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J.Lo Striptease of the Day

Jennifer Lopez Slutty On Stage in Lingerie Spreading her Legs

J.Lo just will not give up – because I guess that’s what happens when you are a self involved narcissistic freak who doesn’t want to accept that you are getting old, and irrelevant, but that instead you can work out all day, get face injections and try to defy science…and the fact that you are old…because you’re ego has you thinking you’re invincible, and your idiot fans buy into you, and your entourage suck up to you, so you just don’t get down…you’ve won, and will keep winning, even when you are losing, because people celebrate you almost as much as you celebrate yourself…

I don’t always mind that kind of stripper, I do prefer when they realize that they are that kind of stripper, and start offering discounts though, while J.Lo’s still charing full price, if not a premium, becasue she’s J.Lo and has that Nostalgic value…

Jennifer Lopez Slutty On Stage in Lingerie

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Jennifer Lopez Bra Through Shirt of the Day

Jennifer Lopez knows that her latin fan base, fucking love her, and see her as an idol because she made it.

She’s not living in the ghetto, working at hotels or in the service industry. She has broke free from all that and become a huge star on all levels, in part to her ass, in part to culturally appropriating the life of a Mexican, in what would hopefully be seen as racist in this era of “A MEXICAN BETTER PLAY A MEXICAN THIS IS A DISGRACE TO THE LIFE OF SELENA KNOWING A PUERTO RICAN PORTRAYED HER”…as culturally they are different, because Puerto Ricans are americans…but I guess people only get mad when white people play black people, and non trans people play trans people, I’m talking to you Felicity Huffman….

Point of the story is that despite being 100, she’s really trying to stay as hot as possible, on some Gloria Estefan shit, knowing that forever, until the end of time, the fans will still praise her…even though she can’t speak spanish, hasn’t bothered learning spanish, while that Spanish is her fucking lifeline….because she’s rich and lazy and doesn’t have to…

She just needs to wear slutty, clothes that aren’t age appropriate, and here she is….saying “look at my bra”….like the stripper on snapchat I follow…only J.Lo.

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Jennifer Lopez in a Sports Bra of the Day

Jennifer Lopez psted a picture of herself 18 hours ago, doing a mirror selfie in some workout gear and it was almost erotic, not because it is J.LO an I’ve ever found her hot, but because it was shameless instagram selfies by narcissistic assholes, who even in their 50s, still like to look at themselves in the mirror and pose like some kind of sex worker, so much so that they share it with their loyal pervert fans that helped create them, even if they are marketed as high level, A List, high priced….they doing the same stunts eager whores are…because clearly this is how the world works….bitches like taking provocative selfies for people who like looking at provocative selfies…no matter what walk of life, bank account, color these motherfuckers are…forcing us to navigate through so much slutty selfie content, even slutty selfie content we don’t want to see, like a 50 year old J.Lo…who should just fucking simmer down and accept that she’s done alot, made a lot, and has fans that love her….she doesn’t need to be whoring like a Puerto Rican from the Bronx working at some strip club for Wall Street dudes in the 80s…like J.Lo probably grew up around back when she was 30 years old in the fucking 80s…

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J.Lo’s Tits for Harpers Bazaar of the Day

Jennifer Lopez upside down tits in a red dress

J.Lo sweet chariot never gonna stop showing her tits now that she’s old enough to have tits – because she wants to make it clear to the world that she’s more than just an ass….she’s a triple threat…from singing and dancing to acting to fucking famous men to marrying a skeleton and breeding with him…to now ending up happy in love with a rod A.Rod….

She just doesn’t go the fuck away, because the ego, the eagerness to make money and to be adorned by her fans, who see her as some hispanic icon…is just what she thinks is her higher calling or purpose…thanks to the hispanics never turning their back on one of their own..

She’s unfortunately an “Industry”…and “empire” like Beyonce or whatever…and I find it irritating that she won’t back down and just find younger version of her to buy / sign / build up / exploit…but like the old ego, old hen, not wanting to let go, she probably doesn’t let women in the same room as her…but only a team of men on payroll telling her how hot she is.

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Jennifer Lopez in Paper Magazine of the Day

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look like Jennifer Lopez in this photoshoot for Paper magazine, thanks to being hold, photoshopped, re-built with face fillers to keep her taught hispanic skin aging nicely, you know combined with all her expensive creams and baby fetuses she orders from the mother country to bathe in, girl will keep on going…and her fans will fucking celebrate accordingly…because they are loyal, she is their beacon of hope, and despite being average at best of a performer, even patronizing, but pandering, brainwashing and manipulating…she can’t do wrong…they are committed to her and she’s just keep cashing in…

You can tell it’s Jennifer Lopez because it’s so fucking flashy, loud and all things she is, that’s how people notice her..

I just don’t know where she’s hiding her 50 but fit ass…that’s what made her, that’s what you want to make it you want to jerk off to her, it’s like all the pics should be of her ass…it has worked for her, and continues to work for her, but only one pic…seems like a rip off, probably something anyone who bought ticket to a J.Lo show probably feel.

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Jennifer Lopez Cleavage for the People Awards of the Day

Jennifer Lopez is clearly a fame sucking fame whore who does anything to get herself noticed by the media, because she knows she can easily make 100,000 million more dollars in the next 6 months, so why the fuck not. The hispanics are loyal and the white people who were once so amazed with her ass, are now amazed with how fit and young she looks at 50…

So…she attended some People Magazine awards, which sound dumb to me, but I guess magazines are dead and they are trying to stay relevant by using people who want to stay relevant, keeping the whole thing relevant…but People magazine nothing but bottom feeding masturbation fodder for middle aged obese trailer park trash…..

But I am into Jennifer Lopez’s shirt. She’s done this before, when she was less mom tits…and she looked better than KATE UPTON, who won sexiest of the year, because People magazine nothing but bottom feeding masturbation fodder for middle aged obese trailer park trash and she is their leader.

But the fact is that this event…was still nothing but bottom feeding masturbation fodder for middle aged obese trailer park trash…


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Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora Celebrate Booty at Fashion Rocks of the Day

Everyone is so excited by the fact that Bieber stripped down at the Fashion Rocks event, and by everyone I mean the host Ryan Seacrest, he lives for that little man’s body…it’s all part of being a creepy fucking homo who likes people who dance and make money…

Well, it’s pretty clear that the real star of Fashion week this year, or at least the Fashion rocks party, or I guess the media and sexuality, is the BOOTY…it’s very instyle and 3 top starlets, who despite being talentless, or at least annoying about their success…brought out their booties, and I wasn’t there to capture the moment…but the internet was…so here…

Here’s Rita Ora’s Booty

Here’s J.Lo singing about booty…

Here’s Nicki Minaj Shaking Her Booty

To See More Pics CLICK HERE

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