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Mariah Carey TIts in a Wet Suit of the Day

Here’s some Mariah Carey, crazy bitch, doing some Steve Irwin nature show reporting from her billion dollar yacht…living that diva life…because what better way to roll into the weekend…than with Mariah Carey tits.

That’s all I have to say about that…

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Mariah Carey Slutty in V Magazine of the Day

Mariah Carey fishnets in a thong

WTF is this shoot Mariah Carey….

I guess we can collectively say “Thank God for Gastric BiPass”….because this is not the Mariah Carey we’ve learned to be terrified of because she’s an unstable, even crazy, rich as fuck, celebrated by everyone, surrounded by people who coddle her, excessive materialistic disgusting human…..the last 20 years…

You know maybe some late 90s Mariah Carey tits…were something worth noticing…but she got fat, that ended, and this is her now….which makes no sense according to biology and all we know about aging…especially a fat chick aging…but who cares about biology, we got cosmetic science now…and this is that…

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Mariah Carey’s Gastric Bypass Tits of the Day

Mariah Carey cleavage in black dress

The rumor is that Fat Mariah got some Gastric Bypass after her billionaire boyfriend and her split up before their publicity stunt wedding….something I think she even released a reality show about…. because I guess girl had more life to bring the world..through terribe song and dance….and Christmas Carols…

But she was able to keep the tits we can assume old man Tommy Matolla appreciated when she was 19 and her abducted her, giving her the life she deserved, by making her a huge fucking star, all rich as fuck so that he didn’t have to pay as much alimony after the divorce…

These rich people are crazy, but she’s lookin’ good, but in my defence, I am blinded by tits.

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Mariah Carey’s Thick Legs in Jeans in ASpen for Christmas of the Day

Mariah Carey thick thighs in her jeans in Aspen

I listen to Christmas Music radio stations for a solid month before Christmas as a brainwashing tactic to get me into the Christmas spirit, it generally doesn’t work, as the only thing that gets me into the Christmas spirit is Christmas fetish porn and girls in slutty Christmas lingerie…but it does make me fucking hate that Mariah Carey song that is so overplayed it is painful, but not as painful as it must be to be squeezed into these jeans, but more importantly, not as painful as the pressure of her fat thighs, despite getting her stomach stapled thanks to being a crazy person, put on her jeans…

But it is still fun to watch…this Aspen storybook Mariah Carey christmas…in demin..or some spandex that looks like demin because they don’t make denim in her thigh size…assuming she doesn’t just get everything she wears custom made, she’s kinda that rich…and it’s all thanks to marrying the head of Sony Music who was 30 years older than her back when she was young and starting out…like a good sugar baby with the voice of an angel that eventually starts to grate on my fucking nerves…

These pants be straining Harder than when she tries to hit those notes…


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Mariah Carey’s Tit Show for her Hollywood Star of the Day

Mariah Carey's Tit Show for her Hollywood Star

She knew what she was doing…well versed in that “you’ll be on your knees, bent over like when Tommy Mottola gave her a career… before she got very fucking famous and lost her fucking mind….#metoo

She’s always been a TITTY show, she knows about cleavage selling records, but the older and fatter she gets the more absurd shit is…because they are bigger than your fucking head…something you’d probably want to drown in…but why wouldn’t you…K-Fed is our idol…slacker beds famous crazy person…set for life…awesome…

She’s no Taylor Dayne….but she’ll do…


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Mariah Carey Singing at “Exclusive” Fashion Parties of the Day

There was some Karl Lagerfeld hipster bullshit fashion party – put on by VMagazine or some other scammy bullshit that people buy into because they are rich and bored or looking for legitimacy or trying to be part of something fancy, exclusive, New York…because really all these people are, whether it’s the Hadids, or some small enterprising and dialed in “artist” rich kid, is scamming…like magazines will post this selfie and be like … ‘GIGI AND BELLA FIERCE SELFIE”…or some nonsense and others will be like “OMG did you see the Hadid Selfie OMG”…in a world where the Hadids shouldn’t matter, don’t matter, but people are tricked to think they care…what kind of brain washing is that shit…weird brainwashing really…I blame lazy media.

trying to associate with whatever is cool, whatever the public deem cool, being a part of it like it’s summer camp, and they are the cool and connected kids, living out childhood dreams of being relevant…and finally being relevant…but to who really? The general public? Maybe….I don’t know…but I do know that it’s lame, it doesn’t matter, it’s just noise, but Mariah Carey’s tits were there and they were massive..

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Mariah Carey Does Christmas Live of the Day

Mariah Carey torturing her Christmas song that is probably one of the biggest songs in the history of Christmas songs, that every single single girl out there is probably singing to herself as she cries because nobody loves her…making Christmas the best…for people like me, who need girls to be broken to fake falling in love with during the holidays..the lonliest time of the year…

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