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Jennifer Lawrence Not That Hot in Bodypaint of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence Not That Hot in Bodypaint

Jennifer Lawrence is the worst, overrated, nonsense around. Girl gets jobs, gets paid, is seen as a talent and is barely interesting, except when she leaks her nude pics and pretends they were hacked and gets a guy arrested, high stakes nude selfies or some shit, and I guess except when she dresses in blue body paint for all you fucking nerd virgin perverts into any celeb, especially one with great tits, body painted into your favorite lame comic character…you’re stupid, her ass isn’t round enough, but it’s alright I guess…not much else going on in the world you know…not much else at all..

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Top 10 Jennifer Garner Spanx of the Day

I was going to do a top 10 but realized 1 picture is enough, that shit says 1000 words, right…

You see, nothing says sexy like a mom in a pair of spanx…and what I mean by that is that there is nothing sex about a mom in spanx. It’s like keep your GUNT suppressing tools to yourself…no one wants to see your pink little bike shorts panties…unless those pink little bike shorts are in fact just labia wrapped around your legs thanks to all the kids…


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Jennifer Garner Drunk Pregnancy of the Day

There is nothing I love more than watching mother’s smoke and drink while pregnant…Sure it’s not classy and maybe it’s irresponsible…you know cuz with all that modern science shit that tells us it is gonna make our babies retard addicts and whatever propaganda they spew….but I say those who listen to modern science and those who try to be responsible and by the book are fucking boring…so take Jennifer Garner’s lead and drink a little….it won’t hurt you….it just may hurt your baby…but who cares about that…let’s have some fun….Alcoholics unite….

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Jennifer Garner Flashing Panties of the Day

Here are some pictures of serial mom Jennifer garner showing off her panties….

This could have been erotic if it wasn’t pictures Jennifer Garner….

She’s just not hot. If anything she’s the kind of homely bitch who always looks dirty…like she has an ass that smells like feces and sweat…You know like the bitch in my housing project who doesn’t shower or change her clothes, cuz she’s too busy getting knocked up by various black dudes for the government welfare credits she gets having more kids…..only the Hollywood version…..so seeing her underwear almost makes me sick….even though I love dirty panties, but more importantly even though I know they are clean thanks to her team of housekeepers….I just never found her hot…and seeing her pregnant in a thong doesn’t turn me on like it should…it repulses me….

There’s something about her loving showing her ass she’s done it before … and I call that being a slob, disheveled and unware and here are her panties, cuz they are funny…

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Jennifer Garner Ass Crack of the Day

This is pretty fucking lovely. Show some fucking respect you trashy plumber of a pussy. If you weren’t a mom and this was 10 years ago, I’d be more encouraging, cuz I like ass crack of all varieties…especially for a target to cum on… but she’s got kids and is old and dumpy..making this anything but erotic..don’t get me wrong…when a bitch is bent the fuck over and her ass hangs out of her pants…I always look…just yesterday I stared at this drunken pig of a girl who was probably 30 and dressed in some bullshit costume from the sex shop that was too small for her and that her massive fat chick tits were popping out of was leaning over to talk to her friend who was sitting showing off white, soft cotton panties, despite being on such loud piece of trash drunk girl who I wanted to punch in her midwestern trash face and who probably looks disgusting naked….but as Jennifer Garner proves…it’s not always hot…and sometimes ass is so bad that all you can think about is how many shit it has taken the last 3 days…and not in a hot fecal fetish way….in a disgusted way…and apparently, this is one of those times..

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Jennifer Garner Shitty See Through of the Day

Jennifer Garner is boring. She was never the girl in movies I wanted to fuck. See I don’t think seeing her naked, now that she’s a mom, would be of interest to me, even if she was laying there grabbing Ben Affleck’s balls as his cock is getting shoved down Matt Damon’s throat, sure I’d look, but I’d want to ask why they didn’t choose a hotter girl for the role, so I don’t know why I am posting these pictures of her in what could be a see through like it is a big deal….cuz anything she’s into isn’t a big deal…even if it’s sitting in her bathroom applying cream to J.Lo brand herpes…Affleck got back in his drinking days, before becoming a boring family man…

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Jennifer Garner’s Premature Ready To Drop Porn of the Day

