Aniston on vacation in a bikini

Leave it up to the Mexicans to get the job done…whether it’s drug smuggling, gardening for rich people in LA and Texas, working the hotel chambermaid hustle, or doing other work white people won’t do, and will be racist towards mexicans despite them doing it….

Because here’s some traditional hide in the bush spy on the celelebrity, sneak some shots of her in a bikini that she’s likely unaware of, or at least seemingly unaware of – like old times…and good times…before all these fuckers were social media clickbait cuz social media gets paid….

I like my paparazzi out there making celebs scramble, causing brawls, being gangster about shit…hiding in dumpsters..not standing outside trendy spots getting the boring “leaving the venue pics”….

I want some creativity, some risk, some excitement…and sure this isn’t quite hitting the mark, but it’s better than what’s been happening in paparazzi for the last few years, they’ve done got lazy.

Old Lady Aniston – not so exciting in her bikini..but these pics represent a long lost artistry of getting up in a motherfuckers face..


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Old Lady Aniston Still Doing the Titty Thing of the Day

Old Lady Aniston who wears slutty outfits from the 90s because those were the glory days for nipples….and is too old for this kind of behavior…but I guess she might as well milk those nipples, not literally cuz no one will ever knock her up, but figuratively, because she’s either 50 or pushing 50 and there’s not all that much time left in them to be interesting to look at, unless you’re like me and love seeing old ladies with hard nipples sagging by the pool, beach or wherever they are, not because they are hot, but because you know how much experienced those tits are

Still nipples…


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Jennifer Aniston’s Hollywood Reporter Porn of the day

Jennifer Aniston may be too old to be posing in her lingerie, especially for a magazine like the Hollywood Reporter, that’s not even designed for people to jerk off to, but instead to cover bullshit hollywood things, like why Jennifer Aniston wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, which I can safely say is probably because she’s Rachel from Friends in every single movie she’s ever done, sometimes more comedic, sometimes more sad, but always Rachel from friends, and as Rachel from Friends, she’s become rich and relevant, and this whole trying to break down her image, and be recognized for the actor that she is, is really just her being an egotistical, trying to prove to herself that she’s legit, and I feel like she’s already won, she’s too old to continue this, and the tits are still good enough….maybe it’s time to retire them….and bow out like Ross from friends did…

Either way, here’s her erotica…she’s too old to bed starring in…that’s weird.

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Jennifer Aniston in Allure of the Day

I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is that hot…I mean not now at 100 fucking years old, and not when she was on Friends…

I think people were only responsive because she had fat tits and hard nipples while on a hit show, when hit shows mattered…

I figure if she’s not good enough for Brad Pitt, she’s not good enough for me, throw her out like last week’s kitchen garbage, shitty sitcom star…

But I’ll still look at her dried up, menopausal, not good enough for anyone to marry….tits…in Allure’s January issue…

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Jennifer Aniston for Harper’s Bazaar December of the Day

I guess when you get old and your sex appeal dies with your fertility – you try to do creative things when it comes to photoshoots to distract people from the botox her millions of dollars buys herself…

Now I’m not a Jennifer Aniston hater, I just think she’s old, had a TV hit and should leave some room for the younger and fresher girls.

You know, do like she did in her marriage to Brad Pitt and take the sidelines for hotter pussy.

It just makes sense…unlike her posing with balls…which is kinda like the idea of her having sex appeal..

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