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Katherine Heigl Bikini of the Day

Katherine Heigl, despite being past that cut off age of being allowed to wear a bikini according to decent human behavior and respect for each other….because at a certain point wearing a bikini is the equivalent of a homeless man whipping out his cock on a park bench…it’s sexual assault and as a victim of this…I’m in the mood to file a fucking report with the local authorities…knowing that no one will take it seriously, and will instead victim blame, and forget that sexual assault is a personal experience, and if I feel sexually assaulted by a bitch, then I am…which I think applies to women when it comes to men also…it’s a subjective thing..and I feel like I’ve really be abused here…

Why the fuck is Katherine Heigl posting mom in a bikini pics like it’s some kind of fetish site, which I guess it is…the ego and arrogance…..you’d think the fact that she’s a mom would curve that behavior..but now…her celebrity, her clickbait overpowers her decision making….terrible…TERRIBLE.

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Katherine Heigl in a Bikini of the Day

Katherine Heigl in a red bikini jumping on the beach

I think there is scientific research behind how old a woman a woman should be when she is no longer allowed to wear a bikini, but I think that Katerine Heigl has long surpassed that age limit, thanks to being fat in her 20s and 30s, fat that I guess she’s recently lost due to diet, exrcise, starvation because no one likes being fat….and has finally found the confidence to be an empowered fat chick in a bikini, doing some weird dance….in the sunset so that you can’t see how disgusting and sloppy she actually is….

PHOTO MAGIC…that I don’t understand what would compel anyone to post this kind of content about themselves, but it’s happened and it’s here.

TO SEE THE REST OF Katherine Heigl in a Bikini CLICK HERE

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Katherine Heigl Got Them Titties On of the Day

Katherine Heigl in bed wearing a bra

Katherine Heigl has a taste of getting naked on social media, something she posted the other day, you know dabbling in trying to be a sex object…and clearly loving it…because she’s posted more.

I think and have always thought that she’s pretty fucking bunk, she’s pretty fucking old, even when she was at her peak of movies and TV, I was like “who’s this 50 year old fat chick”….

I am surprised anyone would really care that she’s putting out SMUT, shameless selfies like a teen girl, but then I remember what we are dealing with, a world of fucking perverts, and I don’t really care to see her naked…but I guess people do, and she’s loving the cocktease…women…are ridiculous.

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Katherine Heigl Slutty Selfies of the Day

Katherine Heigl Slutty Selfies

Katherine Heigl posted up some instagram panty pics, like all other girls who want to flash panties…slutty…all while pretending to not be slutty but being a Giant WTF??

I look, but wonder who the fuck wanted to see this Katherine Heigl erotica disguised as weight loss progress…to make it less slutty…while being slutty even though she’s too old and bloated to be slutty…..

I guess, this is just how she made it in her career – as an empowered girl willing to get in her underwear, because she loved being stared at.

Disturbing really, but half naked celebrities are loved by all their pervert fans, fans I’ll never understand…but here’s that porno shit / shitty porno…

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Katherine Heigl in her Slutty Robe of the Day

Katherine Heigl Being Slutty in a Hotel Robe

Instagram gone nuts, even Katherine Heigl’s posting slutty pictures of herself in a bathrobe like some kind of instagram thot, despite being Katherine Heigl, someone I assume no one ever wanted to see naked except maybe the producer who molested her to get her first job that just sort of snowballed into a co-star role on some shit longest running bootleg version of George Clooney’s ER.

She is from that show isn’t she? Who fucking knows why I am posting this…but I am…maybe it is my 5 star hotel bath robe fetish…yeah…must be that cuz it ain’t this old bitch pretending to be a young bitch who just got her first mirror and smart phone…

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Katherine Heigl Bikini for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know which one of these girls is Katherine Heigl…but I am going to assume it isn’t the one with the cum on her, because Katherine Heigl is more about keeping the cum inside her uterus…and I am going to assume it is not the one with the Shar Pei face…all wrinkly skinned like an oversized sweater on her cheekbones…because there’s no way Katherine Heigl would post that of herself, she’s more into pushing the “sex appeal” thing that I don’t think she has, but you probably do, because along with her thick thighs, comes tits…big tits…that get her work…

I’m not a fan, if anything I hate all she represents, but she is posting self shot bikini pics of her and her girlfriends, one of which is covered in cum…oh Divorcees pushing 40 – they so crazy…

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Katherine Heigl Bikini Pics of the Day

Katherine Heigl is in Mexico because her life isn’t a fucking vacation, and she posted this really hot pic of her and her sister, who seems adopted or asian, unless Hollywood made Heigl reformat her face to be the star of so many shitty movies, you know that started out lookin like the thing on the left…..

She’s as irritating, boring, played out as any 30 something mom on vacation on the beach can be, I mean sure you’ll try to jerk off to the album on facebook cuz you like to challenge yourself and have nothing better going for you, but you know that a click away are hot girls who are probably far hotter to jerk off to….

Here’s a picture of her getting tickled by a fish that is trying to make it’s way home into her twat….

She’s less fat than she was, but still just as fucking irritating.


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