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Lindsay Lohan’s Titties Out in a Bikini of the Day

Lindsay Lohan is the only thing that matters…and despite being old, and looking even older thanks to all the hard living or what I would call good living, and face injections but I still think she’s perfect enough…because she’s LOHAN…

I like that she’s taking the high road….keeping things classy like a celebrity….in a one piece like a woman her age should be….when she could easy take the slutty influencer approach, but probably realizes that all these slutty influencers are just slutty influencers in efforts to be the next LOHAN….

I mean she is a LIVING legend…and I am waiting for her comeback, that Oscar win…it is coming…I believe in it….because this era of all these nobody’s being famous, I like myself some actual famous people….like this goddess!


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Lindsay Lohan Tits of the Day


Full titty Lindsay Lohan….the legend…who I like to think I am a genuine fan of – despite hating everything – because she represents a great time in all of our lives, just probably not a great time in her life, when she was coming of age in the paparazzi when the tabloids still mattered, dealing with being a fucking mental case coddled rich kid child star, trying to navigate LA….and failing…with DUI car accidents and other fun things because she was fun.

I am a believer that Lohan and her awesome tits, the only GINGER tits that matter…will make a huge fucking comeback and it’d be great to be a part of that by witnessing that in my lifetime…the Lohan Oscar win is not just her dream, it is all of our dream…

She’s amazingly still alive and that’s a great starting point for a better tomorrow.


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Lindsay Lohan Tits of the Day

Lindsay Lohan is our goddess, our spirit animal, the creature we worship every SUNDAY while washing our feet and eating FISH….

She is a legend, possibly the messiah, definitely MY messiah….and in all these years she’s been out there chilling on her celebrity after all her breakdowns that I’ve been privy to….I’m ready for her comeback.

I have been encouraging in all my posts about her – whenever I get around to doing posts about her – because she’s not so good at whoring out on instagram….BECAUSE I KNOW….she will win an OSCAR in her lifetime. Once she’s ready.

She’s still young enough, despite looking old, and she’s still wild, but there is no doubt in my mind…that she’ll be back…

She’s just testing the waters…with her hot LOHAN tits out…

I will forever be a fan….even though I hate everything…it’s just that we go way back and she represents such a cooler time in Celebrity…when it mattered before everyone was a fucking celeb….ya know.

I guess what I am saying is Lohan is everything and her tits look fucking killer….maybe they’ve been updated…maybe they are only 12 years old, not quite a teenager in puberty, they just got their period….

Lindsay Lohan Tits


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Lindsay Lohan Tits Out of the Day

Lindsay Lohan Tits Out for SLIMI Magazine 2

Here’s some Lindsay Lohan for old times, doing some modeling, with some of her tit out, but not enough of her tit…

She’s looking like an old lady, or an old glove found in a snowbank during the spring thaw after a winter of being shit on my dogs…

Maybe it is cuz she is old, has lived a life more fucking disturbing and damaging than most people…at 35 or however old she is, she’s had more fucking abuse to herself, and her face than most 80 year olds…even those who live in Australia and get battered by the UV rays because of the hole in the OZONE caused by the GREENHOUSE gases we used to be scared of in the 80s…

I will not turn my back on LOHAN though, I truly believe she has a long life ahead of her doing whatever it is that she does….and that there will be an HONORARY oscar handed out to her…because she fucking deserves it…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a LOHAN movie, which is funny because I’ve done so much on this site targeted at her….and her great tits…

I do think I’ve seen LOHAN in a hotel SUITE In montreal dancing around in her pajamas to her album she never launched and it was probably the PEAK of my career as an unemployed obese blogger….

I am a fan, forever will be, and her great tits, a little saggier, a little sadder, just need a new coat of paint, a tune up, and she’ll be back…she’s gotta be…she’s Lindsay Fucking Lohan…(I feel like that is what she calls herself)…..

Here are the really uneventful, not so ARAB despite her being ARAB now…..tits.


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Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip of the Day

Lindsay Lohan Nipples Slip White Dress

I am a loyal Lindsay Lohan fan.

I am very happy she’s having a comeback…

Not only because of the nipple flashes you don’t notice cuz her nipples are invisible….GINGERS…

But because she deserves it. She’s on of America’s last real stars. There will never be the same level of tabloid fodder and good times, instability and throwing away of a serious career as there was with her.

No one cares about the stars of Today…like Margot Robbie or Brie Larsen on the level they cared about Lohan…

No one cares about Bella Thorne or even Selena Gomez like they did about Lindsay Lohan.

She is a living legend…and weird accent, doughy face, sloppy body….lookin’ 50 at 30 or not….

I will always consider her the pivotal personality…the true meaning of Celebrity….and I am grateful to have experienced her in her lifetime and I anticipate her winning an Academy Award…I’ve always said it and it will happen….not that Academy Awards matter…they do it for the press and exposure..they give those shits to everyone…..but it’d still be nice to see her get one and unless she dies prematurely (and she will)…I am sure it will happen….

