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Blurry Kate Beckinsale Fitness Porn of the Day

You gotta be a serious weirdo Kate Beckinsale fan to get into this shit quality Kate Beckinsale Content…and the good news for Kate Beckinsale is that her fans are consistent fucking weirdos who like all things Kate Beckinsale…even though she’s old..they don’t care because they grew up together, they are old too, watching her maintain the same body all these years as her vagina greys, and her face starts to sag…cuz you can only bullshit your hotness for too long…eventually you just need to rely on the socially awkward fans who think they are dating you…or that you’re the best out there compared to the pigs, the literal pigs in their dad’s farm they live on cuz society scares their hick on disability asses….but the star of underworld…yeah…she’s better than that….

Here she is straddling a chair…

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Kate Beckinsale’s Tongue of the Day

Hey sick fucks. Here is Kate Beckinsale getting her tongue out there because she knows her pervert fans are so into her that it is on a weird level and in being so into her just the most insignificany thing she does makes them jack off…

From Underworld vampire nonsense to eternal life as the chick in Underworld who ages well thanks to science.

She as a 19 year old kid….which means 19 years for her Pussy to recover…so get in on it before menopause makes her gross to jack off to.

Not that you care about gross.

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Kate Beckinsale Asscrack of the Day

kate beckinsale asscrack black backless dress

Kate Beckinsale has really fucking weird fans, who write really creepy comments about her…

I don’t know where she found them all, or why she got dialed right into the virgin loser nerd crowd that never give up on her…

I do know why she’s posting up these moments in her life, where she has her ass crack out, in a playful and silly way….and that is because despite being 100 and having a 20 year old kid because that’s how old she is…she’s still a slutty rich girl..with an awesome body despite being 100 years old and having a 20 year old daughter…she barely ages..which helps the virgin loser nerd crown into her stay focused on the task at hand…jerking off to her like they jerked off to her in the late 90s…

Some of the comments on this pic on her social media that make me feel creeped out, cuz people are slimey as fuck…

“For a second I thought this was porntube. lol…. unzip”

“My God girl, it is almost too much to be able to see this.”

“Dream wife @katebeckinsale!! Watched everything you have ever done and will continue to watch anything you do. Fell in love with you on Serendipity! How Serendipitous is that ”

“The sleek curve of your back is what teenage girls pray to look like when they grow up! ???? You’re a blessed woman.”

“Ooops, just a teeny bit of booty crack…lol”

“You’re posts crack me up – love em”

“The view is great from here ”

“can’t forget about the sack ”

“You look more amazing each day, somehow. Those Dimples of Venus make me ahhhhhhh. ”

” Oh my God I’m So Excited I Can’t Believe Herbs Could Cure Herpes I had for 5 years! This worked like magic to me. I’m forever grateful.”

“We need to duplicate you for every guy. Everyone would be happy”

“You are just an ideal actress for the horror and action movies”

“Happy Thursday Kate and hope it was fun and beautiful and have a great and Beautiful night”

“OMG Kate! There’s that incredible back!!! ”

Why not just write something that makes sense like “I’d rip those pants more so that I can shove my face up there so far I can taste what you ate for your last meal”…

The internet is weird…..


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Madison Beer Hairy Belly Tube Top Fetish of the Day

Madison Beer Hairy Belly Big Tits White Tube Top

Here’s Madison Beer, a Youtuber turned legit starlet thanks to the mainstream media is lazy and like spending their days on Instagram and Youtube trying to find the next popular thing, instead of actually digging through the crowds of people trying to make it out there, and going with the tried and tested and true people with a solid fan base – even if that fan base is fake followers bought – that doesn’t matter it’s all just part of the illusion….

The good thing about Madison Beer is that her mother helped put together this thing that is her career and personal brand by whoring her out and has let the world seen her big tits on a tiny frame as often as possible because big tits get hits…because they are big tits…and we like to look at them…and more importantly…we like to see them in tube tops busting out…so it’s good that it’s part of who she is as a performer…and human…makes for fun.

Here is Kate Beckinsale impersonating Madison Beer in the tube top – I guess it’s a Trend…

Kate Beckinsale Big Tits White Tubetop

TO SEE THE REST OF Kate Beckinsale VAMPIRE pussy in a Tube Top CLICK HERE


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Vampire Loving Nerds Love Kate Beckinsale’s Dress of the Day

The problem with blogs, myself included, is that our readers are fucking losers, like who goes to a fucking blog nowadays…old timers…

I’ve been doing this for 14 years, that’s fucking ridiculous, in the internet world that changes daily…I still post the same garbage day after day for the losers who still know what going to a website is and who feel like I do the work for them – so that they don’t have to…

But with catering to old losers, comes a lack of evolution in the pussy the obsess over…they are still into from 14 years ago…because the amazing thing about aging is that your interests don’t really change and I guess either does one of the nerd obssesions Kate Beckinsale…who at 50 still looks good…and not 50…

So I won’t hate you for your social awkward weirdness…on this one you’ll get a pass…because Kate Beckinsale like the vampire she played in Underworld, not that I saw Underworld, but assume she was a vampire in it…she’s almost a timeless irrelevant whore..

