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I am – Joely Richardson Black Bikini of the Day


I am trying to find people to write my site for me for the month of July because I want to go away. I have been writing this site for 2 years and I really don’t need to justify wanting to travel to you because I hate you and don’t care what you think, but I do care about keeping the site updated daily. So I told people to send in some submissions so that I make sure I don’t pollute this site with shit. I am only comfortable with posting shit when I am the one manning the keyboard. I figure if I let an insider in, it better be fucking good.

I got this entry today, set to Joely Richardson on the beach pics. I don’t know who this whore is but she’s lookin’ a little dumpy for someone who let’s the paparazzi take pics of her. It’s called diet pills, anorexia, and sit ups bitch, otherwise you may want to consider wearing a t-shirt when you swim like the fat kid at the water park.

I am not anti fat people. I am fat. My wife is fat. A huge percentage of the girls I’ve seen naked are fat. I don’t think girls should destroy themselves to fit some stupid standard society has created, but I do think that if you’re out there living large on the beach, in life, driving nice cars and going on nice vacations because you’re on TV or in Movies or on Records, or doing whatever the fuck this unknown does, you gotta at least be tight bodied enough for virgins to want to jerk off to….it’s good for fuckin’ business…

That said, here that entry from a reader:

“ready for bathing suit season? feeling out of shape?”

Dont worry, because your neighbor (seen above) has been eating pork all winter…

I think this bitch is fired before she got hired.

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