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I am – Kristine Lefebvre Playboy Pictures of the Day


Here are the Kristine Lefebvre June Playboy pics. Bitch is an Apprentice chick who probably had the time of her life on the show, because people actually gave a shit about her for once in her life, and then it all ended when the she got kicked off. She’s probably been to auditions in attempt to get into the public eye again, but nothing worked out, so she went to Playboy, who will pretty much do a spread on anyone who has been on any TV show, including that fat slut from Wilson Philips. Either way, this cry for attention and attempt at fame may just be the kick in the ass this girl needs. It did work for Pamela Anderson….

Playboy always runs after me when I post their shit, so I am not really going to bother uploading them all only to have them all taken down, not to mention I am pretty slow on stories and you have probably already seen all of these, I am just posting them in case you haven’t. I am nice like that….and these pictures are pretty fucking boring. I have seen sexier shit go down and the Old Folks home I used to work at and based on her prison tattoos, I can only assume this isn’t the first time slut’s been topless on camera before…

Apprentice Contestant Kristine Lefebvre Playboy Pics

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