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Kellie Pickler Bikini on Twitter of the Day

Kellie Pickler is the American Idol hick, that I have a feeling wasn’t actually a hick, but rather someone they pulled out of some diner in the middle of no where and mind fucked the world with to make Simon Cowell a lot of money. You know using TV to manipulate the world into giving him money, like some kind of TV Evagelist, only instead of Jesus and God, motherfucker uses shitty fucking songs.

That said, my favorite thing I remember about her was her tribute to her grandpappy from whatever backwoods Appalachian mountain shanty he used to have sex with her in…his coal covered hands all over her budding young breasts…

Breasts she had augmented the second she got famous…because I guess her priorities were in the right place…some people go on a vacation with their first million, or buy a house, this girl got tits…

Tits she’s put in a bikini…for the internet….

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Kellie Pickler Bikini Pics of the Day

I remember Kellie Pickler when he played up being a half retarded inbred hick with no tits, who was hot enough for her grandaddy to “raise” the way backwoods girls are meant to be raised…

She was from American Idol…I assume she’s gone onto wonderful high paying things, where she just continued to talk the same talk as her hick fan base, which happens to be the majority of the American population…I assume she was more the figurehead, puppet the label milked and prodded, but paid her more than the 5,000 dollars a year her possum eating grandpappy ever made…

I think her greatest work was her breast implants, and I guess unlike her music, they are worth paying attention to when in a bikini on Vacation..

I can believe I just reached into part of my mind to cover anything that has to do with Kellie Pickler..all because she’s in a bikini top…but I did…and that’s pretty impressive blogging, despite blogging never being impressive, embarrassing yes…impressive…never.


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Kellie Picker’s Fake Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Redneck hick Kellie Pickler who has gone all hollywood with her implants all thanks to American Idol fame that took her out of her backwoods shanty she probably fucked her grandfather/father/they are the same person, in….to living the famous bitch life…with handlers and a team trying to exploit her singing talents…cuz bitch dropped out of the 4th grade to work the plantation and never learned how to count…but luckily for us, she learned how to post a bikini pic to the internet…so that we can stare at her 10,000 dollar investment in her tits…tits that are most definitely worth more than her childhood home including all the blown out cars in the yard…they’re meaning to restore just as soon as they can afford more than a fucking can of corn to add some veg to their racoon meatloaf….


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Kellie Pickler Ass on Dancing with the Stars of the Day

Kellie Pickler, hick…who I am convinced just plays up the whole hick thing, cuz everyone has a hot farmer’s daughter fetish….it’s just the way we’ve been brought up….has gone from American Idol to the fake titties on Dancing with the Stars…and seeing her arrive on set…makes me really want to milk her like a cow out back…ideally with my dick…and/or mouth….because let’s face it…..the stupid hicks all inbred and shit…are just happy to take any cock that doesn’t belong to their grandfather….at least that’s what I’m banking on….while violating myself to her ass pics….

To See The Rest of the Pics
Follow this link

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Kellie Pickler Fake Tits in Maxim of the Day


Kellie Pickler is some American Idol hick who lived in a shanty with her grandfather and thanks to being inbred, uneducated, and probably forced into compromising positions by the hillbilly townsfolk every year at the Coal Miner’s Apalachian ball, was also dumb as shit….and that made for good TV…and good TV made for getting paid and a low level celebrity that bought her some fake tits….that she is now broadcasting in Maxim, because I guess they are the only ones who care or who are willing to shoot people who haven’t been in the news or tabloids since they were on American Idol….I guess that’s what falling off is all about….


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Kellie Pickler Inbred Bikini Picture of the Day

I remember watching Kellie Pickler on American Idol, back when I had a TV and before Ryan Seacrest encouraged her to get these small implants to better her career….before fame and fortune by her hick inbred standards hit…when she was just some backwoods hick crying about her grandfather who it was apparent she was having sex with…at least as far as I was concerned….maybe it was cuz he was toothless, or maybe it was because he was also her brother, father and conveniently the only man in their backwoods town…and there’s just something about hicks…maybe it is their lack of education…their lack of dental hygiene, or really hygiene as a whole, maybe it’s their good country values, or maybe it is that they start fucking at a young age when no wrestling lawn furniture that really talks to me…and unfortunately, here’s this inbred hick gone hollywood…back home they don’t even have bikinis, just old burlap potato sacks until you get lucky enough to bust out great gandmaw’s roadkill bikini woven with 4 months of roadkill suppers….who cares….this tight body makes inbreeding seem right….iI mean if you’ve fucked a family memeber, the orgasms probably already sold you…but this is for the non-inbreeders….which I assume there is at least one of you out there…it also makes growing up on a diet of rationed poor man’s squirrel stew seem like something they need to bring to the obese mainstream…

