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Madonna Bush Selfie of the Day

Madonna Pussy Print Big Bush in See Through Bra and Panties on Instagram

Madonna Pubes

I am not against pubes, I fucking love pubes, I am a big fan of pubes, I am an advocate or ambassador of pubes. I celebrate bush, length and thickness of bush, the bigger the better, the fullehe better, the longer the better….it’s like a panty pillow to nestle up into and cuddle…it’s warm, it’s safe, it’s home….it’s a fashion accessory that can be coiffed and maintained however you want…it can be decorative…or it can be rustic and backwoods….it can be adventurous or it can be elegant…there is just so much to the bush…the vagina hat…the protector of the vagina…the furry seas you need to part to get into the golden pink palace of clit and lips…

I just against Madonna’s zombie body..at 60…being out there half naked.

It’s a nightmare, horror movies were written with less inspirational imagery….



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Madonna Taking a Shit of the Day

Madonna shitting on the toilet

It is some fashion photographer named Mert Alas’ birthday, so every single famous and not so famous woman that he has taken pics of over the years are giving him a tribute on their social media, because if you don’t rape the girls you take pics of like an instagram photographer, but instead make them look good for top tier magazines, they’ll praise you…

In clicking through to his profile accidentally, I came across some Madonna taking a shit, with the hashtag #unpublished, meaning it is never seen before Madonna taking a shit, and I only find this fascinating because I am sure Madonna takes some real vile shits, I mean most shit is vile, but something about Madonna makes me think it would be real vile, but not VILE enough to not make FECAL art out of it…never too vile for that….

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Madonna’s Topless Louie Vuitton Purse Ad of the Day

Madonna's Topless Louie Vuitton Purse Ad

Madonna is bored in Lisbon, where she lives now, because she’s training her black she adopted to be a professional football /soccer player, because that’s what entitled weirdo white people do to feel better about themselves… I saw that Sandra Bullock movie about the racists who paid a black guy to go pro in the NFL…I know how plantation owners worked…..it’s oppressive..in this case mainly because Madonna Pulled her Damn Tits Out..

No one wants to see that shit…I mean, I’m fine seeing that shit, because I am a pervert and like all tits, bad tits, tits that were once good tits…but at 60…with all the plastic surgery she’s had done…this is out of some kind of horror movie…

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Madonna is Scary and Amazing of the Day

These Madonna nude pics for Interview magazine came out yesterday and I was a little slow on the draw, not because I didn’t see them, or didn’t think they deserved being mocked for the sheer fact that she’s 100 fucking years old…I mean literally 100 fucking years old…and she looks it…in some weathered, Courtney Love on a binge kind of way….all leathery, scary and weird…but I was too busy masturbating to them…because for some weird reason, a reason called Madonna…I find them pretty fucking hot…maybe it is up on the whole “I’ve seen too many hot girls in my life, throw some used up shit at me, it’s better than falling into the Tranny porn movement”…or maybe it is the Tranny porn movement, considering she stopped getting her period over a decade ago…and may or may not have more testosterone than me, which isn’t saying much….but I am all about this….it’s probably just my love for never being too old to try to be hot, sexy and young…even when you clearly are…and the worst thing in all this…is I’d totally let her smother me with her well travelled, callused labia…but I am a sick man.

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Madonna Topless for L’Uomo Vogue of the Day

I don’t know when Madonna tapped into her youth and did topless photos for L’Uomo, but by the look of her face, it was too recent and she was too old…

Not that I don’t love a good naked old person, I worked in an old folks home for a year and I used to always debate fucking them while changing their diapers, because they looked so wrinkly and disgusting, I never did, but my co-worker did and no one ever believed the old people when they accused him, because well, #alzheimers.

That said, here are some madonna titty outtakes…and they are disgusting.

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Madonna’s Vagina Panty Selfie of the Day

I think we can all agree that Madonna is disgusting. Even Terrifying.

With her muscular vagina that has been worked so hard over the last 3.5 decades of fucking hard to make 100s of millions of dollars.

A vagina she apparently decided to selfie in panties just to show how resilient that fucking thing is…

You know in a “Hey fucker, my fuck hole that got me here is still alive, and can squat 215″….kind of way.

She’s 60. Forgetting she’s 60. This is weird. But not as weird as knowing that in the 80s. I was all about her slutty for pop music even though she couldn’t sing hustle. It paved the way for so many aspiring sluts to embrace being a slut and I’ll never slut shame a slut…I need sluts to survive…I’ll just call them out on it and only eat them out through plastic bags…I have enough problems without having to deal with cold sores…

All this to say, I am all for freaky 60 year olds, I just don’t really want to see them in action. It’s like keep that shit to yourself, we don’t like how it looks or smells. Hang those leather and lace things up, or keep them for your own personal use. Don’t make it public. Seriously. We get it, you fuck, you’re a freak, no one wants to see it.

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Madonna Scary Titties for L’Uomo Vogue of the Day

Madonna Titties are Titties that I’ll still look cuz I like Titties…when they are in a magazine, but still titties I would rather not see because they are fossilized from years of semen being splattered on them in areas she hasn’t been able to properly clean…

What I am getting at is that she’s in her 60s, and this kind of battle with aging gracefully, pretending you’re still 20, maybe because you feel 20, even though you haven’t been 20 since the 70s, is wrong..

It’s like old people do yoga, they can bend, but do I really need to see one in fishnets with her leg wrapped around her neck like life is a fetish site…

I mean I guess this is some artistic rendition for fashion…obscure or whatever…but I can’t sign on or endorse this, but I can look at it like a train crash, because that’s what it is…a misguided train crash….

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Madonna and Katy Perry together on the Cover of V of the Day

I am surprised the internet hasn’t broken under the pressure that happened when all eyes were directed to V Magazine for this shoot they did with Katy Perry and Madonna…in the same fucking picture…because I guess they are doing an issue on the longevity of record label produced pop music garbage the uses two talentless twats with big enough tits as their figureheads…because ultimately, what really matters is just how much fucking money these girls make for everyone around these idiots, when it they could have used anyone they pulled out of a dumpster to play the same part…

I don’t know if this is good or bad, a big deal or not, I figure that both these idiots are at a stage where they don’t fucking matter, but I felt that way all a long…probably because I am not a raging homo who buys into this bullshit…but I guess a lot of people are…

I think it would have been better if this was a documentary of a death match…

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Madonna Rejected Outfit of the Day

Madonna, in being Madonna decided to make the Met Ball about her, by posting a picture that instagram would normally ban an account for, but not when it is Madonna because she’s Madonna…and I don’t really understand the context of what she wrote as the caption…

What i wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said not this year! So I’m gonna work on music instead?

I just know it happened…and it really isn’t fap-able- so why fucking bother posting it…because celebrity nipples or titties tied up like it was bondage scene, that even at 60 are interesting enough to look at, even though I am sure this isn’t her outfit at all, but rather just an old pic!

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Madonna’s Armpit Hair of the Day

I am a huge fan of bush…I think it’s amazing, erotic, natural and sexy…it hides herpes scabs and nasty labia…it holds in odours I like to rub along my face…it gets matted when wet, it’s a pillow to lie on, it’s a fashion accessory like a top hat to the pussy…so I don’t fear hair…

But bush is not armpit hair and Madonna’s armpit just made me gag.

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