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Jessica Simpson’s Foot to Inspire Sweet Foot Fetish Dreams of the Day

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Jessica Simpson Monster Tits of the Day

Jessica Simpson is pregnant for the third or fourth time, and you know what that means, her monster mom tits are about to get substantially bigger…because if there’s one thing we know about Jessica Simpson beyond that she has huge tits, it’s that this girl blows the fuck up and eats the fuck up when she gets pregnant…after the first pregnant she was carrying 100 pounds of fat for years…until her dad or management got her 1,000,000 dollar deal to lose it…something even the richest billionaire could use as a motivator…if they actually want to lose weight.

Maybe the government needs to pay out all money they spend due to the financial strain obesity has on society…give that money back out to the fat people in dollars not in medicine for their diseases from being fat…I am sure at least 50% of them would try to lose the weight…for a while… before realizing they are lazy fucks and that’s why they are fat in the first place and they like being fat…so they go back to fat…..like Jessica Simpson is about to do….

Just look at her showing off her baked goods she’s eating up….to help relate to her Walmart Shopping fanbase….an easy to manipulate crowd if you’re fat and white and famous….

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Jessica Simpson’s Massive Titties of the Day

Jessica Simpsons Massive Topless Tits out in Bikini Selfie

This Jessica Simpson massive titty about to explode from her weight being pressed down on it…in some water balloon in a party game looking…bursting out in every direction….posed pic for her social media…the way we want to see the billionaire fashion entrepreneur…because her monster tits have always been the best thing about her…even when her fat body caught up to her tits…before she brokered a million dollar deal to lose the weight with Weight Watchers…by likely not eating weight watchers…

This is amazing…Probably uncomfortable for her back, but she can handle it, she’s a performer…but amazing because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tit this big, being squashed out like this as a selfie, especially not on a mom pushing 40…this is inspiring, next level content that she felt compelled to post because even she knows it’s talent too good to be wasted….I mean seriously…this is almost life changing to a person with a big sloppy tit fetish…like we’ve seen the Messiah or some shit…

I’m not a religious man, but I am a believer….PRAISE Jessica Simpson Tit….the coming of Jesus will happen soon….because my name is Jesus and this is that good.


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Jessica Simpson and her Mom Tits with her Mom’s Tits of the Day

Jessica Simpson and her Mom Tits with her Mom's Tits

Here’s some Jessica Simpson tits for International women’s day, or what I call Mother’s Day part two, or maybe it is a pre mother’s day, because so many of you fuckers, probably not you old timers who don’t use social media, but “you fuckers” as it social media people, are posting pics of their moms celebrating their moms, for being the powerful women who have squeezed them out of their cunts, in what is pretty fucking egotistical, as you’d expect from a vapid platform like instagram…

Maybe they should be celebrating that aren’t responsible for making them….You know what I mean…like look the bigger picture on an important day as International Women’s Day….than just your mom having

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Hilary Duff Tongue VS Jessica Simpson Tongue of the Day

Hilary Duff Tongue VS Jessica Simpson Tongue

I want to do some more audience involved in my posts, you know not that there is an audience, but I read that you can’t grow an audience unless you are engaging and get people participating, chatting, discussing, included in what I do here – because its not about me, it’s about YOU…and that’s what we are channeling…

So what do you like better….HILARY DUFF’s TONGUE (ABOVE) or JESSICA SIMPSON’s TONGUE….

We’ll let X-Tina Aguilera rub her pussy while you think about your answer…

This post has been brought to you by 2001…

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Jessica Simpson Monster Tits for Xmas of the Day

Jessica Simpson shows off her huge cleavage in a green silk robe

Jessica Simpson has been feeding those tits to the point they are ready to explode, like they are some thanksgiving turkey, or Christmas ham, you know just fucking jack them babies up, only to release them like the gift to the world, goodwill unto men, joy to the world, hark!….lighting of the Christmas tree…

I mean girl’s all green, with some lacy looking ornament on her Chrismas globules….

