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Juliette Lewis in Her bikini of the Day

Juliette Lewis is a monster, but I would fuck the dirty, grimey, smelly, greasy, dying shit out of her, despite the HIV scare that is her pussy.

She just screams “lock me in your fucking basement, because I am wigging the fuck out and need to be tamed”….as she’s smashing her crackhead face against the wall in some bad tripping unstabe rage….all toothless and willing to have her face fucked….because she doesn’t know what the fuck is going on…and for some reason….a reason I call loving crackwhores with money….I love it…..

To See the Rest of Juliette Lewis Bikini Pics

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Today’s Bikini Round-Up of the Day

So instead of doing a post on each of these bitches to link out to the sites that have the rights to post these pictures….cuz I sure as hell can’t afford to pay the paparazzi their outrageous prices for their shitty pictures….I decided to do a bikini round-up…..

So We’ve got Jessica Sutta, a Pussycat Doll with a Pussy Hugging bikini and some big stripper tits in Miami……Juliette Lewis in a bikini with hard nipples, looking like the crackwhore she’s become, old and tired…..in Mexico….cuz they have good drugs….and then there’s Paris Hilton….in Bali….who I was going to ignore cuz I feel we have the power to make her go away…..but posted anyway…cuz priviledged lives on vapid cunts is ok to watch when they are half named….

So here’s Jessica Sutta in her Bikini in Miami of the Day

To See The Rest of the Pics Jessica Sutta Pics…..

Here’s Juliette Lewis Crackwhore Bikini in Mexico of the Day

To See The Rest of the Pics

Here’s Paris Hilton…the fucking worst…. Bikini in Bali of the Day

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Some Juliette Lewis Crackhead Legs of the Day

I usually spend the time I spend looking at Juliette Lewis on trying to understand her fucked up looking face, which ends up turning into an analysis of how many dude’s she’s fucked, whether she shoots her heroin right into her clit, or if she’s more a speed, meth or crack kind of girl.

I then start wondering how she became an actor, she’s not hot, she looks homeless, or even like Darlene from Roseanne, and so I’ve never really taken the time to notice her body….

Sure, I’ve posted HER BIKINI PICTURES before, but with a face like hers, who has time to focus on her legs…I just get swept up in the idea of finding her in an alley, giving her a few bucks, cumming inside her, and moving on like I do with all the crackwhores…>That’s been her fetish niche all these years….

So I guess today is a new day in Juliette Lewis gawking….from crackwhore fetish to lovely leg fetish…and the whole thing is very confusing.

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Juliette Lewis’ Fit Lookin’ Crackhead Legs of the Day

I may have no soul, but for some reason I love Christmas, especially the carols. I don’t know what it is, but I can listen to that shit all year round, I can watch the movies all year round, and when everyone is with their families building snowmen and sitting by the fire telling happy memories and stories of Jesus, I’m busy jerking off to Juliette Lewis in her Family Vacation, 16 and awkward looking, the kind of girl who didn’t get fucked in high school but wanted to so bad she’d spend her nights masturbating….I’m hard just thinking about her ugly little face…

Here are her crackhead legs lookin’ fit cuz drug addicts don’t eat 20 years later.

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Juliette Lewis Crackhead Bikini Pics of the Day

Here are some pictures of Juliette Lewis proving that hard drug use usually results in a pretty skinny and toned body and shit is a lot more fun than going the gym or trying stupid trendy diets like the master cleanse. You never see a fat crackwhore, at least I haven’t when wandering the streets looking for something to try to impregnate on the cheaps even though I know their weak, dying on the inside uteruses can’t sustain our child, that’s probably what makes it so fun, like playing some kind of real life videogame with my dick…

The unfortunate thing in all this is that I can’t help but want to contribute to her ass tattoo with my jizz.

Seriously, I never thought the day I try jerking off to Juliette Lewis and her dirty lookin’ almost 40 would come, but more importantly, I never thought I’d share that low point with anyone, it’s one of those secret people you masturbate and don’t talk about, like when you do it to your sister when she’s changing…If you know what I mean…

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Juliette Lewis Looks Like She Smells in Concert of the Day

The real shocking thing in these Juliette Lewis performing pictures is that there was a time when people thought bitch was hot. I remember hearing people talking about how badly they wanted to fuck her and all I ever saw was a manly, Darlene from Roseanne looking freakshow, who had pretty much nothing going for her, other than a hard drug addiction….

