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I am – Martina Hingis Throwback Bikini Pictures of the Day


Fuck, since I am on this Eastern European kick, I figured I’d post these Martina Hingis pics from 2 years ago. She’s in a bikini and letting the world know that female athletes have about as much sex appeal as my dick. No wonder girls don’t like sports and are more into sipping cocktails, wallet fucking and doing pills to stopping eating to get in shape. Muscle tone makes for no tits and testosterone development and testosterone makes for clits the size of a man’s thumb, at least it’s something to suck on that’s not gay….

I may have already written the story of the day the little league baseball coach taught me that steroids make a woman’s clit grows to the size of a man’s thumb, he had a mustache and filled every stereotype and cliche a baseball coach with a mustache could and telling a 10 year old about clits is a little fucking creepy and added fuel to the molester profile, but he never touched me inappropriately he just told me dirty stories. I am glad that I wasn’t a very good looking kid or very good at baseball and that I wasn’t invited to his MVP parties that I was so mad I wasn’t invited to at the time, but in retrospect I am so happy that I was just a young Mexican who couldn’t speak the language or play the sport….

That said, Communism makes for good Athletes with strong militant coaches who don’t molest the athletes because they are too busy pushing them to win. Communism also makes for great mail order brides…after seeing these pics, I think I’ll stick to the mail order brides….


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