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Mandy Moore Makes Memes of the Day

Mandy Moore Pre Cum Shot Facial Instagram

Remember Mandy Moore? Well apparently she wants you to…with some great comedy…in the form of a slutty selfie…with the always hilarious “Pre-Facial”…as any reference to a facial is good comedy…

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Mandy Moore’s Hard Nipples of the Day

The other day was the 3 year anniversary of DJ AM’s death….and Mandy Moore was one of his girlfriends who was his friend til the end…who you probably know as some bitch who has has a bunch of songs, was a teen dream poptart or at least jailbait that you have probably jerked off to her at least once…rocking her hard nipples….is a pretty decent tribute of a fallen soldier…in what people may consider tasteless but to me just makes sense…cuz braless titties with hard nipples are awesome…

RIP homie who kinda hated me but was still nice to me 98 percent of the time.

To see the Rest of the Pics

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Mandy Moore’s Possible Pregnant Nipples of the Day

There’s a rumor going around that Mandy Moore is pregnant and that these are her hard nipples while lunching with her dad to break the news to him before she goes to the media that she is in fact a slut who lets guys cum in her without condoms cuz that’s just the way he raised her….

There’s also a rumor going around that people don’t remember who Mandy Moore is, that she’s not hot, has a dumpy, awkward, large hipped body that might as well been pregnant the last 10 years since she peaked at 17….sure I’m the one starting those rumors, but that’s all part of what I waste my time doing…and in my defense, it’s not startin a rumor if no one’s reading it.

Here are the nips.

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Mandy Moore isn’t Dead of the Day

Hey, remember when Mandy Moore didn’t save her tormented best friend and ex boyfriend DJ from having a drug overdose, cuz she was likely too into herself….you know busy reflecting on her career that’s practically non existent…cuz I don’t….see cuz I don’t even remember who Mandy Moore is….and even when I think back…you know way back…I hardly thought of her as jailbait I wanted to fuck…she was all wholesome, non naked, no scandals, and that’s only good if you’re looking to get married in the suburbs or some shit, cuz suburbs have no room for dirty whores….that’s part of the reason why they suck so much…you know almos as much as these pics of Mandy Moore…for old times.

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Mandy Moore is Happy in Tight Pants of the Day

It’s nice to see Mandy Moore out smiling in the sunshine as she walks down the street like her boyfriend isn’t dead. It’s nice to see quick a bitch forgets DJ AM after dude had a drug overdose, even though they were already broken up, she should still be mourning, I’m talking black veil like an Italian widow waiting to die to be meet her man in heaven, but instead she’s all bubbly and shit, like she didn’t feel they were soulmates, like she just had him inside her like she has every man inside her, without any emotion…but I could be reading into this too much…you know I know nothing about Mandy Moore, other than that she’s large hipped, has weird virgin loser fans that won’t let go and accept thae fact that her career hardly exists anymore, and that she could have saved DJ AM, if she really wanted to and he could be DJing all the Oscar parties he used to…but instead he’s dead…as she smiles in her tight pants….disgusting…

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Mandy Moore in Some Leather Leggings of the Day

Here are some pictures of Mandy Moore spilling over a chair like some kind of morbidly obese person on his motorized three wheel scooter on his way to the donut shop.

I havent figured out if this is hot or not, but I”m going with not, I like to save the PVC / Leather pants for the 15 year olds. Thanks American Apparel.

Here she is reading books to kids, so wholesome…for a slut…or at least for a girl you’ve made play out some real heavy weird fetishes…cuz Mandy Moore fans are proven to be the fucking creepiest in a study I conducted a few years back…

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Mandy Moore for Old Times of the Day

Do you remember when everyone was Mandy Moore Obsessed. You know when she was under 18 and everyone thought she was the fucking future. People would write about her, guys would masturbate to her…then she turned 18 and Wilmer Valderama christened her into adulthood with his spanish seduction skills and love for young pussy, then a series of dudes like Andy Roddick would play tennis on her pussy and DJ AM would scratch records on her pussy as she faded into obscurity cuz she was boring….She just couldn’t keep her audience sucked in cuz she just wasn’t a big enough attention seeking slut….but unlike DJ AM, she’s still alive and I am posting these recent pics of her for old times and for the virgin loser dudes who have a hard time moving on from celebrity crushes cuz virgin loser dudes are generaly pretty OCD….

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Mandy Moore’s Got a New Album of the Day

If the way a girl sings is representative of how they fuck, Mandy Moore brings the fucking boring. Is this even fucking music. I can’t dance to the shit and god fucking knows I love dancing. This shit doesn’t even make me want to cry or feel sadness or loss or any fucking emotion that music can sometimes bring up in me, it just sounds like something I’d unwillingly fall asleep to while driving down the fuckin’ freeway causing me to drive off the fuckin overpass only to wake up mid-air to experience the horriible crash where I don’t die on contact but live long enough to hear the blood pouring out of my painful wounds drown out this fucking shitty song before dying a horrible death.

Fuck you Mandy Moore and your singing career.

