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Jennifer Ellison’s Mom Body Bikini Pics of the Day

Jennifer Ellison is some UK actress….who is also a Glamour model….which is probably she had more success at….because Glamour model is pretty much code for busty, trashy, low grade stripper looking whore, who shows her tits in shitty magazines that are huge in the UK, because when most of the UK is working class chimney sweepers with fat toothless wives…making this kind of pussy the fantasy….that ends up getting these girls athlete husbands via getting knocked up and live the good life….but I could be wrong about her….I am drinking and not that interested in looking into it….

I just know she’s a mom, she’s in her bikini, she’s sucking in her stomach cuz all mom’s are insecure about their stomachs…..and insecure girls are the best…even if their pussies are ravaged…..especially when she’s good enough for me to stare at in a bikini…cuz of the bikini….I’m easy like that…such a slut….


I approve of this message:


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Jennifer Ellison Pregnant Tits in a Bikini Pics of the Day

I have a thing for pregnant chicks, even though I don’t have a thing for chicks I’ve got pregnant, and I actually have more of a thing for abortions or miscarriages, but when I know a girl has given up on the condition of her vagina and her body, and I know she really had taken the plunge, I realize that I need to celebrate that vagina in its final moments, so here’s some bitch named Jennifer Ellison I don’t really know or give a fuck about in some bikini pics from a tabloid, because it’s safe to say we’re nearing the end of her career so think of this as the tribute her you’d see next to her urn at her funeral, because let’s face it, the end is pretty much here and although she’s not dead, her sex appeal pretty much is. So look at her tits in all their glory as one last tribute even though it won’t be the last time you see them, but it is all downhill from here, not that it matters since I have no idea who she is, I just used my generic pregnant chick post for this.

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Jennifer Ellison Topless Bikini Pics of the Day

When Jennifer Ellison goes to the beach with her boyfriend, she always takes off her top because everyone has seen her tits already. When I watch porn, I always turn off the speakers off, because I don’t like my neighbors thinking i am raping a girl cuz they know by the way that I look, there’s no way i am doing that to a chick who is willingly letting me. I guess that’s got nothing to do with Jennifer Ellison, but she’s probably in a bikini as much as I watch porn, so I’m trying to take what she does and make it about me. It’s a bad habit.

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I am – Jennifer Ellison Bikini Pictures of the Day


I have no idea when these pictures were taken mainly because I don’t even know who this bitch is, but also because I am not good at staying on top of shit. I can’t even recognize the real celebrities in pictures so pointing out some no name is pretty much impossible. I do know that these pictures are doing the rounds and that she’s got some big tits and an exposed ass and that’s something I fully support.

The thing I like about no name d-list celebrities is that they have these huge fucking egos. They think they are more important than they are and give attitude to anyone who crosses their path, because they are trying to maintain that they are important because they have been on TV or in a magazine or some shit. Real celebs aren’t as accessible because people are constantly running after them and actually care about them, so I’d never know if they work the same way but I’ll never know and I don’t really care.

What I do know is that I met some useless actor from commercials out of LA who has been there for 2 years trying to establish himself with some kind of career. He was talking to a girl I was talking to. Dude was talking about how he likes to visit montreal, but his new home is LA and that he’ll be going back fro auditions in a couple of days, thinking that that will lock down her vagina for him. He would go off on how he’s met certain celebs and how the bars in LA are way cooler than the shit hole we happened to be in. He was drinking champagne and I thought his game was fucking weak but dude still got the girl to go home with him.

All this to say that losers with a dream who are delusional enough to move to LA in hopes of being found, get a lot of pussy when they leave LA because the girls they meet are easily impressed and fuck them in the event they ever do hit it big so that they have a story to tell their kids.

What I am getting at is that if you can’t impress girls you meet lie. Tell them you are some d-list piece of shit, drink champagne and compare everything to LA and you will probably end up getting laid or beat up by local guys who think actors are fags and don’t like the way their scarves seduce the local sluts….

Here are those Jennifer Ellison Bikini pictures.

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I am – Jennifer Ellison is a $2 Hooker of the Day

Jennifer Ellison

Well here is Jennifer Ellison at some event or another exuding what I can only describe as pure class. You can practically see it oozing from her pores. You’ve heard of a wolf in sheeps clothing? Well Jennifer here is a whore in whores clothing.

I never really went through that period in my life where I dressed like a whore yet and I don’t think I am going to, mostly because if my mother or Jesus ever saw me leave the house like that they would kick the shit out of me, straight up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for short skirts and high heeled fuck me boots that go up to my knee, but I’m not for old men yelling at me out their car windows asking “Hey baby, how much?� either, you know? That’s more Sugar Nell’s department if anything, and I like to leave professional jobs to professionals.

I did learn at a young age that I can pretty much get anything I want from men based on my looks, but I know how girls are that do that shit and I don’t roll like that. I’m not even talking about fucking for money here, I’m talking about bitches who arent even gold diggers they just like some idiot to take them out so they dont have to pay for shit, and go to fancy restaurants that usually suck anyways. They don’t fuck for $400, they fuck for dinner and a movie. They are the bargain basement store prostitutes. I tried it a few times and hated myself after for it, not because I hurt some guys feelings and made him cry (that part was funny) but cause I know in my heart that unlike Jennifer Ellison here, I ain’t no $2 hooker.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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