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Julia Louis Dreyfus in a Bikini of the Day

Julia Louis Dreyfus, better known as Elaine to the old fucks…or the neighbor’s wife in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation who Clarke doesn’t like because they are YUPPIE SCUM who are fucking the traditional family values he believes so much in, and really who the fuck really cares what else she’s been in, it’s fucking Elaine, a woman I am sure you never thought was hot when watching Seinfeld back in the 90s when you only had limited TV options, but then again, you’re a pervert who likes anything with a vagina…

She is the original Billionaire daughter turned celebrity, her family own a LOT of fucking real estate, and like a Hadid or a Jenner, it obviously helped her career, only it was an era where you actually had to get to work and get jobs, rather than just stand around in a bikini for social media…and the cameras like a vapid cunt….she genuinely had to perform and audition and there’s something nice about that in this era of entitled garbage…

I guess that doesn’t mean she’s too old to stand around in a bikini, even if I think there should be a cut off age for bikinis, because old women in bikinis scares me, even if it’s really just them not caring anymore, they’ve had all the sex they’ve needed and they’re no longer trying….so they are a “who gives a fuck, look at my big tits in a bikini” kind of girl…she has that right because virtually won at life, except for the cancer… from the family you were born into, to your career, she’s good…..except for the cancer…

She’s 58 years old. She had to undergo Breast Cancer surgery in February. She seems to be doing good…keeping spirits high and her body looks pretty awesome for a cancer survivor who is 58 years old.

Here’s to not dying yet and keepin’ them titties out..even if they tried to kill her.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Billionaire Heiress Too Old for a Bikini of the Day

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the heiress to a billion dollar real estate empire…which is probably why she was able to get into acting, you know because she didn’t have to pay much rent while whoring out to all the right people in 1980s coke parties…which happens to be the last time she probably should have had a bikini on…because whatever is going on here, no matter how rich, or how much she goes to the gym, or how much she doesn’t care and thinks she’s still got it in an embrace who are and what you look like moment of inspiration..she should probably not be in a bikini…maybe like pant suit, or snow suit is better suited….but at the same time, I love looking at half naked girls always…so this works for me, even though it’s not working for her.


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Julia Louis Dreyfus Fucking a Clown in Rolling Stone of the Day

I saw these pictures of Julia Louis Dreyfus for Rolling Stone last week, where she’s naked and sexed up, but I missed the whole storyline of her fucking a clown, which are pretty fucking amazing and disturbing all at the same time, for obvious reasons, like the fact that she’s in her 60s….and naked….I mean Seinfeld was on TV in the 90s and she was in her 40s then, so do the fucking math motherfuckers…coupled with the fact that clowns are creepy and more importantly with the fact that I am getting turned on by the whole thing…but maybe I’m just into Jewish billionaires who went on to make their own 100s of millions of dollars through a joke of a career because daddy’s real estate empire wasn’t satisfying enough for hers….and one family can’t have too much money..but I think it’ got more to do with her public area being waxed down and not looking’ old and beat the fuck up.

I like it.

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Julia Louis Dreyfus Leaves a Beauty Salon of the Day

Here are some pictures of Julia Louis Dreyfus leaving a beauty salon. Bitch needs more of a miracle worker than a hairstylist to make her look worth fucking. These pictures would make more sense if the Beauty Salon changed their name to Scamming Old Fat Cunts into Paying a Ton of Money in Hopes of Lookin’ good enough for cock and she knows it, that’s why she carries her kid around with her like some kind of trophy that tells the world that someone’s actually came inside her about ten years ago at least once.

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