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Kristen Davis Shitty See Through of the Day

Most of us have seen bitch naked when her ex boyfriend leaked nude pictures of her from when she was younger and more eager, before the whole Sex and the City bullshit changed her life and defined her as someone who made it.

Some of us got sued for posting the pictures, because the bith has a team of people who wanted to make those early eager years of her life disappear as fast as they could….I was one of those people who almost got sued, but figured I’d take them down, because seriously, they weren’t that great…if anything they were disgusting, because her pussy lips were big and black like some kind of rotting corpse pussy that got abused it’s way to the top.

I don’t know who she’s kidding by wearing a bar to cover up her sloppy little tits, but I do know that I’m happy it’s not see through pants, because seriously, her vagina, even at a young age, was the kind that makes you question if you’re straight or not, because you have no interest in sticking anything in that mess….

I hate Sex and the City and everyone who buys into the bullshit they stand for. I hate all the Sex and the City career women who follow the fucking lead of this shit show….mainly becuase Sex and the City was written by a gay guy and I prefer women in traditional gender roles and not so much living the gam man lifestyle…

Either way, here she is in a bra…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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I am – Kristin Davis and Kim Kardashian together of the Day

Kim Kardishian

Back in Community College upstate, I roomed with a girl with 1.5 legs, we’ll call her Melanie. I am pretty sure she was a closet lesbian because she would stroke me a lot or have a friend spend the night but want to share my bed instead of sharing hers with her friend. She was dating guys off the internet. They were all closet freaks with a prosthesis fetish or something. Since she was a community theater regular, she hooked up with this ‘playwright.’ She paid for dinner (he forgot his wallet) and he asked to ‘borrow’ some sheets of computer paper so he could print his play for her. While she was gimping around collecting it, he starts ranting about his play where the actors fuck onstage. I said ‘oh, like live porn,’ and he said ‘no, it’s raw art.’ Then he gets all hopped up talking about how he will have to play the guy because he is bold and edgey like that, and he is looking for an intense girl, a girl indie and serious enough to have sex onstage. Rehearsals will start soon… He kept repeating the last part, and staring at my tits. Either he was retarded or bipolar. I asked him if it was a paying role. He said no.

I would like to tell you I wouldn’t have nailed this twat in front of his 4 friends for cash, but that would be a lie, and I’m no liar. And Melanie never heard from him again after he ran off with all her paper.

Kim Kardashian has had sex for money in front of people (via video), so I bet she would have nailed this playwright anyway for kicks, or for money if she wasn’t so rich. And Kristin Davis’ career, despite the upcoming ‘Sex and the City’ movie, has been in the tank. I am guessing Davis being seen with Kardashian means she is 5 minutes from a 40 year old sex tape, or she is just inquiring about advice. Pure speculation. Maybe they are planning one together? That’s something I don’t want to see (mostly because Kardashian’s ass-implants scare me).

Obediently yours,

Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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