Here’s Another boring video of her Performing

And a boring video of Soundcheck at the same event…


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Mandy Moore in a Shitty See-Through Shirt of the Day

Mandy Moore has had sex with DJ AM, that should pretty much be enough of a reason to not want to fuck her, but then again I am from the school that highly judges girls on who’s penis they have let inside them, like if they fuck old dudes or young dudes, or if they fuck rich dudes or poor dudes, it all means different shit and lets me decide if I want ot join the “i’ve been in this cunt” club. I another reason to not want to fuck her for most people would be the fact that she’s big and busted lookin’, but not you, big and busted never stopped you, ya’ fuckin’ pervert, as long as shit’s got a vagina or you can presume has a vagina, you’re ready to get down and crawling up her big strong leg just as fast as you can….

This shit reminds me of the white shirt I was wearing yesterday, not because I like the world to see my manly fuckin’ tits and nipples but because my clothes are old and when they are white, they get pretty fuckin’ sheer after a couple decades and a couple of washes. Now, I was feelin’ good showing off my rockin’ fat man body that I had no choice but to show off because I had nothing esle to wear and within about 4 minutes of steppin outside, I spilled fuckin’ tomoto sauce on myself. Now not only do I have the humiliation of wearing a fucking tight see through shirt, like I was a fucking chick, but now I just re-affirmed everyone’s already negative feelings about me being a fucking hurt bag disgusting slob.

I guess what it comes down to is that no matter how poor, drunk, or fat you are, you still don’t like lookin’ like a total asshole….here’s Mandy Moore…..giving use more than we really want to see.

PS – I have a fever so if what I write makes no sense, it’s cuz I am dying, ya fuckin’ Pervert.

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Mandy Moore’s Dumpy Ass Gets Her Dry Cleaning of the Day

mandy moore ass

I am still drunk from last night and I’m lookin’ at these pictures and all I’m seeing is some pudgy faced slut, who slammed DJ AM for a while, who has probably been working out a little because she’s got the confidence to wear tight pants, but then again, she could just be wrongfully showing off her ass because of all the positive feedback she constantly gets from a group of very well paid assistants who are there to tell her how great she is and from her fans because she’s one of those girls who has a whole lot of obsessive compulsive virgins collectors who think she’s the chosen one.

Truth is, it looks pretty ok to me, but then again I am still drunk and haven’t had sex in a really long fuckin’ time, so I am equally attracted to plastic bag of dry cleaning she’s carrying, but that’s just because I have a thing for dresses that can’t be machine washed or get wet. They are just so high maintenance and classy and remind me of my wife. Not because she’s high maintenance or classy, but because she’s too big for the bathtub and has to wash herself in the winter using this powder, in the summer we just hose the bitch down.

Either way, here’s Mandy Moore’s ass in tight pants.

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I am – Mandy Moore Bikini Pictures of the Day


Here are some pictures of Mandy Moore in a Bikini.

The problem with running this website is that I write too fucking much that no one reads, so that I am constantly out there trying to remember stories and things I see to throw up on the site. I’ll be on my way to the grocery store or post office or some other menial bullshit with my eyes set on finding something to either inspire me or remind me of shit I have done when I was younger. Memory is a fucking weird thing and shit comes to me at really random fucking times in waves. I was sitting on the couch the other day thinking of nothing and all of a sudden I had vivid memories of my childhood like I was watching a fucking movie and I haven’t thought of it for years and I could practically taste the fucking dust in my mouth from our shitty over crowded shanty that we lived in. Either way, today I am totally drawing a fucking blank and can’t even remember what happened to me yesterday or what I did or who I saw because I was drinking again.

I do remember that DJ AM is slamming this Mandy Moore slut and I have issues with DJ AM because he goes around telling people from my city how much he hates me. I don’t really mind being hated because it’s become my job to offend people by saying what’s on my mind, but you would think that someone like DJ AM would be used to the criticism and have better things to do than worry about a site with no readers, like maybe slamming this little number and by little I mean 6 ft and fat, the kind of girl you’d pick to be on your co-ed football league because she’s built like a fucking tank.

My new theory on this fucking guy is the he’s some kind of diet guru girls turn to for weightloss advice or he gives them AIDS, it is the GAYER THAN BICYCLE SHORTS disease. He used to be 400 lbs and when Nicole Richie got with him she was a fat little troll and became what she is today, a skinny little troll and I am guessing Mandy Moore is doing all she can to get down because being a fat chick with no tits is embarrassing and every girl wants to be skinny.

Either way, he plays shitty music, he was engaged to a pretty shitty girl but he does have a pretty decent life traveling the world going to bars and drives expensive cars. I don’t see why the fuck would he care about what someone like me thinks or says enough to tell people that he hates me other than the fact that dude’s a little hyper fucking sensitive or working on my marketing for me.

Thanks to DJ AM, who we all know is Gayer than Bicycle shorts, I am one degree of separation from this bitch I am posting about and I feel pretty fucking shitty about that because I could care fucking less but I do think it’s funny.

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