If you’re like me, you like your pregnant bitches in their first tri-mester cuz you still get the benefits of pregnancy by fucking them and cumming in their gutter pussies without having to deal with condoms and the stress of unwanted pregnancy with a bitch who is clearly crazy cuz she’s letting you fuck her without a condom before she gets all big, bloated, thick nippled, fat and disgusting with swollen ankles and smelling like the parts of their bodies they have neglected to wash because they haven’t been able to reach partially cuz they were too busy complaining and eating…prepping their man for the hell he is about to embark in, you know like actual pregnant chicks…the kind you can’t pretend aren’t pregnant, especially when they hit the stage at you’re local stripclub….making you feel guilty for a few minutes before taking advantage of the situation cuz you know a pregnant bitch stripping is the kind of desperation that is more than willing to take things to the next level in the back alley outside the stripclub….

On a sidenote, I saw my old neighbor last night and she was pregnant….she used to be a drunk whore with an apartment that worked with a revolving door policy….where I’d see at least 3 different dudes walk through in a given day…making me wonder if she knows who the dad is but more importantly, I wonder if she’s gone legit and wholesome and whether her husband knows her seedy past….Maybe I’ll have to bring it up when I see them playing with their kid in the park next year…It’ll give me something to look forward to…

Here is Jennifer Garner’s semi-pregnant, or pregnant enough to still fuck body…if you ever like Jennifer Garner…which I didn’t…but I do this shit for you. I’m like Santa Claus you appreciative pricks…

Pics via Bauer

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Jennifer Garner’s Panties of the Day

Jennifer Garner has holes in her underwear, not because she’s poor, but because she’s a fucking slob. Rumor has it that her new baby was trying to bite his way back inside her womb, but I have a lot of trouble believing that, it probably has more to do with Afleck’s irish drinkin’ fists and prison rape fantasies, and really who cares.

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Pregnant Jennifer Garner Gets Asian Pedicures of the Day

There are at least 15 of these asian manicure places around the shithole I call home. I could never figure out why the Asians were so into this manicure business and why no other culture owned these sexy nails type stores. This one time, I walked in asking if it was a full service pedicure, you know one with a happy ending and the little Asian women looked at me like they didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about, but before I could run away like a stupid high school kid doing a stupid prank at the drive thru window, they’d circle me and try to walk me into their special massage room and next thing I know, I’m getting jerked off for 40 dollars by these little asian hands and that is when I figured out that this pedicure business was actually a handjob front so I wasn’t surprised to see this Asian pedicure shit isn’t something exclusive to my city and was even less surprised to see a pregnant Jennifer Garner running to the back room, escorted by ten little Asians, to get rubbed off…how naughty….

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I am – Jennifer Garner’s Orgasm Face of the Day

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So may token gay blogger looks like he is going to be a fixture and I hope you all enjoy it because that’s the whole reason he is here. I am all about helping you come to terms with your underlying homosexuality, while giving the homos on the site a man to fantasize about. I am trying to make myself famous and this is the best way.

The only set-back is that Julien isn’t an inflated, blue haired faggot that looks like a circus clown who got lost and ate all the elephant feed, but maybe the internet will move from having disgusting looking idols to just having disgusting sexual deviant idols. Only time will tell and here’s his post for the day….Cocksuckers….

I have been going on gay chat sites for a quite a while. It’s a really great place to meet “straight� guys who want to suck to dick but who are too afraid to go the gay bars. I prefer these kind of guys because they are all about the sex and are not looking to spoon afterwards.

So I was talking to this guy and he decided to send me a few of his pics. One of them was his “O face� (or “orgasm face�) and it was horrifying. His eye was all squinty and he was doing this thing with his mouth and it made him look like a retarded rabbit. He must of thought it was sexy but it really wasn’t. He might as well have sent me a picture of his last bowl movement.

Here is a picture of Jennifer Garner making what looks to me like her O face. Now she doesn’t look as bad as my guy did, but she still looks a little downsy. But just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean some desperate straight guy (you) isn’t going to print this out, put it on his pillow and then fuck a plastic pussy pretending that he is making Jennifer Garner cum. Well, I’m all about fantasies but believe me even if by some magical turn of events, Ben Affleck died and you managed to fuck Ms. Garner, there is no way you would make her cum.


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