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Kelly Rowland for Shape Magazine of the Day

While Beyonce was getting ripped off stage by some crazed fan who was trying to bring her home to meet his mom, or maybe his gay friends who couldn’t make it to the concert, but who he wanted to bring the concert to, because the gay who brings Beyonce to the party, is that Gay who is probably walking away HIV Positive thanks to all the unprotected appreciation…they’re given…

Kelly Rowaland was in Shape Magazine, showing the world that when you buy yourself tits, and do sit-ups, you can come across as a lean bitch, who doesn’t look all that much like a dude….because of the cleavage…

Shape is notorious for photoshopping the shit out of everything, so it’s safe to say, the shit has been photoshopped out of this…and no, that wasn’t a racist joke…because unlike you redneck trash, I like black girls, they are so exotic and remind me of masturbation in the 80s…thanks to National Geographic…we’ve gone over this before, stop making me repeat myself.

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Kelly Rowland’s Interesting Bikini Position of the Day

Kelly Rowland’s gotta watch out, I mean at least when in this position, people are going to look at her implants, see her like this, and assume that she’s not Beyonce’s employee who was left in the shadows of the creature that is Beyonce, and that is now mocking the way Beyonce probably got pregnant with blue IVY, only instead of laying on her back like a dead fish, legs up like a gynecological exam, on her cell phone, Beyonce was probably looking at herself in a mirror, there is only so much love a bitch can have for herself, and Beyonce proves that….

OR a passerby will just wonder why a black chick is tanning, she’s already pretty tanned, or maybe they’ll just try to figure out what kind of infection she’s airing out, whatever it is they think….I am sure it’s not how hot this Destiny Child scraps is…



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Kelly Rowland’s Friend in a See Thru of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Kelly Rowland and her shitty fake tits…or the fact that Beyonce ruined her career for a solo career and I don’t care to figure out who her lesbian lover in the see through top is…and I sure as hell have no fucking idea why I’m even posting the shit…but for some reason I just can’t stop myself…I guess the day can’t all be about the Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pics

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Kelly Rowland Bikini In Miami of the Day

Beyonce’s ex-personal assistant/back up vocals and singer from Destiny’s Child, before Beyonce decided it was time to get the glory she deserved by changing the name of the band to Beyonce, making it the Beyonce show for her spoiled, vain, her dad was the manager and they could do whatever they wanted, leaving poor bitches like Kelly Rowland to fend for herself, and here she is out of work, not famous, trying to fend for herself off the millions of money she got paid in Destny’s Child and to fuck off from Destiny’s Child until it’s fiscally time to do a comeback tour cuz they’ll optimize payout….

What I’m saying is that I don’t give a fuck about this girl’s failure, or rejection, or irrelevance, or Beyonce’s rejection of her, cuz she’s got money and lives the good life, in her bikini, all thanks to that Beyonce cunt….and here’s some pics if you’re into it…

To See The Rest of the Pics
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Kelly Rowland Nipple Slip for Attention of the Day

When you are a second rate Beyonce who was used as a tool to make the world think that Beyonce carried Destiny’s Child, because Beyonce used her spoiled cunt with pull in the industry by being a catty diva to her bff from her childhood who she came up with….to ruin her career and force her to perform tits out to get any attention, work or money, while Beyonce sits at home tiling her bathroom in diamonds….

Funny how things work out when you sell out your friends for personal gain…..

To See The Nipple Pics – Cuz I Don’t Have the Right To Them – But Need You to See Them

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Kelly Rowland Bottom Feeding of the Day

I am not posting these pics – I am posting them because I like watching bitches bottom feed…You see Kelly Rowland was a star once…one of the three girls of Destiny’s Child, selling albums, living the life…and then one day….the lead Beyonce said “fuck this shit, and these latch on bitches, I’m gonna go blossom on my own cuz I’m a goddess”….thanks to too much positive affirmation and an ego….doing everything in her power to overshadow the other girls..leading to Kelly Rowland buying fake tits and now buying a clay hand mold at Planet Fucking Hollywood…I’m talking PLANET HOLLYWOOD to immortalize and eternalize her fucking life in music while promoting her next solo album no one will buy….fuckign amazing….on so many levels….

But in her defense, at least she gets the risiduals from her previous career cuz this new one’s going no where….

Now maybe she should show us her vagina…cuz that wet fleshy hole…no matter what it looks like….or how meaty it is…keeps every single girl alive at least semi relevant…True story…

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Kelly Rowland in a Bikini of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kelly Rowland pretending she’s not bitter Beyonce shut down Destiny’s Child to start her solo career and take over the charts, you know sending Kelly Rowland off to fend for herself cuz her dad wasn’t their manager, you know getting what Beyonce felt was always hers, knowing the meat and potatos of Destiny’s Child was carried on her back with her talent, while the other cunts were just filler, like bread crumbs in the burger of bad music….because let’s face it, being in Beyonce and the Destiny Children has allowed her to live a pretty great life, filled with money, great sevice, luxury, and that’s a lot better than working the local Texan Popeye’s while singing in a choir on weekends only to be told everyday how she coulda made it if she hadn’t got knocked up, like so many other Americans who have more talent than the trash who actually gets famous.

Life’s unfair and then you die like Bin Laden, deal with it.

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