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Lauren Conrad’s Doing Marie Claire of the DAy

Lauren Conrad is not dead, despite what MTV wants you to think, you know with the whole cancelling the show she was the focal point of, that at the time was over-exposed and irritating, but now, a few years later feels like it never happened, unless of course you are Lauren Conrad, in which case it is all that you’ve ever done that matters.

Apparently, she has a fashion line and a series of books, but I’m more interested in her series of boobs, even when wondering why Marie Claire is doing this fashion spread on her, it just doesn’t make sense…like the dlisters die with the vehicles that made them dlisters. That’s what I say, but no one ever listens to me.

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Lauren Conrad’s Showing Some Bra for Lucky March 2013 of the Day

OMG! Lauren Conrad exists….she didn’t blow up with the rest of the cast of the HILLS like she should have…but I guess that’s because she’s gone onto bigger and better things….like posing in LUCKY magazine 5 years later, a magazine with a readership of at leaser 200 women at the gyno office….and she’s even showing a little bra to really set off fire alarms….letting us all know she’s not dead…even though she might as well could be….considering how much she matters now that her pollution has been taken off TV…..

And the real question is…how many dudes do you think have jerked off to her? I’m thinking not that many…

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Lauren Conrad in November Allure of the Day

The Hills aren’t alive with the sound of music…they are dead…but unfortunately…not the kind of dead I want…cuz the trash on the show live on…even thought a plane crash woulda been a much welcomed series finale…there just aren’t enough plane crashes with young starlets this generation….we need are Richie Valen / Buddy Holly….and these idiots woulda been key players…perfect for the job….peaked after selling their souls….something some of them are struggling with that.. HEIDI MONTAG ROCKING STRIP CLUBS WITH HER SHITTY FAKE TITS CUZ IT IS ONE STEP AWAY FROM DOING PORN but this Lauren Conrad character seems to be doing just fine…..

Here’s the video…

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Lauren Conrad Topless in Glamour of the Day

Lauren Conrad is a useless reality star from a few years ago and has since done pretty much nothing…..and when you’re a useless reality star…..from one of the worst fucking shows to ever be on TV…..you have limited options of what you can and can’t do for exposure, attention or to get noticed…because you still have that itch of having people watching and talking about you that you need to get scratched…..

Sure, there’s porn, sex tape and playboy, which are the obvious options for someone who has ran out of money, but Lauren Conrad’s not there yet, so she hasn’t got that desperate yet, and luckily there’s always Glamour, other fringe magazines that consist of low grade commentary or articles…and shitty photoshoots….that are willing to do a photoshoot with her…probably cuz she’s advertising some shitty product she’s a spokesperson and insisted this be part of the deal…..and so here she is, topless, showing tits you didn’t know she had cuz you don’t know who she is…..and that’s real fucking life changing….isn’t it.

I approve of this message:


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Lauren Conrad’s Showing Some Leg of the Day

I am only posting these because I like standing at the bottom of stairs where girls who are dressed trendy in little skirts walk down because a good percentage of the time, you see pussy or at least pussy in panty and shit is almost exciting, even if the pussy or panty covered pussy you see belongs to a fat chick.
I am not posting this because I am a fan of Lauren Conrad or anything MTV and The Hills gave birth to, if anything I wish they got a fucking abortion when pregnant with these ideas, but I can’t control these things, I can just look at this pictures and dream about how these should have ended better, kinda like how I dream Audrina’s career ends better than it started, you know face down in a gutter.

Bonus that’s not really a bonus pictures of Lo Bosworth’s fat lets….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lauren Conrad Does a Bikini With Her Boyfriend of the Day

Phony actress Lauren Conrad brought her boyfriend out to the beach and shit changed my fucking life. Actually it didn’t. It just reminded me that someone so much more useless than pretty much anyone I know can be so much more successful and well-received by the general public, despite being average at best in looks and substance, but I guess that’s just the world we’re livin’ in, at least it’s going to end in 2012, at least that’s what I read, and that means I only have a couple more years before seeing all these fuckers die, because as you know, I will survive the apocalypse, because I’m a cockroach, I just don’t have much of a cock.

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Lauren Conrad Shows Some Leg of the Day

The Hills is such bullshit, I know everyone is onto them at this point, because I was having coffee at McDonalds earlier today and saw Pratt and Montag on The View and they were fucking struggling. Their fake marriages, to their called off marriages, to the fact they live together and that they have seperate rooms in the house, and Spencer stumbling how to answer questions, made me believe shit is sinking fast. Whoopi Goldberg wouldn’t even give them the time of day, because they are fuckin’ jokes, and I guess since Lauren Conrad is on the show, she’s just as full of shit as they are and here she is showing off some leg because it’s a slow hungover day….

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