She must be in her 40s by now and I guess her music is what pays her bills…but seriously, she looks like something I found in the gutter and offered a can of soup in exchange for head, but what the fuck do I know, maybe this kind of aids shit turns you on…it just scares me and makes me think I should be wearing a condom just looking at this shit…

Pics via Fame

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Juliette Lewis is a Fucking Wreck of the Day

Juliette Lewis reminds me of something you’d find living in between Roseanne Barr’s ass cheeks, or maybe something she left in her dirty underwear…she’s seriously on some gutter shit that looks like something you left in a truck stop bathroom after a bout of food poisoning. There is nothing hot about this crackwhore to begin with, so there’s really nothing hot about her when she is unshowered and scratching her ass cuz the fungus gets itchy, but there is something hot about real crackwhores but that’s got more to do with the struggle they face daily to pay for more crack, choosing to give up hygiene for drugs and sucking off stranger cock, but when you see the Hollywood version of the shit, knowing she has millions in the bank, I just see bullshit…and I’m sure the people serving her in these pictures are smelling a whole lot of bullshit…cuz she’s disgusting and disgusting things usually smell…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Juliette Lewis in Some Mom Shorts on Set of the Day

Juliette Lewis is still working and here she is on the set of something called Sympathy for Delicious. I didn’t bother looking it up because I figure it’s not going to make a difference and I am lazy, but I do know that I have mixed feelings about this girl. Part of me is disgusted by her because she looks like every cheap hooker I’ve ever seduced with a 20 dollar bill because they were desperate for whatever drug they were addicted to, but at the same time, some of my best times were spent with some of these girls, I think I may have even felt love for the first and only time with one of them. I am not going to get into it because it’s Valentines Day and I like to front like I have no soul, but I will let you know that before she died, every night we spent together was fucking magical, despite how disgusting it smelled. I guess that along with love being blind, it also has a sinus condition that makes it unable to smell too.

That said, here is some rich person, crackwhore wannabe slut on set in some trashy shorts.

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Juliette Lewis Was Used as a Model of the Day

I saw these pictures of Juliette Lewis modeling from what I assume is Fashion Week in New York that just ended, but I don’t really know because I don’t stay on top of that shit, but I do know that hiring Juliette Lewis to be a model for anything but a drug program doesn’t make sense. I guess the company was on a tight budget and Juliettee Lewis needed the money bad because she owes her dealer or some shit, because she has no business doing this. It’s like hiring Rosie O’Donnell to model swimwear, but not any swimwear, really skimpy and sexual swimwear.

Sure Juliette Lewis is skinny enough to be a model because she’s a fuckin crackhead, but she’s is so fuckin’ ratty lookin, that I wouldn’t want to buy those clothes she wore, but would instead want to burn them for public safety. Sure, I am exaggerating a little, but I would take my wife’s chicken broth/week old kitchen garbage smelling pussy over whatever the fuck this Juliette Lewis bitch has got brewing in her unwashed panties, which I assume smells like feces, rotting meat and death and if you don’t believe me, just look at the pictures, before the paparazzi email me to take them down.

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Juliette Lewis is in Her Bikini of the Day

I was talking to some dude about Juliette Lewis last night because she is his favorite celebrity. He finds her the most interesting, crazy and hottest chick out there. I argued that she’s just some art fag hipster but at least she’s not fat, then I realized that I was talking about celebrities in my spare time and realized that this shitty website has followed me into my everyday life and that annoys me.

I ended up at some club filled with 18 year old girls and found myself waiting in line, where some dude grabbed me and said “hey, it’s Jesus from the internet”, I instinctively punched him in the stomach because I didn’t know what his intentions were, but I do know that getting recognized by 19 year old dudes in clubs was not the purpose of starting this shit up, the purpose was to get hot chicks to email me compromising positions and I guess that makes me a failure.

Speaking of failure, here’s Juliette Lewis in a bikini for the dude I met who thinks she looks a lot to hang out with because she’s totally insane.

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Juliette Lewis Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Seeing Juliette Lewis having a nipple slip reminds me of a time this time crack whore who always refused to have sex with me had a drug overdose in her living room. I took the opportunity to pull her tit out to check out what she was packing because she never would do it intentionally. I am not all bad, I called 911 before I took advantage of her. What kind of guy do you think I am?

Here is that nipple slip pictures:

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I am – I am – Juliette Lewis is a Rabid Hipster Lesbian Performing of the Day


Here are some pictures of Juliette Lewis playing with her band. She looks like some ravaged lesbian ready to bite off any cock that comes her way. I don’t understand what the fuck she’s doing but I can only assume it’s because of drugs.

I have been running this website for a long time and when I first started the internet was almost the wild west. I didn’t get in on it in the 90s like I should of because then maybe I’d have more than 10 readers, but I did get into it before all the mainstream corporations started buying everyone up.

The reason I got into the internet was because I knew going to Hollywood or NYC to launch some kind of career in Entertainment would never happen as a 35 year old, poor mexican. I would get doors slammed in my face because I don’t look the part, my shit’s too racy, my jokes aren’t obvious or that good. I knew that I could reach an audience of people this way. I didn’t want to be censored, I didn’t want to conform and I didn’t really have the money or way to make it happen and I wasn’t that talented to do it any other way. But I do have something to say and I can say it here without being controlled or told what to do and I am not doing it for the money, I am doing it because I have nothing better to do.

