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Liz Hurley Old Lady Tits of the Day

Liz Hurley is into showing off her tits in a bikini, because I guess this is the aging process, get it in well before it’s too late to have people jerk off to you, so that you feel like you still matter, like you still exist, like you are doing your part…all while getting great feedback for it, and even selling bikini because of it, always monetizing the tits….something we can’t really hate on…since we like tits and the women who have them….even if we don’t like the women themselves…we appreciate them as the host bodies they are…

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Liz Hurley Tramp(oline) Fetish of the Day

What differentiates a low level attention seeking hooker from the social media account trying to increase followers so that she doesn’t need to have an actual job, or so that she can increase the day rate,…

With an old, rich, woman who made a career before social media as a hot half naked slut, who fucked the right people so she could increase her day rate, or worth, in less of an escort way and more of “she only dates rich people” way

Not a whole lot…I mean a tramp on a trampoline tit out at any age is a fetish for the right kind of pervert…..I happen to bed the right kind of pervert.

Her tit almost pops out at the end so you know she means it.


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Liz Hurley Still Bikinis of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley Tits Blue Wet Bikini

Remember that legend, that icon, that super star Liz Hurley…the kind of old truck you’d hang your prosthetic balls off of?

Yes…that Liz Hurley….

Well she is out in a bikini, as a reminder that she exists, because it’s been about 3-5 days since her last bikini pic reminded us that she existed, her goal in life is to not fade out…because I guess she feels she is important and needs to be honored and remembered through jerking off to her…

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Liz Hurley Doesn’t Stop of the Day

Liz Hurley doesn’t fucking stop…

From covering herself in diarrhea, to having her son take titty pics of her, to daily bikini pics…it’s like this girl doesn’t give up a good time, she’s just ready to bring it over and over and over again…never giving up what she considers a good thing because she loves the attention she’s getting…which even at 60 years old…is attention she loves getting…cuz all whores are the same….never ended attention seeking….and the sick thing in all this isn’t her covered in Diarrhea…it’s that us perverts like looking at it..

Liz Hurley Covered in Chocolate

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Liz Hurley Doing Some Fetish Shit with Her Son of the Day

Liz Hurley Bondage in Handcuffs and Panties

Liz Hurley is dressed in some fetish gear, some baby doll french maid lingerie, while hugging her son, who thinks all is good when his 50 year old mom is dressed like she’s about to hop onto some porno set for her gangbang scene….because he’s likely seen some shit throughout her career as a half naked rich guy fucking model mom….

I find it weird, but then I remember all these people are narcissists, and I remember a time when my friend had a hooker / stripper mom who would turn tricks and I’d go over to his house to Play videogames or whatever, and she’d be in the other room fucking dudes…walking around in lingerie…and despite thinking it was ghetto as fuck, I thought it was amazing….then he told me that she used to make him bang her, he was about 16 or 17 at the time…and I thought it was weird obviously…but she thought it was like having a male version of herself in her…I think he went on to being a sex offender or something…but we lost touch…

The point of the story is that there are moms out there who want to breast feed their kids, bang their kids, because their kids are a version of them…and their pervert half naked asses like that…

It’s weird..but rich people are as weird as gutter poor people…and this outfit choice – weird…

Liz Hurley Bondage in Handcuffs with her Son and Joan Collins

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Liz Hurley Posts Her Nipples to Social Media of the Day

Liz Hurley Posts Her Nipples to Social Media

If there’s one thing I know about Liz Hurley, besides her being a hot bodied old lady who was once in Austin Powers….a movie I tend to forget exists…thankfully…It’s that she’s a money grubber, cock rider, wallet fucking, model who mooched off men to get wherever it is she got…because TITS don’t get you there alone..they take strategy…as all women have tits…and that strategy is “Kick back, close your eyes and let thing happen, so that you can turn around and ask for handouts, movie roles, etc”…

And now she’s sneaking her nipples onto her social media….look close it’s there.

From riding Hugh Grant’s dick until he rode dick to Hollywood, he’s a tranny fucker like Ryan Seacrest you know, to babies with billionaires, to still looking good because it’s all she knows…to nipples on social media…she’s so current…with her attention seeking famewhoring…it’s great.

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Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Porn of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Porn

Elizabeth Hurley is in a bikini….

She’s really fucking old…and is far too old to be wearing a bikini according to the general accepted law of bikini wearing….because there is a fucking cut off to these things. If you have kids or if you are 35 or older…wear the fucking snowsuit to the beac…I don’t care how comfortable you are, because these women get more confidence as they get older, when they should have more confidence when they are young…and this arrogance…like money gold digging sugar baby rich guy fucker Liz Hurley’s got…leads to bikinis….

I guess it’s not that bad, she’s got a bikini company to promote, I get it…

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