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More Jennifer Aniston 41 Year Old Ass of the Day

Here are the leftovers of John Mayer, Brad Pitt and pretty much half of Hollywood’s ass they used to fuck but left to die. I know shit is called sloppy seconds when you’re talking about a college chick you pass around, but Jennifer Aniston is what you’d probably call the chinese you bought a month ago that got lost in the back of your fridge that you contemplate eating when you are wasted even though you know it will make you sick, but I still think she’s got a hot body and the fact that she’s Greek and has natural self lubricating in her asshole, almost makes her expiry date irrelevant….

Pics via Bauer

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Jennifer Aniston In Her Bikini for her 41st Birthday of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is old as fuck and her chances of having a baby of her own have pretty much leaked out of her pussy and over her panties in the form of her last tired period. I bet she regrets cursing her period all those years, wishing it would go away, because now she knows you don’t know what you had til it’s gone…

She’s latched herself onto Gerard Butler, who is in her latest movie and probably plotting his escape, but knows he can only make a move after the press is over, cuz otherwise bitch will go psycho….

On a sidenote, when Gerard Butler was filming 300 in Montreal, he fucked a few girls I know. He was on some special diet, he wasn’t drinking or doing cocaine like he was used to and he was apparantly a huge fucking bitch at least according to little groupie bitches who just liked the fact he was in a movie and didn’t really care that they had never hear of him before, but were just happy he chose them to be inside of….

Either way, happy birthday grandma aniston who will never be a grandma cuz you were too fucking picky and thought you were too good for every single guy but managed to turn off the few you ever did locked down. I hope you had a good day using the telescope to spy on the paparazzi who was spying on you….fucking loser…

Pics via Bauer

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Jennifer Aniston’s Leg at the Golden Globes

No matter how obviously desperate Jennifer Aniston is, she still bores the fuck out of me….she could be demonstrating how to use her vibrator/closest thing to a husband she’s got and I wouldn’t give a fuck because this kind of desperate bitch only targets specific caliber men, cuz she thinks she’s too good for the people who would actually get involved with her.

Here she is at last night’s Golden Globes, she decided to show off some leg for a little male attention, because she’s not so good at keeping male attention, all while getting older and not at the peak she was once at, and figures time is limited and if she doesn’t get someone locked in now, she may never get a man.

Her standards are too high and she thinks she’s better than she actually is and since that hasn’t done a whole lot of good for her, maybe she she take it down a couple of notches and accept that she’s not the hot pussy she thinks she is and a ton of virgin losers out there would die to crawl up her pussy and never leave it’s warm, moist aging side…..

Pics via Fame

Facebook Shut Me Down Cuz They Are Racist- So Add My New Account

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Jennifer Aniston Crosses Her Legs Like She Doesn’t Want Dick of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is old, weathered, single because no one wants to have a relationship with her, despite her being famous, lipless but still worth fucking, because she’s clearly got an ego or something to prove to the world, you know that she can do better than she did when she got married to Brad Pitt and won’t settle for anyone less than someone of Brad Pitt caliber and she won’t uncross those legs for anyone but her 13 inch black dildo until that person come knocking without realizing that that person doesn’t exist anywhere but in her imagination…..a

Here she is doing her best Turkey Impression, keeping in the Holiday spirit, by showing off something I call the Turkey Neck.

Pics via Bauer

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Jennifer Aniston has Hard Nipple of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is showing all you girls what it took her to get a career and what made Friends a success amongst men and that’s a set of hard fuckin nipples, they proved to be the best distraction from her busted greek nose, I mean before she got that shit sorted out at her plastic surgeon, I mean combined with the fact that as a Greek, she has an extra gland in her anus that makes lubricates anal and makes for smooth fuckin’ sailing….the last post I wrote on this bitch was a hell of a lot better and I don’t feel like repeating myself…

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Jennifer Aniston’s Hard Nipples of the Day

