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Jodie Sweetin Bikini Titties on her Stomach of the Day

Jodie Sweetin living her best life now that the cunty Aunt Becky has been kicked off the show….pulling her massive tits you never expected to be so massive while watching FULL HOUSE as a young loser, before becoming the old loser you are, still interested in characters of what you think was a better time, even though it was actually worse times, thanks to being a loser in your prime…I always say be a loser in your old age, not when you have the energy to be out there fucking…

Point being, the whole Aunt Becky scandal, makes being a busty meth addict far less racy than it previously was…this Jodie Sweetin in recovery, a difficult hire for the insurance companies…knowing her history…but that the show committed to knowing she could relapse…the risky cast member on their revival..not realizing the actual criminal wasn’t METH MOM…but instead entitled cunt Becky for bribing schools to let her brat kid in…at the expense of non rich kids…who couldn’t buy their way in..

So here she is out there tanning…while Becky is at the Lawyers trying to figure out how to not serve time….

So good.

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Jodie Meth Sweetin Big Old Tits in Some Fetish Shoot of the Day

Jodie Sweetin is in a Holiday Special, because nothing says Holiday like a child start turned Meth Addict, who comes back to acting thanks to cleaning up the meth, throwing out the crackpipe, and being given new life from the kind people at NETFLIX….

And nothing says, let’s self promote our show, that doing some really bootleg photoshoot with what must be an amateur pornographer trying to get into the Mall Boudoir space, like whatever the fuck this is…

I am not hating on the pics or the photographer, but it does have a bit of a weird fucking vibe for someone on media tour for a Christmas movie…and that may just be me thinking that TITS and Christmas don’t go together even though all I want for Christmas and any miracle Christmas Miracle that’s ever happened to me has involved tits…so maybe it all makes sense in the end…

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Faces of Meth Steph Tanner in a Bikini of the Day

Stephanie Tanner Jodie Sweetin Recovering Meth Addict in a Bikini

Faces of Meth childstar Jodie Sweetin, who you probably remember as Stephanie Tanner on Full House during your TGIF ABC jerk off sessions….who I never found that cute, and apparently either did the industry because post Full House she fell into meth, marrying civil servants, doing the total opposite of what you’d expect of a child star…that show, whether it deserved it or not, was fucking huge…

Well, now she’s older, a mom, off Meth, divorced, back to acting on the remix of Full House that sucks, but that is the only work she gets, and she’s in a bikini…

Not as fun as a once famous girl trying to get a hit with her big tits…but still a child star, re-invented as an adult star of some real shit…half naked…

I’d watch the sex tape, even if I still don’t find her that cute, I’m more into the Jesus Freak one…at last now that this one is off meth…I am not satisfied unless the woman in question is addicted to something…


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Stephanie Tanner Using Her Meth Mouth of the Day

I wonder how many other people find these pics of Stephanie Tanner eating some samples at the Farmer’s Market and not at Costco like the white trash broken child star turned meth addict that she is….erotic…

Not because of her monster tits, or her comeback in the lamest way, or her quitting of Meth….after using for years after not being able to get work and watching her Olsen co-stars get richer….but because…no that’s exactly why….

Eat that Farmer’s market samples like it was the cum of the johns you used to turn tricks for meth money girl….you classy and hollywood….all relevant now that netflix exploited you like your pimp during the meth years did…


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Jodie Sweetin’s Tits at Some Event of the Day

Jodie Sweetin/Stephanie Tanner was at some event celebrating her best friend, she brought her dog, I guess her meth had a prior engagement.

In case you don’t know, she suffered child star syndrome, got hooked on meth, went to rehab, got her life together, got married a second time to some nobody, had a kid in April, all while having the biggest fucking tits that don’t look all that big today considering she should be breast feeding still…..

I heard that the first time she lit up to get high, she was reading an article on how the Olsen’s took Full House to the fucking top by starting some billion dollar company out of it, while all she got was de-virginized by Bob Saget’s finger between scenes….but I could have made that up. I have a hard time determining things I’ve seen and things I’ve thought I’ve seen while drunk, so anything’s possible….

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Jodie Sweetin Interview With a Meth Addicted Mother of the Day

People seem to give a shit about Jodie Sweetin because she had a baby and used to be a meth addict. She even got the cover of People because of this publicity stunt. The only reason I am posting this is because I know so many fucking addicts and so many people who are parents and on drugs and just because they weren’t some child star on some shitty ABC show that you used to masturbate to, no one seems to care about them.

It’s like everyone sympathizes with these kids who are thrown into the spotlight and get paid for the shit when they come out of the shit with either drug and alcohol addiction or Jesus addiction because they were on TV and no one gives a shit about the real people out there who struggle with the exact same thing daily but don’t have the star power to land a magazine cover even though they could actually use the exposure in hopes of making more money to get more drugs instead of turning tricks in back alleys to make ends meet.

Jodie Sweetin is pretty much a nobody and I think her little accomplishment in kickin’ her habit that so many 20 year olds have, shouldn’t really be taken so seriously. She did meth, who gives a fuck. She doesn’t do meth now, who gives a fuck. She had unprotected sex with her husband, who gives a fuck. These are all pretty fucking standard things and her story isn’t much of a story and that’s why I hate Jodie Sweetin.

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I am – Jodie Sweetin Goes to the Pink Taco Opening Party of the Day


So this is that meth-head Jodie Sweetin who was Stephanie Tanner on Full House when she was a kid. She always took the backseat to the Olsens and from the way I see it, she was just an accessory to making them billionaires, while leaving her in the corner hating herself so much, unable to get work and turning to smoking meth. Think about it, you’re on the same show as these cunts and they don’t even have a fucking talking role because they are still in diapers, but for some reason they still build a fucking empire out of it, while you just fizzle off into nowhere, living in your parents shitty house they bought with your money, your big tits and all, you’d be hurting too…

Reality is that her tits are so fucking stacked that there is no way she was ever really addicted to meth. The way she can barely fit into her jeans makes me think it was some E! True Hollywood lie to get her back into the public eye, land her some interviews on TV and in Magazines and give her the opportunity to show the world she’s still around and by still around I mean her massive tits. This Bitch is all big and bubbly and trying to make a comeback. all the meth addicts I’ve known have had ratty fucking skin, emaciated meth bodies, no tits, yellow meth eyes and have been shaky, speedy, itchy anxiety ridden. I don’t think there is anyway that this bitch was on meth, I think it’s a way to launch a K-Mart product line and series of children’s books.

Either way, she is at the opening of Retard Harry Morton’s restaurant/club called Pink Taco. He’s Lohan’s ex boyfriend, son of the owner of Hard Rock Cafe, Grandson of Morton’s Steakhouse and I am assuming that dude wasn’t inspired by Lohan when he came up with this fucking stupid name, because if he had the place would be called “The Big Spotted and Scabby Red Cunt That Smells Like Shit From Rotten Cum From Other Dudes She had Raw Dog Sex With and Let Drop Load in Her and a Tampon She Forgot in there a Month Ago when She Was Drunk”, I don’t think that would have been so good for business, but he’s a rich kid, he doesn’t need the business to make money, it’s just his dad’s way of giving him something to keep his son busy with…

That Lohan Vagina joke was probably pretty obvious, but I am hungover again and just trying to get through the day….

Other People in Attendance of His Big Opening:

Jessica Alba With Her Extreme Face Close-Up

Some Chick Named Nikki Griffin I want to See Naked

Kristen Cavallari With Her Weird Tattoo

Summer Altice and her Muscles

Kimberly Stewart And her Stupid Outfit

Mary Carey and her Busted Face

Amy Smart

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