In the past few years, mainstream media realized that people were on the computer all day at work and not at home watching TV, they realized that all the eyeballs they had were disappearing because of the internet and they have been finding ways to take it over. Sites are being bought up everyday and eventually all the biggest sites online will be owned by big companies who also own your cable companies, TV channels, magazines, newspapers. It’s all about controlling information and advertising revenue.

It was bound to happen and people with deep pockets can still do what they want, they still have control over policy and it’s in the government’s best interest to shut down people who are saying shit they don’t want said and that’s when shit like DMCA acts come into effect making digital copies of copyright material illegal to post. That’s why I get hit up with emails from lawyers and Cease and Desist orders all the fucking time now, when I never did before. That’s why Perez Hilton is being sued hard and will probably end up losing the fight because the system is in place to work for the big guys and not people like us.

I am not an activist, but in 2 weeks a law is going into effect that puts an end to online radio.

I don’t listen to music often but I do appreciate the freedom someone in their basement has to start up something, play music and get heard, as a free service to us. Without that freedom of speech, we lose our freedom of listening to what we want to listen to and people will never get what they need to hear and we will all become blind drones who believe what the media is telling us paying monthly fees to access corporate controlled online radio.

We will never question wars because they will present the war to us in a way that makes sense and that makes us think is warranted. They will never let us know that the earth is dying from Global Warming and keep selling us SUVs that eat up more gas because gas is a limited resource and in ten years you’ll be paying 50 times what you are paying today and you’ll still pay it because you’ll believe you need it. We will never question whether AIDS was a virus created in labs in the 70s to shut up a loud group of fags who were protesting and causing massive headaches in all communities about gay rights.

I am not a hippie, I have never had a cause, I have never cared enough to protest but I appreciate that I can do what I do even if I am not making money doing it.

So if you don’t want the Internet to turn into bullshit, censored, controlled Television and if you want to save internet Radio so that you can listen to whatever you want to listen to, do your part and click this link SaveNetRadio. This law basically means that they will have to pay royalty fees that are retroactive and will essentially put all internet radio out of business.

If that doesn’t interest you, maybe Juliette Lewis performing does. Cuddles.

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I am – Celebrities Showing Off Their Tits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala of the Day


I am all for girls rocking cleavage shirts because I am a pervert and this site has given me a keen eye for spotting nipple slips. I was standing outside a bar, hoping a drunk guy who came out for a cigarette and accidentally drop his wallet the other day, and a group of hot chicks walked out with low cut shirts on, I guess it’s in style to show off your rack and I am not really complaining. One of them conveniently dropped something and when she went to pick it up her shirt dropped and I saw full fucking massive tit, while the other guys next to me missed it. It reminded me of when I was 12 and my foster mother used to come give me talks about God before I went to bed. She’d be in her night gown while I’d be lying in bed. She’d bend over to tuck me in, full tit exposed and I’d totally get a boner and jerk off to it the second she walked out. I always got scared that God was watching me, then I realized that if he was, he was a total pedophile and I might as well give him a good performance, because let’s face it, if I get him to get off when I was 12 only good things would be coming to me….I was wrong…

I am guessing that these celebrities are thinking the same thing, they are advertising their tits at some exclusive black tie event I wasn’t invited to, so that people like us fall into their booby trap…get it..I am so witty and that is good enough for you to start your day to….you’re welcome…

Jessica Simpson May Be Busted But Her Tits are Fucking Huge

Lohan May Be Distracting Us From Her Cocaine Video, But At Least She’s Doing it Properly, this shit will even get Disney to Sign Her Again

Salma Hayek is Pregnant and Full of Milk and That’s Pretty Much What I Wish All My Diet Consisted Of…

Jennifer Garner is Post-Pregancy and Her Tits Have Dried Up, But I’d Still Try To Get the Last Drops Out of Her

Rose McGowan has Always Had Hot Tits

Christina Ricci May Look Old and Beat Up and Her Tits May Have Been Reduced But She’s Still Packin’ Heat.

Scarlett Johannson Still Has Tits and I am Still Lookin’ At Them

Julianne Moore is the First Fire Crotch I Ever Saw in a Movie and Will Always Hold a Warm Place in My Heart for Proving that Myth Isn’t a Myth….

Rosario Dawson’s Tits Look Small But Small Titis are Tits Too…

Juliette Lewis is a Crackhead and Crackheads Don’t Have Tits, But She’s Still Trying…

I Don’t Really Give a Fuck About Mischa Barton But Whatever This is Still Cleavage…

Alicia Keys Has a Hairy Chest, So I Don’t Know If She Counts, But Even Men With Tits Count in Your World, Cuz You Are Desperate…

A few new ones…

I think Ivanka Trump Looks Awesome….I’d wallet-fuck her…

Karolina Kurkova Models Bikinis and I like Bikinis, Especially when they are on me, I feel so pretty…

Gisele isn’t with Victoria’s Secret Anymore, She’s Not a Hot as She Used To Be, But She Has Done A Lot in Her Panties and That Pretty Much Redeems Her….

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