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Kanye West Using Kardashians in Promoting his Album of the Day

Kanye is promoting his new album Yeezus, by having his daughter with fame whore Kim Kardashian the day it was slated to be released. He also pulled a sex scandal 3 days before it released. Dude knows what he’s doing…every move is calculated for his empire…But what I don’t understand a few things…mainly why he would cast his brother-in-law in a promo video of his album doing some American Psycho act with another one of Kim Kardashian’s homies…

I mean I get that he’s Hollywood, and forever locked into that horrible family, but he probably should publicly acknowledge it, it can’t be good with keeping things hip hop, even if hip hop is all hollywood pop now…if I was him I’d play the deadbeat dad role…or maybe I woulda accidentally punched the pig woman in the stomach a few times…or staged a car accident to rid the world of her like a real YEEZUS would.

Here’s one of his new songs called Black Skinhead and love him or hate him, and wish bad things on his baby momma or not, dude knows how to make good music…

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Kanye Vs Pole is the LOLZ of the DAy

I forgot to post this last week, because I was so caught up in TEEN MOM FARRAH’S SEX TAPE , which in and of itself was a feel good story of coming out on top….or coming on top…or being cummed on from on top…

Doesn’t matter…what does matter is that Kanye, humiliated that he knocked up the teen mom of her generation, Kim Kardashian enough to get her pregnant….and now he’s locked into her and forced to hang out with her to look like he’s not a deadbeat, even though it is bad for his career to associate with such garbage and the fact that he does is just major fail on his part….was walking with his head down, and he went right into a pole.

Kim tried to comfort him but was probably more interested in eating his corpse if he died, this is like that Movie ALIVE, just walking makes her that desperate for food.

And Kanye tried to be a man, running his 5 foot 4 self up to the paparazzi and screaming at him like a teen girl on her period who’s dad wouldn’t lend her the car for the night as a white dude gets his back, cuz that’s gangster, while the immigrant paparazzi apologizes like a pussy, because let’s face it, that’s what the paparazzi are.

I mean I guess you could have just watched the video, instead of reading my play by play….assuming you read my play by play….no one read this did they?

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Kanye West Sex Tape for Attention of the Day

Apparently Kanye West has dropped a sex tape… according to radaronline and is shopping it around because if there is one thing and one thing only that he can learn from his girlfriend, KIM KARDASHIAN AND HER SEX TAPE , is that Opened many doors….or maybe he just can’t have her have something he doesn’t have….especially considering she’s pushing a billion dollar brand all thanks to a sex tape…making Kanye’s genius business savvy say “i should do that too”…cuz as much as he produces hits, he’s hanging on and plotting how to stay on top hard….

Apparently the girl in the video looks like Kim Kardashian cuz Kim Kardashian is done with sex tapes…even though KIM KARDASHIAN HAS DONE A SEX TAPE and it was like watching two apes mate in the zoo…cuz under all that make-up she’s an animal..

I don’t have the Sex Tape…but when I do….I’ll post it…Stay tuned…


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Titty in Some Kanye West Weirdness of the Day

I accidentally listened to Kanye’s first album last night. Not because I like Kanye and want to reflect on his work and contribution to the world of music, but because I was hanging out with a group of 20 year olds and they thought it would be fun to listen to old school rap…I just kept on drinking and got to thinking that life probably woulda been better if that accident that got him press back when he was starting out, the world wouldn’t be polluted to these bullshit Lady Gaga inspired videos that only really make me happy cuz there’s some titty in it and titties should always be in music videos…but that’s just cuz I like titty everywhere…just last night at dinner I made a breast out of my mash potatos which woulda gone a lot better if I decided to titty fuck it after I left the restaurant.

To See The Video Follow This Link – And No This Site is Not a Hip Hop Site

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Kanye West Uses Amber Rose to Pretend He Isn’t Gay of the Day

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Kanye West and Taylor Swift Have the Same Agent of the Day

In believing nothing you see on television or in the entertainment industy, because nothing gets on TV or without it being run by an approval board, because there is too much money on the line, making it impossible for people to just jump on stage and do shit like Kanye pulled, it turns out Kanye and Taylor both have the same agent.

His name is David Wirtschafter.

That means this was a lie to the people and a lie to everyone they have been interviewed by, including my favorite vagina, Whoopi Goldburg, reminding us that Talyor swift is a usless fucking cunt just trying to get more buzz and Kanye is still the piece of shit, closet case, only child brat with a dead mother.

We’re all such fucking idiots and should know better than this, so remember nothing you see is real. These people are just puppets and we just drink the fucking Kool Aid. I am usually way smarter than this. Oh well.

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Kanye and His Whore Overcompensating of the Day

I guess it was time for Kanye to make an appearance with a girl to keep up the lie that he’s not a fag. So he chose the most obnoxious bikini he could find, you know one that he’s seen in the stripclubs the last time he had to pretend he was straight, or maybe he saw it in one of the porn mags one of his homies stole from the convenience store when they were 16 and back Kanye when Kanye realized he liked shopping better than pussy. I’m not really complaining though, she’s got a hefty booty and shit is pretty fuckin alright to look at, even if I see the gold diggin’ in her eyes, you can’t hate a bitch for riding the opportunity wave and milkin some insecure dude who is willing to be milked as long as she doesn’t try to put her hand on his dick cuz he’d find that gross…..

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Amber Rose Shows Off The Tits Kanye was Too Homo to Play With of the Day

Amber Rose, the girl who is known for being Kanye West’s shopping partner, because he can’t buy women’s clothes for himself, people will start askin’ questions about how straight he is, so he might as well do it with some slutty bitch he isn’t fucking, so the media thinks he’s fucking her, so that no one calls him out on suckin’ dick while wearing panties.

Either way she took her Irrelevant Celebrity Status to an Irrelevant Event, like the Guess store opening, because I guess Guess didn’t die when their poster girl Anna Nicole did, it died long before that….

Speaking of Guess, when I was younger and more sociable, before just giving people dirty looks, I’d throw out bra sizes at girls wearing Guess shirts like they were asking me to guess their titty size and great times were had by all…

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Rihanna is Fucking Hot in Kanye’s New Video of the Day

Here’s Kanye’s video that hit yesterday featuring Rihanna in her fuckin’ lingerie looking pretty fuckin’ amazing. I think I love her.

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South Park Makes Fun of Kanye West of the Day

I haven’t seen South Park in years but I watched this clip and it’s fucking obscure as hell, the joke is so fucking out there and stupid that I laughed. It is also hating on Kanye and how ridiculous he is so you’ll probably like it. My computer is running like shit and so is my brain so I gotta get me some motherfuckin’ food. I’ll be back.

Here’s the full episode….

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