She’s old, she’s thick, she’s a mom, she’s still Jessica Simpson…and she’s BUSTY…

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Jessica Simpson’s Butt Shot I missed of the Day

Jessica Simpson bent over ass shot

Jessica Simpson drunk from the other day is the highlight of the week – even though she looks as fat as she used to be – and there was zero hot going on….other than being a drunk chick…which is obviously a fetish for most people…who can’t get laid by sober chicks…I think they call it date rape / rape culture even when you’re not the one buying or drugging the drinks..and girl is the one coming up to you, hanging off you, and begging you to be up inside her….rape…

Jessica Simpson is a mom of two, probably bored on her pile of money because people handle all that shit for her, half retarded and if you know anything about retards..they all masturbate all the time…avoid the public pool on retard field day…trust me…and she’s likely the one doing the drunk raping of her man / lottery winner – who only played 2 years of NFL which was enough to trap this one in K-Fed Style…

The more interesting pic is the butt shot that was rumored to be posed, oh it’s still posted, I wonder how I missed it… BECAUSE I POSTED THIS ONE …but thanks to her being a wholesome southern girl addicted to sex, breeding out of wetlock, being a titty whore and a lie to the world for her personal gain.you know like a good religious souther god fearing american…who sells her shit to other god fearing americans…she does better.

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Jessica Simpson Titty Dance of the Day

Jessica Simpson shook her fat tits for a social media post…because she’s discovered BOOMERANG and it probably entertains what you’d assume was her small mind, if you’re from the era of her reality TV show, or really any public interview, that I’ll assume is just a front to relate to the trash who are into her and who buy her stupid clothing and who made her a billionaire through K-Mart fashions…because it makes her relatable, like one of them, when really she’s some money grubbing celebrity….with big tits, tits she realized long ago allows her some leeway in her prone to fatness size, because they make for a good contrast, offset the gut that Weight Watchers paid her a million dollars to lose when she was a fucking blimp….giving her a second shot at life and mom hotness…and all it took was money and cash because this girl who plays a retard is either a retard with a good team…or calculating…and I can’t figure it out because I am hypnotized by tits…


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Jessica Simpson’s Cleavage of the Day

I have a big titty on 40 year old bitches fetish…

It doesn’t have to be a celebrity 40 year old mom with monster tits…

It can be any bitch in her 40s with big tits…

I’ve been seeing so many of them, all womanly, pre menopausal, and I’m not sure if it’s just the hormones in the food or something like sluttier clothing, or girls giving it a shot before it is too late, or if I was just never open to big titty 40 year olds…as I had this cut off age of 24 and that made them invisible…

That’s not to say I haven’t banged 40 year olds, or older, in my life, it’s just to say I either blocked it out and hated it or…just blocked it out…because with big tits usually comes gut, sloppy ass, and thighs…

So seeing a 40 year old like Jessica Simpson, young billionaire, showing off tits at a kid’s birthday party, knowing the rest of her is fat…isn’t the hottest thing ever…but it is good enough for me….

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Jessica Simpson’s Mom Tongue and Titties of the Day

Jessica Simpson was showing her friend just what it takes to get your dad to love you enough to quit the church, build her career, make millions than come out of the closet as a homosexual….a long and strong tongue that while pressed against an asshole while giving a handjob feels amazing…Incest is the Best when you’re a country bumpkin and your daughter is the only thing in town that doesn’t have webbed does…

Not that Jessica Simpson used to lick her dad’s asshole, but I’m sure she’s licked at least one dudes asshole, everyone has, even the most normal of people, like the cashier at the grocery store…it’s just something people do these days…so assuming that a celebrity, who has probably seen some shit, despite being Christian, even though she is a divorcee with kids out of wedlock who flaunts her tits for record sales, being anti-christian…

Or maybe, it’s just something I want her to do to me….now that she’s taken her tongue out of the BBQ sauce and cake batter long enough to get a tight fit body….that we know probably has the soul of a fat girl, because skinny or fit doesn’t take away the underlying oral fixation that fills the emptiness in her soul, at least not forever…trust me, I prey on fat girls, I know how they work.

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