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Jessica Alba’s Nip Slip of the Day

Jessica Alba's Nip Slip getting a facial

This is hardly a nip slip…but apparently it’s a nip slip…pulled directly from Jessica Alba’s youtube feed, which is interesting because she’s never been topless in a movie, even though at one time she was the one girl who people wanted to see naked in a movie, the token hot chick, that didn’t matter if she could act or not, what mattered was that guys wanted to jerk off to her…so she got the job…..a celebrity she leveraged into a billion dollar brand of household mom products, because I guess her fans grew with her, got knocked up with her, and wanted to buy household products endorsed and sold by her, even if they are a lie or a scam….

Maybe Alba is reclaiming her tits, like she was Jennifer Lawrence trying to explain why she’s topless in her new movie, and making it about the leaked / hacked nudes, to get sympathy from the fact that she got off to people getting off to her tits and she actually wanted to give them more….there is NO doubt in my mind that any celebrity, who pretends they are in it for the art of pretending to be someone else, is not actually there for the guys jerking off to her, and the money, you know…

Or maybe it’s an accident…

Or maybe these aren’t her nipples, and this free the nipple shit, isn’t even nipples, but shadows….who knows what these breast feeding moms are up to….not me. I don’t have the answers.

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Jessica Alba in Good Housekeeping of the Day

Jessica Alba in a Blazer in Good Housekeeping Magazine

What a fucking joke, as if Jessica Alba has ever done housekeeping in her life, she’s got Mexicans for that – even though she’s a fucking Mexican, but not the kind of Mexican who thinks she’s a Mexican, unless it comes to selling bullshit overpriced products to Mexicans, or to play one in a movie…she’s bullshit.

But sure Alba, we believe you to be the Good Housekeeper, because you’re trying to pander to moms…and most importantly…she’s a fucking whore known for being a whore…who fucks dudes behind her husbands back and in front of it – what’s this polarizing herself as a wholesome bitch who has a chef and cleaner…and a dick in all her holes.

Do people actually buy into this dog shit lie…

I think they do.

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Jessica Alba’s Halloween Booty of the Day

Jessica Alba's Halloween Booty

Jessica Alba’s got the fat ass….because she’s part Mexican and pregnant…which means she should be 300 more pounds than this…

I wonder if all her kids are with this dude, or if she still fucks him while she’s not fucking the other more famous people who fuck her – where he is just the porn husband, purse holder, she turns to for support when the other men upset her, you know how these egotistical women are…they are assholes and they all need a floor mat of a dude who is happy enough knowing he’s bred with Alba, even though she’s a cunt.


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Jessica Alba See Thru / Nipple / Pregnant Mom Tit of the Day

Jessica Alba in a see through bra

Jessica Alba wore a mesh bra under her tank top…a mesh bra that was exposed when her tank top was strategically pulled out of the way, showing the world her mom tit, that I am assuming is still a pregnant tit, because I remember she announced that she was pregnant – but don’t really keep track of her cycles or remember when that was…

I just know that this tit was golden tit we all wanted to see 20 years ago..and now it’s just whatever tit, trying to keep up in the tit game, because everyone shows tit, even if it’s not at its tit best, but it is still Alba Tit….

I like how she makes shameless look so casual and “omg how did this tit pic happen”….that’s talent I knew she had but never figured out why she had it.


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Jessica Alba Tits of the Day

Jessica Alba shook her mom tits while making a mom joke about them being hormonal and milk filled because if you know anything about pregnant women – they are disgusting, they know they are disgusting, and only have their tits to carry them through the pregancy and often times the first year of being a new mom, thanks to it being the only thing their husbands want to look at or fuck, but also because their pussies are shredded and can’t be fucked.

I guess what I am saying is that Alba, even knowing she’s an old Alba, knows to use the tits for that attention that makes her feel good now that she can’t cheat on her husband with actual celebrities for a while, since that’d be weird….seeing as she’s got his baby, or what they think is their baby up in her..

Point being…

I’m into this mom tit thing..

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ALba Thick Ass Mom to Be in a Bikini of the Day

Jessica Alba is pregnant, but not overly pregnant yet, you know the right amount of pregnant where her body just thickens up in a weird fat ass way, and where you can’t knock her up no matter how much you cum in her, which in and of itself is a highlight…if you’re into getting her well documented herpes…and if you’re into a girl well past her prime, but still pretty good, because she’s a vapid LA person and that’s all part of what they are about, I mean she was a celeb before the face of a billion dollar brand…manipulating us all…but that round ass..it’s good to look at, so juicy and delicious…that even if you hate Alba and all she represents..like you were her husband demanding a paternity test cuz you can’t trust bitches these days….

I don’t know where I’m going with this…other than JUICY…and worth thinking about sticking your fingers up inside…..you know to help massage her pregnancy from the inside out…

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Pregnant Jessica Alba in a Bikini of the Day

I wonder if you knocked up or seemingly knocked up Jessica Alba and built a billion dollar company off her back, would you insist on a paternity test to make sure that her cheating vagina, because she’s ultimately hollywood obsessed and there is no way she doesn’t bang other celebrities, producers, or directors….at least according to my friend…who seems to know all about these things…like a Asspergers when it comes to celebrity cunt….

Or do you just accept the little white jewish looking kid as your own….

I mean I know none of those questions matter and you just focus on the breast feeding…a mom of three addicted to breeding…maybe she can’t abort…who cares…she doesn’t look so bad…I’m into it…

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