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Megan Fox Old Lady in Lingerie of the Day

I realize anyone who visits sites like this – are old washed up perverts who find bitches like Megan Fox hot….and haven’t realized that 10 years and multiple babies have come out of her since first falling in love with her tits….because they are old washed up perverts and none of that matters….

They give their loyalty to girls they jerked off to in all the life changing, oscar winning performances Megan Fox gave.

She’s consistently been one step away from a porn chick, and that step has consistently been her not getting naked…but after the acting thing died off thanks to Brian Austin Green being jealous and not wanting his wife and baby momma to succeed..she’s managed to lock in a lingerie partnership in her fucking 40s….which makes no fucking sense…but it makes pictures that I saw earlier in the week but didn’t post, and figure I’ll post, cuz I know my fucking old washed up pervert audience who still remember this and love this..cuz the world around you may change…but you don’t…and either does the old hooker cooter you jack off to.

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Megan Fox Emoji Nipple for the one Job She Has of the Day

Megan Fox posted this up on the “gram”, a little nipple emoji covering of her nipple because she’s a subtle whore like that, but not overly subtle enough to turn down the Fredrick’s of Hollywood campaign she partnered up on, that she may have equity on, in the weirdest spokesperson gig around, since no one cares about Megan Fox, not even the Megan Fox fans, except maybe Brian Austin Green, because he kept her in a cage all those years….

I just find it offensive that she half frees the nipples, in an era of free the nipple, but more importantly, she didn’t get topless in movies when we wanted to see her topless, but at 40 with 10 kids, all banged out and old she thinks it’s good timing to bring out the clickbait.

It’s fucking rude to us, the people sexualizing her, giving us something to sexualize, long after we’re done with her…typical rich entitled celebrity to no respect anyone but themselves…in their narcisstic bubble..

And even with the nipple clickbait…there isn’t a fucking nipple…so what they hell is this about…other than cockteasing blue ball giving…too many years too late…

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Megan Fox Cameltoe in Leggings of the Day

When you are a whore with three kids – like Megan Fox – it’s had to not have a cameltoe when you have some leggings on…..if she didn’t have a cameltoe I would assume she was wearing a rubber pussy cover or cap to prevent cameltoe….the cameltoe guard…a product that should never be invented because the whole point of being a woman is having pussy definition…it is my favorite…even when on an old battered hag….

Tight pants for everyone! Even when it is gross..

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Megan Fox Mom Body in a Bikini of the Day

Megan Fox Mom Body in a Tiny Bikini on the Beach

Megan Fox is a mom of 3…all with the same weirdo boyfriend who I assumed held her in captivity…after he discovered she was in love with him growing up watching 90210, posters of him on her bedroom wall when she had dreams of hollywood, because she’s that fucking old….and she’s something that he locked in because she was for a period of time seen as the hottest girl in hollywood, despite having never had any decent movie roles, or memorable movie roles, she had all kinds of fucking hype around her…

Sure she’s looking fit in her clickbait staged paparazzi bikini pics, all muscular and not fat, living life as a lingerie model for a lingerie brand she has ownership in…but I can’t quite figure out if I like it or not, I mean it’s a bikini…but is an old lady in a bikini….and sure she’s got that Megan Fox hype most of the world forgot about…but she’s still Megan Fox…so many complex layers to analyze a woman and her famewhoring…


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Megan Fox Lingerie Shoot of the Day

Megan Fox in lace lingerie

Megan Fox was given some equity in some LA based Trashy panty company that they pulled out of the gutter and gave new life to….or tried to give new life to…by using Megan Fox in their campaigns….which is pretty fucking weird, because the mom of 5, who we used to assume was being held captive from DAVID from 90210….is old, irrelevant, and really had a great career as the “hot chick”…but that’s the extent of her existence and really I can’t name any movies she was even the “hot chick” in…just a lot of hype…10 years ago…

Still coming out, trying to be the hot chick, for all the old people like me who remember her…but it’s so fucking weird….

I mean we wanted to see her naked a decade ago….and now pushing 40 she’s getting half naked…her timing is all off….but like many girls about to hit menopause…she’s out for her last HURRAH…

It’s weird…

They also cast other sluts like this one for their brand….mmmm ecommerce pics…my favorite…reminiscent of jerking off to catalogs like there wasn’t internet porn

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Megan Fox Lingerie Campaign of the Day

Megan Fox white sheer lingerie

Megan Fox was either made a partner in some legendary panty company out of LA, or maybe just the brand ambassador, because girl needs to feel hot and relevant, and have a legit excuse to post up lingerie pics, it’s for work people, not because the mom of three likes being jerked off to, she’s a wholesome girl, a family girl, who is likely a fucking tyrant in the bedroom, at least when David from 90210 lets her out of her cage…because you know she loved being the hot chick, and was never even that shameless about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her pussy, while I feel like I’ve seen every “celebrity” pussy…but she has been a cocktease and the cocktease continues apparently…it’s not that good, but I’m sure her fans think it is…

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Megan Fox Still Lives and is in Pictures of the Day

Megan Fox in a one piece

I don’t know whether these Megan Fox pictures are new or old. I do know that they are rumored to be for some bootleg version, or international version of a known magazine brand, which really means nothing, sometimes those bootleg magazines aren’t even affiliated with the American one people think of as relevant because they’ve been around forever…

I do know that something’s going on in her middle aged brain – probably from mental health issues, maybe post-partem depression after so many fucking kids, with her captor from when she was hot, Brian Austin Green, someone she’s stuck with since he originally brain washed her, not necessarily someone who she’s been exclusive or loyal to, a girl’s gotta make a living, case some movies, feel important, become brand ambassador to a classic Hollywood Lingerie shop…at 40 years old…

So she’s trying to stay hot, stay remembered, matter and it’s weird… I prefer when sex tapes are the solution to feeling a need to be wanted, not shitty posing…but whatever…people, mainly perverts still like her…and that’s what this is about really…this Christmas time of year.

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