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Justin Timberlake’s Explicit Music Video of the Day

In staying relevant, current, cutting edge, artistic, who fucking knows, Justin Timberlake’s gone the route of music videos everywhere, and used a nude model rolling around, and I’m into it, because it means naked is more accepted, and maybe I’ve got a chance exploiting naked bitches too, you know it’s been my life work and I’m ready for a private jet for it…

Too bad the song sucks.

Too bad this isn’t 1990, before the internet, when the only music video I could masturbate to was Madonna…and the first Britney video…

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Watch Justin Timberlake Get Dressed in His New Song of the Day

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I don’t know if this is the official video…they call it the official lyric video…which I guess is a teaser to get people all hard and doing a massive sing along gayness…but I will say shit is a fail…because if I am going to watch Justin Timberlake on his comeback album….getting dressed in Video with Jay Z….like this was an interracial gay fantasy turning into a horrible reality….I’d like them to throw a little Jessica Biel Timberlake into the mix…cuz I watched Texas Chainsaw Masacre the other day and that girl…in those jeans…was something I wouldn’t have mind killing with my dick….slow and steady and via her vagina….but they can keep lip syncing Beyonce at home to emotionally eat while Jay Z fucks young and hotter pussy….as he does…

Either way, I’m not down with this song, but it’s gonna be huge….and that’s why I’m posting it.


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Justin Timberlake Likes Manly Bitches of the Day

I’m hoping this is his family or a friend or a buisness associate or a personal assisstant or even someone he is settling with cuz he got drunk and knocked her up during some college springbreak shit he was at….or pretty much anything that he’s not having sex with….or accidentally having sex with….cuz bitch looks like a dude….hard faced and angry…something a girl like this should never be when reflecting back to all the hot pussy I know who would love to fuck Justin Timberlake…

Not that I care who Justin Timberlake sticks his dick inside, I just feel like this would be a waste of his successes….and I hate seeing people waste the golden ticket that is their life when they could be doing so much more hot pussy than they are…provided they aren’t gay.

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Some Fan Begging Justin For an Autograph of the Day

I don’t know what’s funnier, seeing Justin Timberlake ignore a fan, or that fact that the fan is not a teenage girl, but a grown man, begging and crying like I do everytime I try to get a girl to have sex with me, all for a fucking autograph. I mean, I like to think there’s more to it than just the autograph, maybe dude has a crush on Justin and thinks he’s got a chance with him, you know with that high singing voice and broad shouldered girlfriend, the boundaries are definitely grey….I guess I could write more, but why bother, I’d rather move onto the next waste of time post, are you okay with that ? Not that I really care what you are okay with….

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Justin Timberlake’s Up On Jay-z’s Girls of the Day

So I saw this new Rihanna video called Rehab and she’s getting down pretty slutty to some Justin Timberlake motherfucker. I guess they are all jacked up on this Obama shit that they want to make one of their own, but then I saw this video of Justin Timberlake with the vintage Rihanna on SNL wearing a leotard for the boys since he’s into boys like Jessica Biel, and I don’t really get how he was in two places at the same time….I was going to go on some kind of rant, but it’s around 9 in the fucking morning and ranting is the last thing I want to do…..

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Jessica Biel Does a Practice Run of the Day

Justin TImberlake’s in trouble. Here are the power couple and I am only labeling that because Biel can pench press a small car, at some friend’s wedding and it seems like she is part of the wedding party and like all Bride’s Maids, is probably feeling the burn in her vagina to find a man and lasso him in so that she can be the star of her own magical day one day, when all eyes will be on her and when she won’t just be the back burner sidekick in her friend’s moment of fucking glory. The whole thing is insane to me. I don’t understand marriage especially now that I am married and I only did it for financial security, I don’t get why women get so bored in their life that they want to spend a year of their life making annoying plans to have some fantasy wedding they dreamed of as a kid, but I do know that bridesmaids are always horny as fuck by the end of the ceremony and shit works better than roofies so there is no doubt in my mind that Justin Timberlake was sucking massive cock shortly after these pictures were taken.

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Justin Timberlake is a Beast of the Day

I know this position isn’t one Justin is unfamiliar with. I heard that every time he has sex with Jessica Biel, she takes him from behind like the little bitch he likes to pretend he is after a long stint on the road having girls treat him like a sex object. He’s just not used to carrying her around like he’s her fuckin’ bitch, she’s usually the one doing the carrying in this relationship.

Poor fucker is struggling and reminds me of the time I went horseback riding with my wife when I cared and was trying to be romantic, before giving up on the relationship after losing all hope that it will ever be good again, and the horse wasn’t fucking having it, after stopping every few steps, he looked at the other horse in front of us that was carrying a normal sized girl with serious envy and about 5 minutes later the thing passed the fuck out from the strain. I heard the horse didn’t make it and I have a feeling that after the wedding, either will Timberlake, because he will realize that the novelty of Jessica Biel’s dick and push-up ability will be replaced with whining and weight gain. It always happens that way.

Either way we get it Justin, you’re a beast, all those years of dancing like a homo on stage have paid off and you’re stronger and in better cardiovascular, but in defense of my shitty fitness, so is 98% of the rest of the world, the only person I know I am stronger than is terminally ill kids and ederly. The same people who can’t survive heat waves or SARS.

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I am – Justin Timberlake Slams Jessica Biel of the Day


I am not really a news story type of person because I don’t really ever know what the fuck is going on. I have been doing this site for a long fucking time and still need the message board I rip the pictures off of to tell me what I am looking at. I have done a lot of Jessica Biel posts and I didn’t even know who the fuck I was looking at in these so I guess I am not like your everyday virgin blogger who sits at his computer in his spiderman suit thinking that running a celeb site will get him all the pussy he never got before he found out he could make money from all the pics he saved on his hard drive but was too scared of jerking off to because maybe it would make a mess or some shit….

Either way, Justin Timberlake is slamming this girl. I assume she’s hot in person because every vagina around was being thrown at this motherfucker when he broke up with Cameron Diaz and if this broad shouldered D-Lister is what he ends up with for another 4 years, dude’s a fucking idiot…..or maybe just into bitches who can beat him up.

I heard that people with power are into being bottoms and dominated by chicks. I knew a whore who used to go to lawyer’s houses and either step on them in high heels or fuck them up the ass with cured meat…I would just do acid with her and watch the news….but I wasn’t paying her, she just liked my company….I like to think she ended up in a Pretty Woman story, but reality is she’s probably still getting high with homeless motherfuckers…

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