Don’t let MTV reality shows appear to be the end of her….and realize….they are the new beginning of her.



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Lindsay Lohan Hot in Paper Magazine of the Day

Lindsay Lohan got her amazing tits out for Paper Magazine, because despite what Arianna Grande thinks, Lohan is still fucking amazing, relevant, has the capacity to go viral and was clearly left out of Bootleg Grande’s video I didn’t watch, but that I know was Mean Girls Themed, and that her PR team emailed hit over 1 billion views in 4 days breaking some kind of record, because it was Mean Girls themed and thus relevant, and Mean Girls is only relevant cuz of Lohan, bringing this back full circle to that if Lohan was in the video, no one would even notice the bootleg Disney Kid who has been trying to be as relevant as Lohan for ever, but has only achieved on terror attack and one ex boyfriend who killed himself…

I believe Lohan is my spirit animal that is connected to my soul – despite not really paying attention to her or her accents her crazy ass has….but I do support all she does with her tits out…cuz they are great tits…and are likely the reason I think of her as my spirit animal connected to my soul….

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Lohan Abducting Human Trafficked Children of the Day

I think some of the greatest news – is that Lindsay Lohan has been using her celebrity to go viral lately….she’s just trolling all you fuckers..

The first time was with her stupid dance that people are doing in clubs everywhere, not that I go to clubs but i assume that people in clubs trying to get pussy are like, watch me “do the lohan”…

Now she’s gone viral of IG live abducting a kid or kids from their homeless mother, because she assumed they were being human trafficked, and she is a fucking hero, a vigilante, using her fame for good….and tried to stop it….only to get hit….in what I assume was all staged because nothing is real…and everyone is buying into it…without remembering that Lohan is a star, knows everyone, she’s just been vacationing the last few years, and can easily mastermind hilarious content…and have the best writers help her do it.

This is a great event, the first of many I am sure, I like that Lohan has made a comeback with her Arab Accent…because I’ve always been a fan, she is my spirit animal…and for that reason alone let’s look at her tits…..for old times…great tits.

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Lindsay Lohan Legs of the Day

Lindsay Lohan is an angel sent from heaven and even when she looks like pure shit – she’s still magical and will always be…maybe it’s because she represents an era we all love and hated when it was happening, destroyed by the paparazzi before you were able to produce you own content that would have destroyed you back then, but now gets you celebrated…

She’s a what the fuck happened, what could have been so amazing, self destructed….

She was the BIGGESt fucking deal in Hollywood, with her 8 or 9 Academy award nominations and 6 wins….for life changing movies like Freaky Friday….to someone always in the paparazzi, destroyed by the paparazzi, turned to drugs thanks to the hard life she lived, despite it being a cushy fucking life compared to people with real problems, but entitled brats don’t grasp that..

Now she’s a fucking novelty act in Arab countries who love American things like Mercedes and designer clothing…

If you know what I mean…and what I mean is that Lohan, despite looking terrible, is still a goddess to me….


Here she is acting in her latest movie, glad to see she’s back….

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#DoTheLilo bothers me of the Day

The fact that #dothelilo is a meme – and all the lame kids who listen to EDM are doing it – is offensive to me..

But when I saw her drop that dance and the meme accounts pick it up on instagram..

I knew the retard train was rolling…coming our way…and that Lohan would love it because she is finally relevant and being talked about again…

Not in a good way, but she doesn’t five a fuck about that….she just wants people talking about her and her daughter of a Rockette turned cocaine huffing partner stage mom…it is what Disney bred her to do..all while looking like an ex pornstar in her 40s addicted to pills.

Hot hot….but that’s because I’ve been a Lohan fan for a long fucking time and she can do no wrong…the rest of yall though…can go fuck yourselves…

Dancing monkey bitch…the best kind of bitch….but all you internet people are ruining the pure beauty and making it about your damn selves…fuckers.

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The Viral Lohan Dance for Labor Day of the Day

The biggest news, most important news, the single most relevant situation that happened on social media this weekend – this glorious last day of summer – where all the clubs in Ibiza and I guess Mykonos are wrapping up a wonderful season…

Is Lohan Dancing…

She’s in some 70s leisure suit, dancing like a coked up medicated grandmother at some penthouse party she organized with her inheritance from her rich husband death…

Some socialite, with a plastic face, trying to maintain her youth….whilst being white as fuck…

It’s legendary….

I have had the pleasure of spending a night in a hotel room with Lohan many many years ago…where she put on some pajama pants and did a stripper dance to her album she never released…and it was a life changing experience…but this here…this here is better than that….

Lohan – my spirit animal can do no wrong….all she does is so fucking right…

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