Here’s her audition video from American Idol….Drunken Paula is the highlight

Here’s she doing some smarter than a third grader – and guess what she’s not smarter than a third grader….

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Kellie Pickler Shows Off her Fake White Trash Tits of the Day

I used to find this inbred hick interesting when she was on American Idol back when I watched American Idol because I had a TV with one channel and little energy to do much else than sit there and watch the shit….Not interesting in a “I’d love to sit down and have a great conversation” way, but interesting in the fact that she was kinda hot and grew up in the backwoods banging her grandfather, she was dumb as shit and seemed easy to trick into anal and pretty much into anything and fucking some serious redneck retard trash was always a dream…but she hasn’t aged too well, even her fake tits look like a disaster, but I guess that’s what happen to most white trash when they turn 25, their teeth just can’t keep up with all the Tang they’ve been drinking and start fallin’ out..or whatever else it is that wrecks hick girls who I once wanted to fuck….like teenage pregnancy, malnourishment and bad genes…you’d hope Hollywood woulda saved her from….

Pics via Fame

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Kellie Pickler Showing Off Her Fake Tits of the Day

Kellie Pickler was out supporting some Taylor Swift bullshit because I guess she wanted to see how real successful country/pop singing cunts actually make shit happen, cuz her only formal training in anything that made her money was watching her mom wait tables at the shitty town diner, or maybe it was watched her mother work the pole at the local stripclub that was build inside an old big rig trailer, I don’t really remember because I don’t give a fuck about ex American idols with fake tits and a thick accent, especially when they aren’t 18 anymore….

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Kellie Picker Performing of the Day

Hey, Guess What? I’m not dead. I am just lazy. I figure why get up in the morning to entertain your assholes, while I can fuck around and entertain myself. It’s more fun.

Speaking of tits, here’s Kellie Pickler performing a song that she wrote herself. I was surprised that it was just her name over and over because it’s the only thing she knows how to spell, but maybe her grandaddy taught her more than just how to give a solid blowjob and not tell anyone about it.

Either way, here’s the video, because shitty country is a good way to remind you that despite it being Friday, the day every 9 to 5er is hard for, you know, waiting all week in excitement for this day to roll around, whistling around the office asking everyone what their weekend plans are, you sit at your desk depressed because you have no plans, not friends, and nothing to do with yourself. It’s just going to be like every weekend, where you just sleep in, the sit on your couch with takeout and dvds, wallowing in your own filth, waiting for Monday to roll around so you can at least interact with other humans again…fuck you TGIF for ruining my life.

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Kellie Pickler’s Big Fake Tits Sign a Pool Table of the Day

Kellie Pickler, like VIda Guerra got a set of fake tits with the little money she made at American Idol and I guess that makes her the hottest girl in the town of 50 people she’s from. She’ll be lucky enough to marry the farmer who had the biggest output last season who lives in luxury compared to his neighbors because he has running water in the shack he lives in.

I guess as much as I make fun of Pickler for being a retard, she was probably the hottest thing to ride her mule through American Idol and despite having a relationship so close to her grandfather cuz her parents were deadbeats or died in a farming accident, that he even shaves her lil coochie for her, which seems creepy to us city folk, but where they are from is normal since she’s not his actual daughter and playing with your daughter’s coochie would cross the incest line from their backwoods community, but laying with your grand daughter’s coochie is ok, but in his defense he was the best damn sheep shearer in the county.

What I am trying to say is that she sings country and lives country and that’s something a lot more commendable than whatever the fuck Jessica Simpson is doing. Here are her big new tits while she signs some kind of pool table, god knows why, but who really cares, just look at her tits.

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