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Kristen Bell Gets Her Ass Grabbed of the Day

Kristen Bell is relatively uninteresting, watching her and her husband Dax promote themselves in what is one of the more annoying late 90s teen comedy unions, besides Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr….but people like her, and now they have more reason to like her, because she’s got tits…it happens with old age and mom-ing…

She may not be showing off what could be a post pregnancy implant situation – or just that she still milks all her babies…

But is instead showing off her mom ass, that probably does pilates, as we’ve established earlier today….

And she posts pics of women rubbing that ass for her fans, because why not, it’s silly, it’s fun, it’s not vulgar, it’s low level shameless but sharing her life with her fans….and I guess that’s what social media is about…not being shameless, but inviting the perverts into the room with you…and there’s nothing wrong with that…and really the only unfortunate thing about her is really Dax Sheppherd…he’s just so annoying.

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Kristen Bell for American of the DAy

Kristen Bell has decided to celebrate America with her husband Dax and remind you that she’s got zero to no sex appeal left…what was once cute has not got any remaining sex appeal but just to make sure of that she uses the opportunity to destroy it with this picture …

She’s in a onesie and not a bikini….and not the good kind of onesie you want to see when girls are slumber partying together with their tits out…but the mom at the preschool picnic onesie she’s not shoving cock inside her which would give her old lady some redemption….but in no way do I want to see that cock in her.. in sex tape….but the onesie is weak…but it is for America….living the American dream…and America must by default love it..

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Kristen Bell and Others Naked in Allure of the Day

Allure magazine has really jumped on a grenade with these year’s nude issue…jumping on the grenade is what we used to call fucking the fat chick at the bar because you wanted to fuck…not that Allure is fat, but the cast and crew of a celebrated issue that has had relevant girls like ZOE SALDANA and NAYA RIVERA …two very high end people…in issues of the past, have gone the Jenna Dewan Tatum, Minnie Driver, Nia Long and Kristen Bell this year…and I guess I am all for any girl getting naked, even if it strategic and not that hot at all…even if it has some milk filled new mom Dax Sheppard sucking tit in it.

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Dax Shepard is a Tough Guy of the Day

I don’t know if Dax Shepard is being a tough guy at LAX, when walking by the paparazzi, when he takes something and throws it to the ground like a 5 year old girl having a tantrum, but it looks like that and makes me laugh, since men in Hollywood, despite their egos, their money, and the praise they get are still self involved pussies, who when they aren’t looking in the mirror practicing lines, they are fucking some of the hottest pussies, but are also bigger girls than the girls they stick their dicks in…and it makes me laugh…but not that much, because it’s really not all that interesting…I mean who gives a fuck about Dax Shepard and he may not even be throwing a tantrum, but it looks like it, and that’s enough…

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Kristen Bell’s Mom Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Here is Kristen Bell giving a public service announcement about the risks of pregnancy at least in terms of what it does to you body…and this is her at a stage where she’s willing to show off her body…because the real damage done is under them bikini bottoms…I guess she thanks Dax Shepphard for that every time she fists herself with ease…


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Kristen Bell in a Lifeguard Bathing Suit of the Day

Looks like someone’s recovered from making a Dax baby, something I would normally assume you can’t recover from…you know like a stain on your life worse than AIDS…because he’s that fucking annoying and the fact that his genetics live on in another person all thanks to this cunt (literally), is the worst.

She can’t be celebrated, she must be shunned, even if she’s in a mom friendly bikini to hide her stretch marks and ravaged body, even if her vagina is taped the fuck up from all the abuse pushing a baby through it has done to her, even if this was shot before she was pregnant….because we all know what has become of her since….

She’s uneventful, and I am pretty sure this movie will be too, but she’s dressed like Pam Anderson, and lifeguards are all sluts with their half naked all summer, mouth to mouth, camel toe giving suits that ride their clots all day making them horny….makin’ it a little more tolerable…

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Kristen Bell’s Bike Seat of the Day

I have a bike seat fetish…..

Cuz I know all the pussy a bike seat rubs against…especially on hot summer days….cuz I follow girls on bikes around to sniff their seats when they run in to do errands….

I’m not creepy or anything…I just respect the hard work a bike seat puts in and the engineering that made it a pussy rubbing device on hot sweaty days….it is a hero amongst inanimate objects….

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