The thing I love about Jennifer Aniston is watching her fall from the top. At one time she was this nobody actress who hit big with a huge sitcom where she played the hot one who always had hard nipples, guys wanted to fuck her, girls everywhere wanted her hair and you’d be walking down the street and see bitches of all agest rockin’ the shit like Aniston was a fuckin’ cult leader. So she made huge money on the show, married the hottest guy in Hollywood and I’m sure on more than one occassion she stopped, looked herself in the mirror, smiled and said “I can’t believe this is my fuckin’ life, then the show ended, the husband left her and she struggles to get work, but one thing has remained a constant, her nipples are still hard and those nipples got her this far, so there may be hope for her, but I doubt it.

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Lookin Up Jennifer Aniston’s Skirt of the Day

I just spend 5 minutes zooming in and out of this Jennifer Aniston upskirt pictures like some kind of virgin, not because I am a virgin but because I have a lot of fuckin’ time on my hands. In a lot of ways I am like a retired man, you know taking naps off and on all day, watching Soap Operas at McDonalds, but in reality I am just unemployed, unlike Aniston, who is seen here working, which is really all she has going for her, since no man she goes for will date her, impregnate her, or marry her.

The reason isn’t so much that dude’s won’t settle with her, it’s that she has too high standards and needs to take it down a notch. We get it, you scored Brad Pitt and got him to marry you in your glory days, well he left you and maybe it’s time to stop lookin for someone better than him because at this point it is not going to happen. He is Brad Fuckin’ Pitt….and you’re a bunch of years older and a lot more irrelevant….

Sitting at home, or in your trialer on set, obsessing over him, hoping things turn around and he realizes he made a mistake and was actually in love with her, is just wishful thinking. Just because the good times and memories they had together were the happiest times of your life, doesn’t mean they were his, and this whole Angelina shit is not just a phase, he got her knocked up and maybe you were the phase, despite thinkin he’s your family, your soulmate, your everything…..you’re going to die the fuck alone….because it’s over and time to move on….

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Jennifer Aniston is a Baby Thief of the Day

Someone call the police, check the missing person’s reports, issue an amber alert or some fucking shit, because Jennifer Aniston has finally taken what she thinks she deserves, but can’t manage to get on her own and that’s a baby.

I guess her hormones are all out of fucking wack, because everyone knows that a baby is the worst kind of STD that never seems to disappear. For 18 or more years, you have to put up with its bullshit, you have to compromise your busy schedule for it and the only joy it brings is when it sleeps over at a friends house, other than that, it’s some needy shit, like demanding food, clothing and shelter like it’s your fuckin’ job, without realizing that you made them, and they should go out there and beg for change on the street to contribute to the household, like your own little army of earners.

Either way, I just don’t get the appeal of breeding, I only think it’s cool when it’s teenage pregnancy, but that’s just because I am a pervert, I guess neither does any man who has been with Jennifer Aniston, like that Brad Pitt guy, he always refused and he was always convincing that he’d never have kids, oh, right…sucks to be Aniston, I guess.

Check out the guilt in her shifty eyes. She’s up to no good, I can tell…

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Jennifer Aniston Nude in GQ of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is naked in GQ because getting naked is what you do when you want to get noticed, at least it’s what I do when I want to get noticed by teenage girls on the subway.

She is living out the dream many guys have for their ex-girlfriends after their hearts are broken by them, you know the whole, you’ll see one day I’ll be famous or rich and you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass for leaving me, only she was on the one who was cheated on and dumped and just wanted to stay together and have a family with him, so maybe he’s success since the divorce is not the same thing at all.

