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#DoTheLilo bothers me of the Day

The fact that #dothelilo is a meme – and all the lame kids who listen to EDM are doing it – is offensive to me..

But when I saw her drop that dance and the meme accounts pick it up on instagram..

I knew the retard train was rolling…coming our way…and that Lohan would love it because she is finally relevant and being talked about again…

Not in a good way, but she doesn’t five a fuck about that….she just wants people talking about her and her daughter of a Rockette turned cocaine huffing partner stage mom…it is what Disney bred her to do..all while looking like an ex pornstar in her 40s addicted to pills.

Hot hot….but that’s because I’ve been a Lohan fan for a long fucking time and she can do no wrong…the rest of yall though…can go fuck yourselves…

Dancing monkey bitch…the best kind of bitch….but all you internet people are ruining the pure beauty and making it about your damn selves…fuckers.

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The Viral Lohan Dance for Labor Day of the Day

The biggest news, most important news, the single most relevant situation that happened on social media this weekend – this glorious last day of summer – where all the clubs in Ibiza and I guess Mykonos are wrapping up a wonderful season…

Is Lohan Dancing…

She’s in some 70s leisure suit, dancing like a coked up medicated grandmother at some penthouse party she organized with her inheritance from her rich husband death…

Some socialite, with a plastic face, trying to maintain her youth….whilst being white as fuck…

It’s legendary….

I have had the pleasure of spending a night in a hotel room with Lohan many many years ago…where she put on some pajama pants and did a stripper dance to her album she never released…and it was a life changing experience…but this here…this here is better than that….

Lohan – my spirit animal can do no wrong….all she does is so fucking right…

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Lindsay Lohan Getting her Hair Washed of the Day

While the world seems so concerned with Madonna’s rendition or tribute to Aretha Franklin, two acts no one gives a fuck about unless they die, on MTV VMAs a show that no one gives a fuck about, even after it died, unless some celebs that show up offend people with their tribute to the dead performers…

I prefer to focus on other washed up celebs washing up, literally and figuratively in their Greece adventure….from riding Jet Skis to getting her hair washed on deck…Lohan, who probably doesn’t eat ham, cuz she’s Arab….keeps the dream alive.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos of the Day

Lindsay Lohan, the angel of my eye…the one I truly feel connected at the soul with…even if we don’t talk anymore…and even if she’s barely alive anymore..she will forever be Lindsay Lohan….no matter how much she looks like shit…or how much America doesn’t care about her so they sold her off to Arab countries…who have weirdly invested into her and licensed her name for a beach bar…where I guess you’d expect to get daddy issues and herpes in the shallow Mykonos waters…

I guess she has to be there as the host, it is called LOHAN, which is living the vacation life, the beach life, the retired life….I mean who doesn’t want to open a beach bar but thankfully covered up, not because I don’t want to see her big tits, but because I don’t want to see the rest of her expired body that carries those tits…

It’s sad, a reminder of our mortality, the aging process as we see her rot away….but she’s still Lindsay Lohan and will forever be relevant enough because of that…


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Lindsay Lohan Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Lindsay Lohan Ass in a Bikini
Lindsay Lohan is what I like to consider my Spirit Animal….her big tits my only inspiration…her insanity…the only thing that really matters….her converting to Islam and life in Dubai…spiritually sound….just trucking through this life her parents exploited the fuck out of her for….

I just find it unfortunate that even in her LOHAN beach clubs and night clubs in Europe, licensing her name like she was Playboy, she manages to look so fucking beat up and wrecked, while Britney who is older than her and still being exploited by her parents is fucking bangin’

It’s just unfortunate to see something so magical…fade away and expire…but I’d still connect her freckles with my semen if the stars aligned when she officially hits rock bottom…but the crazy thing in all this is that this is actually her “comeback” tour…and she’s loving life…despite no longer being the massive star she once was….

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Lindsay Lohan – Surfer of the Day

Lindsay Lohan in her bathingsuit

It was a week ago today, that Lindsay Lohan announced that she is a surfer…in a one piece bathing suit…with her tits out…

I feel that is an anniversary worth celebrating.

Because Lindsay Lohan is what I like to consider my Spirit Animal….her big tits my only inspiration…her insanity…the only thing that really matters….her converting to Islam and life in Dubai…spiritually sound….just trucking through this life her parents exploited the fuck out of her for….

I’m a fan…Surfs Up!

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Lindsay Lohan WAS BITTEN BY A SNAKE in a Bikini and Survived of the Day

Lindsay Lohan Bitten By  A SNake and Survived in her Bikini


Lindsay Lohan is in Phuket in Thailand, which is where she goes to unwind, you know because she’s so stressed being an emotionally unstable child star who has denounced her American citizenship and sold herself to rich arab men, that have contributed to her weird new accent…

While on a hike, she got bit by a snake, which in and of itself is gnarly as fuck, terrifying really, the most deadly snakes are in Thailand…and girl survived, I assume due to being so medicated and her ability to metabolize drugs, the venom just made her feel a little light headed and now it’s her new drug of choice….while most people would have died…

The reality is..Lohan can’t die….she lives forever….and is in a bikini…HOT….all mangled and shit.

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