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Kate Bosworth is Porn to Me of the Day

Kate Bosworth in a off the shoulder crop top and high waisted pants at a bar

Kate Bosworth is porn to me…

I think she’s wonderful….she’s skinny and she’s hot and I never really understood why her career never really took off…she was a surfer chick in Blue Crush, hot sure, but memorable or relevant or a real talent that deserves academy awards…not so much…

She’s got two different colored eyes, which is creepy and hot in and of itself…and she’s gone onto model and do brand deals for fashion rather than work in the movies…and now at 40…she still looks amazing…and deserves more acting work…get her on the screen instead of the trolls we’re forced to watch over and over…I’m talking to you J.Law, Kendrick, Fanning and whoever the fuck else is played the fuck out…

Kate Bosworth is the future, I mean statistically, not so much…she’s done…but NEVER done to me.

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Kate Bosworth Legs of the Day

After seeing the recent Kate Bosworth nudes – that I don’t know are legit or not…I was reminded just how great this Kate is…I mean…I think I finally felt real love. You know like I wanted to know what love is, and her long, lean, amazing body showed me…

That said, I never cared about her in movies, not that she ever did anything good, but she’s just managed to pull it together well into her 30s, defying the normal aging process…and for that reason along…let’s stare at her long skinny legs…Because skinny legs……


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Kate Bosworth for Instyle UK September of the Day

You wanna know what I like? Kate Bosworth, cuz she’s some hot old enough to be a mom, who doesn’t look like a mom because she probably hasn’t had a kid yet, but she has probably had at least one abortion.

You know an actor, from whipped cream bikini fame, turned nobody, turned model, all tall and lean, who even in her old age is looking amazing…who unlike most 39 year olds, hasn’t let her looks go to shit,even if her vagina has…because as long as their clothed, no one needs to see the damage done from baby making or at least trying to baby make, like with Kate Bosworth, I’m sure she’s had so much cum in her that if we were to fill a bath tub with it… it’d be disgusting, but when she’s showing off her thin legs, in pictures none of that matters…In fact I am kinda into it.

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Kate Bosworth on the Road to Coachella for Topshop of the Day

Kate Bosworth got hired to do some video for Topshop about Coachella, which is both further proof that Coachella is some mainstream hipster bullshit….that has little to know cool to it…but instead is just over commercialized money making crap….that only matters because hot girls go to it….but more importantly, this video reminds us that Kate Bosworth still exists and that she can get work, she’s capable, and I’m into that cuz I kinda like Kate Bosworth, not that I remember anything she’s done as an actor, but I do remember her skinniness, and her ability to model….not that modeling takes much ability, but you get what I’m saying….

That said, this video fucking sucks. It’s so fucking boring….TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES BITCH.

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Kate Bosworth Seduces in Vs. Magazine of the Day

I like Kate Bosworth….she’s skinny and I never really understood why her career never really took off…unless you consider that movie Blue Crush…which was pretty much her peak…taking off….but I guess at 30 she hasn’t given up yet…and she’s jumped back into the model world…despite being old….becaus she’s tall, skinny and has a great face…that she’s using in this magazine spread…all elegant and romantic…making me fall in love with her all over again…but maybe that’s just gas.

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Some Celebrity’s, Mainly Named Kate at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited to of the Day

Oh shit here was a Kate Party…..and I wasn’t invited….because I don’t get invited to anything, but also because my name isn’t Kate…except in certain circles like when I was in prison but I’d rather not get into those dark and painful to walk years….

Kate Beckinsale, Kate Bowsworth and Kate Hudson showed off some the tit and bodies they had, and also let a couple other twats passed security, like Reese Witherspoon and Olivia Wilde, cuz they feel sorry for them for obvious reasons…..

Here are the pics…

Kate Beckinsale Busting Out

Kate Hudson and her Mom Implants

Kate Bosworth Skinny Goodness

Oh and Reese Witherspoon was there

Reese Witherspoon Busted…

So was Olivia Wilde…cuz she already named herself ofter Oscar Wilde, what more does she need to do to get relevant in Hollywood…ya know….

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Kate Bosworth Lingerie Dog Walker of the Day

Here’s Kate Bosworth all skinny and amazing…but more importantly…let’s hope inspiring…because teenage girls just aren’t into eating disorders like they used to be…at least I don’t think they are…based strictly on living near a school and seeing how fat the bitches are as they eat their pastries from our coffee shop every fucking day….It’s like they’ve lost the icons and idols who actually helped them better themselves with unrealistic expectations…because trying to look fuckable and hot…is usually a lot better than accepting your disgusting body and runnin’ with it and by running I mean to the dessert cart at the buffet…if you knwow hat I mean…

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Kate Bosworth’s Fat Ass of the Day

Fuck Kate Bosworth is fat. I mean look at this ass, it’s so wide and dumpy, I can almost see the cellulite through her dress. I don’t know what’s going here but clearly she’s taking up emotional eating and not exercising, I mean seriously, someone get this girl an eating disorder.

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Kate Bosworth Topless Beach Pictures of the Day

I love me some little titty on a skinny bitch as much as the next guy. I love the idea of bitches tanning topless cuz they know tits aren’t a big deal, they’re just tits. You know on the European kick of why the fuck do I have to wear a bikini top, I didn’t wear one as a child and I’m not going to wear one now, allowing perverts like me to walk around in sunglasses gawking the shit out of them, cuz for some reason, as unexciting as tits are, I love starin at them and no matter how many tits I see, I love staring at them, and no matter how many tits and touch, I love staring at them and what better place than a beautiful beach, next to a beautiful Ocean in Mexico, my native land, to make the whole thing a lot better than looking at the shit in a dingy bar that smells like shit and poverty…

What I don’t get is how the photographer missed the fucking nipple pics, I mean shit, she’s topless on the beach, not even hiding her shit, and for some reason, this is the best picture we get – what a scam.

I call Conspiracy to get attention…..

To See More of the Pictures
Follow This Link

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Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth Lookin’ Hot on Set of the Day

I generally hate celebrity pussy because I made my life about looking at their pictures all day in some self destructive, self abusive, self sabotaging way. Cuz really before this site, I knew nothing about celebrity, I didn’t care to know about celebrity, and I found the whole celebrity thing a waste of time and boring. I was much more into real life bitches I could get drunk and molest.

But for some reason, since Rachel Bilson ended her relationship with her handler in Canada. The creepy dude from Star Wars who snuffed out her work cuz he wasn’t getting work but locking her in a cage on his farm….I’m really diggin’ her.

Maybe it’s the memories of The OC, when I used to watch the shit to seduce college girls awkwardly back during season 1, or maybe it’s cuz I like the smell of pussy when it’s let free….ready to make up for lost time…unfortunately not with me…but I didn’t expect it to be with me…so I’m not let down…I’m more of a voyeur anyway….sex is just too physically challenging for my weight class.

Kate Bosworth is in the mix too cuz she’s in a tight dress, they are filming a movie together and I figured she was worthy of getting in on this Rachel Bilson stroking post…

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