I guess he was always just out of her league as far as fame, success, media attention and public interest goes. I always thought it was a weird union in the first place, you know a movie star getting involved with a sitcom star, it just didn’t make sense to me. I just thought was a cover-up, since he is an actor, for an all night, all male orgy at Tom Cruise’s house that he was sure he was caught taking part in, and getting with the first desperate, barely hot, but decent for a Greek girl and that’s just because I know she takes it up the ass, because that ass she takes it up looks maternal and wholesome, and that ass is represented by the same PR guy who is trying to make stars out of all his clients to pay for his home in Malibu, despite that ass being barren and a garbage can for random men the last 4 years of recovery after the lottery she thought she won and the princess fairytale she almost secured by some serious manipulation dissolved in Angelina Jolie’s pussy and turned into 4 babies that don’t belong to Aniston….

In a lot of ways, it must be a lot like having a knife shoved in her uterus everytime see sees Pitt and Jolie in the media which luckily is every 2 minutes, because we know Aniston will lose this Clockwork Orange sanity test that is entertainment news and end up doin’ something fuckin’ crazy and fuckin’ crazy is always fuckin’ fun for us. Or maybe she’ll just get the fuck over it, like someone who isn’t so self involved and feeling sorry for her poor rich self…and will move the fuck on with her pathetic life….but I guess the only reason people care about her or are talking about her is because she hasn’t so it’s all part of her strategy to stay relevent and here she is naked in GQ.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Desperate Nipple Cries For a Baby To Suck It of the Day

In case you were wondering, Jennifer Aniston’s nipple is still acting up and not accepting the fact that it will never have a baby of it’s own to feed an is doing everything it can to escape her shirt and find one of her own. I guess the real fear people have about all this is that her expired maternal clock tit is going to take over her rational thought and leave her running around the streets, malls and coffee shop grabbing other people’s babies and shoving her dried up, dusty tit in their mouth, only to upset a lot of people and end up institutionalized. I guess what it all comes down to is that it’s times like these that Jennifer Aniston really regrets having those abortions when she was younger, because she didn’t want motherhood to get in the way of her career….if only you could turn back time Aniston….you know if only you knew what you know now, when you were younger, you know hindsight is 20/20….I don’t know what I’m doing. I need a fucking nap.

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Jennifer Aniston Wears a Bikini on Vacation of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is still alone on vacation. It’s kind of a common theme in her life since she can’t keep a boyfriend, and the truth is who really cares what Jennifer Aniston does, as long as she’s doing it in a bikini, because bikinis, when in the tundra that is Canada are a rare and beautiful thing, like a unicorn.

I thought these pictures were funny because of the amount of food this bitch has in front of her. It’s kind of a lot for one person. I figured that maybe she was emotionally eating her way through the pain and as she licks one plate clean, yells at Miguel to bring her more gucamole. Or maybe she’s just showing off that her life of excess is better than mine, as I sit here finishing off a box of $1.99 Cheerios. Or maybe it’s her passive aggressive way of telling Angelina Jolie and her starving AIDS babies to fuck themselves for stealing the one true love she thought she had locked down.

Either way, who really gives a fuck, this bitch is old and boring and that’s probably the real root to her lonely existance and here she is in that bikini….

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Jennifer Aniston is So Lonely on Vacation in Her Bikini of the Day

Jennifer Ansiton is still on vacation, or back on vacation in Cabo because there’s really not much going on for her back home and living is tired of the only message she gets on her answering machine, after calling every guy in her black book, being her leaving a reminder that she’s out of milk. She’s tired of eating dinner alone every night in front of the TV watching re-runs of friends, realizing the irony of her life, because she has no friends. She is tired of hugging a pillow, pretending it’s a real person, or going to the movies and buying two tickets only to realize that there’s no one to bring in with her.

So she does what any lonely person does and that is hire the hotel staff to be her boyfriend and to stand guard and to protect her. I think this is a form of prostitution, but when a lonely middle-aged woman does it they don’t get criticized, but when I get caught with my pants around my ankles in a back alley in broad daylight, I’m considered a pervert. Double standards man…double fucking standards.