The nerds are going nuts for this outfit…It’s just a fucking dress people….get a grip…she’s not that great..fucking losers.


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Kate Beckinsale and Kathy Griffin Bikini Contest of the Day

When you’re old but still want to be click bait that people sexualize and jerk off to, even if you’re hanging off a thread, or a pubic hair as red as the devil’s dick like Kathy Griffen, while vampire Kate Beckinsale still looks good…

The whole world is one massive and horrible episode of AMerica’s Funniest Home Videos. Mindless shit…that is easy to manipulate…

But what I will say is that at least these two F through V listers who really don’t matter no matter how much Kate Beckinsale stays a vampire, or Kathy Griffen whines about Anderson Cooper dick….are not fat….

I hate fat chicks more than old skinny chicks in bikinis, whether they are ugly or hot or not, fat violates all things and is the ultimate worst…so this here…I don’t mind.

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Kate Beckinsale and her Birthday Baby Goat Sacrifice of the Day

Apparently, vampire Kate Beckinsale, who all the nerds fell in love with and started jerking off to when she first got on their radar for being in weirdo vampire movies is celebrating her 400th birthday with her baby daddy Michael Sheen, who she may still be fucking after he went homosexual and started fucking Sarah Silverman, something that is probably hard to do and would require serious sexual dysfunction…and their daughter, Lily Sheen, who looks 12, but is actually in her 20s you fucking perverts….stop looking at her like that…oh wait…she’s 20 so it’s ok….it doesn’t change the fact that you’re attracted to something that looks 12 year old…pervert…


Well to further prove my case, they had a baby goat at her weird birthday yoga ritual that you can’t see from the friendly social media content…was sacrificed…because Goat blood is easier to get than human blood…


Kate Beckinesale’s tube top….

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Kate Beckinsale Ass in Leggings of the Day

Kate Beckinsale is one of those timeless people who doesn’t seem to age, despite being old, and a mom to a college aged girl.

Sure she’s got a bit of a hot, fit, skinny soccer mom vibe, but she’s still not what you’d typically expect from a mom with a college aged kid.

One must wonder if she was in fact an actual Vampire and her Underworld move franchise that is pretty much the only thing I think she’s ever done is documentary…unless she doesn’t play a vampire in that movie…I can’t be too sure because I am far too lazy to google it and I don’t actually care about something virgin loser comic book weirdos who seem like they still live with their mom’s at 40 are passionate about…

I do know she’s in leggings and lookin’ fit..

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

I also know she is in bra top….

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

I like keeping tabs on her because the age range of people reading this site, are people who still have posters of her in their basement TV room where they masturbate cuz their mom’s room is two floors up and she can’t hear the cries….

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Kate Beckinsale Weird Tongue Selfie of the Day

Kate Beckinsale is a fetish.

Not my fetish…but a fetish to so many people…and by people I mean virgin loser weirdos…

It’s pretty much all hype from being in one vampire movie that I guess real socially awkward comicon type people were into….since the one person I’ve known in my life to love this girl and think she’s the hottest thing ever was a 40 year old weirdo who collected DVDs, one to watch, one to keep on the shelf, and Underwood along with Dawson’s Creek was his fucking favorite…it was weird but he went on to make millions off a blog…because he was actually passionate about celebs….

Point of the story is, Beckinsale’s still hot, despite being old, and this is her tongue…for you to imagine in your booty hole..

These are her skinny legs…

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Kate Beckinsale in a Bra of the Day

Kate Beckinsale in a bra and see through shirt

Old as fuck Kate Beckinsale….the mom of some slutty 18 year old college girl…who nerds and weirdos know and love from being in some Underworld movie about vampires and all the sequels…

My theory is that she could potentially be a vampire because she doesn’t age…and still looks like she looked when she was a younger mom…but then again, maybe it’s just testament to breeding young so that the body bounces back…or Plastic Surgery, or her whole existence is about conditioning herself to look good but I’ll stick with vampire theory…it makes more sense to her LARPING fans…not too busy LARPING to notice her.


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