Due to the Paparazzi Being Total Fucking Cocksuckers Espeically the Company Who Owns The Aniston Bikini Pictures, I’m Going to Link to them Instead of Post Them, It’s Just Smarter than Getting a 10,000 dollar invoice I can’t pay because unlike Perez, No advertising executives support this site because they are scared of nipples, despite having hired 3 hookers to lick their assholes with their expense accounts on last month’s business trip.

If You Want to See Aniston in Some Boring Bikini Pics

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Jennifer Aniston in Some Loney Vacation Bikini Pictures of the Day

Jennifer Aniston went on a lonely vacation recently, probably in attempts to get away from the hard truth that her life has a pretty depressing future alone and childless, and the good news is that she did it in a bikini, because despite being nothing amazing to look at, I’d rather be lookin’ at it in a bikini than clothed.

I have to say that she does look better than the Greek girls I know or the Greek girls who I have fucked, because I have fucked a Greek girl before and the whole experience was interesting enough to remember, because unlike non-Greek girls, I totally went ahead and shoved my dick in her ass and she didn’t even squirm or make a noise. Sure, I have a pretty small penis, but shit was like naturally lubricated and ready to go, like it was a second vagina and part of her Greek genetic code, leading me to believe that the stereotype comes from some truth….

So some advice to Aniston is that if you want to trick a dude into knocking you up, you gotta take him out of your ass, even if the anal is the only reason he’s in you in the first place. Everyone knows that’s the Christian girl’s answer to birth control and you can’t get pregnant like that….

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Jennifer Aniston’s Big Fat Greek Wedding Ass of the Day

I know there’s nothing more that Jennifer Aniston wants in her life than a Big Fat Greek Wedding than maybe a Big Fat Greek baby, but since that time has come and gone for her, and her life is destined to be spent alone, where the closest thing she will ever have to kids of her own are when her breeding friends ask her to be the Godmother, I have trouble understanding why because she’s not disgusting looking. I am sure there are Greek men out there from shipping families, with enough money for this greedy bitch with unrealistic standards to accept into her vagina, that would be happy with the fact that unlike their mother’s, her ass isn’t 300 pounds, but maybe that genetic guarantee that she will turn into their mother once a baby pops out that is keeping them away, or maybe it has to do with her desperation to get knocked up and her constantly going after the wrong guy, but I predict in a few months she’ll either be at the sperm donor clinic or raping homeless men at night to get that fetus goin’, or even worse, dating someone who isn’t a famous heart throb. She’s gotta realize that whole Brad Pitt thing was a bad judgment call on his part, and landing the best looking guy in Hollywood according to the media, doesn’t mean she is the best looking chick in Hollywood or deserves anything anyone finds attractive since she’s boring and irrelevant, either way, who really cares, I am only posting these pictures because they were saved on my computer and figured why the fuck not.

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Jennifer Aniston Leaving the Gym of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is leaving the gym because staying in shape is important, especially when your aging body can’t land a husband, baby daddy or boyfriend and even more necessary when you’re Greek and predisposed to having a hug fucking dumpy ass.

Her desperation reminds me of my friend who was equally desperate to find love. He got to the point of desperation where he had exhausted masturbation but couldn’t manage to get a girl to sleep with him, and refused to get a whore because he said that would make him feel like a loser. I would remind him that he is a loser and he’d just blow me off. As time went on, he got more paranoid that everyone around him knew he couldn’t get laid and I realized that it had gone too far one day when buying beer with him at the grocery store and dude picked up a box of tampons. I asked him why the fuck he was picking up tampons and he just ignore me. We got to the cash and when the clerk went to scan the tampons, my friend chimed in and said something along the lines of “I hate buying these for my girlfriend, it’s so embarrassing”, I looked at him like he had lost his fucking mind and he continued, “but I guess it’s not as bad as me not getting laid for the next week, if you know what I mean”….and I figured I had to stop the insanity so I ratted him out to the clerk for not having a girlfriend and that he’s just being crazy at which point he freaked out on me and ran out of the store and I haven’t heard from him since.

Either way, here’s Aniston…

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