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Melanie Brown Drunken Bikini Party of the Day

Melanie Brown is out of control! I guess when you’re richer than god and pretty much out of work…your life becomes pretty boring, despite being awesome, allowing you to finance parties on yachts with other girls you dyke out with, just looking for a thrill in your 40s like you were still that hard nippled girl in that Music video about to become an international star….or maybe she just likes being watched, seen and talked about…or maybe…she just doesn’t give a fuck…and really whatever the reason..who cares, I wish I was on this boat with this idiots…grabbing at asses and staging a sex tape…because that would be better than what I’m doing now…which is looking at their pics and talking about them like I care…or like I don’t have a life of my own..which conveniently…I don’t.


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Mel B’s Ridiculous Post Baby Body of the Day

Scary Spice has got herself a pretty scary fucking post pregnancy body….but in her defence….at least she’s not fucking fat…I mean sure she looks a bit like a dude…but she’s got some jacked up fake titties….and shit kinda balances out her insanely broad shoulders…all muscular in a post baby…..with her third baby daddy…cuz one dad for all her kids is not black enough…or something….

Here is the video….

Here are some pics she posted of her cleavage on a private jet…

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Melanie Brown’s Booty in Tight Pants of the Day

I’m down with booty. Nice round protruding ass with attitude that I can visualize my little penis having an intellectual debate with it while trying to enter past it’s cheeks and into the vagina, hoping three inches is enough to get close enough to the vagina to make penetration…you know negotiating various positions hoping that ass can’t overpower my manhood….but I’m not so down with Mel B….because she aged in a horrible fucking way and I can only assume her Eddie Murphey pussy has too…

Here are some pics, cuz booty is booty when you ignore the rest of the bitch.

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Melanie Brown’s Jungle Ass in Bikini of the Day

Here’s some Spice Girl Melanie Brown in a bikini all bent over and showing off her body in what is probably one of the classiest paparazzi angles out there. I know that shit makes her ass look good enough to perverts who like seeing girls on all fours because they never get girls on all fours in real life but for me, these spying camera shots are uninspired and boring. I think it’d be a lot more interesting if the paparazzi hired obscure artist photographers instead of stupid immigrants with a camera, at least that way I’d be able to post something a little more stimulating to look at.

Either way, it’s nice to see Mel B getting back in touch with her roots in a jungle print bikini, as some sort of tribute to her people that used to run from crazed jungle animals on a daily basis because it’s nice to know that despite having made it and having lots of money and a life of luxury, she doesn’t forget the tribe she came from.

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Melanie Brown Bikini Action of the Day

I know that I used to love watching the Spice Girl videos back in the day because I didn’t have money or the internet so porn was less accessible and Scary Spice’s tits were retarded. The fact that she did that for me back in my times of needs makes me have a warm sport for her, and that warm spot is not the same kind of warm spot my wife tries to make me touch at night, it’s more the kind that’s in my heart. So despite being 10 years older, a mom and pretty much damaged goods, I’ll still look at her in a bikini and if I could I’d jerk off to it, just for old times sake….

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I am – Melanie Brown Leaving Dance Rehearsals of the Day


Here are some Mel B, Scary Spice, Woman With Illegitimate Kid Who’s Baby Daddy Wouldn’t Admit it’s His Because She’s Obviously a Quality Chick So She Had To Get a Paternity Test Like She Was White/Black Trash on Maury, Melanie Brown in some kind of unitard that’s touching her ass, tits and vagina all at the same time like some miracle fabric. She’s leaving dance practice for the upcoming dancing with the stars and I think shit is hot and by hot I mean better than nothing. She was the Spice Girl with the hardest nipples and the on the top of my list to fuck provided their careers ended and she ended up on the street like most girls I charm with my low income. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen because of shows like Dancing With The Stars that are there to give everyone a second fucking chance that they don’t deserve.

So here she is looking alright for someone who just had a kid, she’s bigger but if you put her next to my fat wife she’d look like this anorexic chick we used to lock in a room and force to eat a cupcake because watching the struggle made for good times. She’d cry about how sweet it was and she’s gag and shit and it was just a fucking cupcake. I wish my wife had that problem…but she’s more into eating every cupcake at the neighbor’s kid’s birthday party leaving 20 kids pretty fucking unhappy.

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I am – Melanie Brown’s Tits are Dancing With the Stars of the Day


Her name is Melanie Brown but she also goes by Scary Spice, Mel B and Melanie B, but I guess it doesn’t matter what she goes by when she’s rocking tits like this. I know she just had Eddie Murphey’s baby which is weird because I thought he banged trannies and trannies don’t have lady parts and can’t get pregnant but either way, she’s is all full of milk and cool enough to show them tits off. The group of mom’s that meet up at my local coffee shop dress like fucking homeless people in over-sized jogging outfits like they have given up on life. These bitches are tired, bored and probably hate each other, but only hang out because all their single friends are out having fun, or working. The closest thing to sexy that they do is lick the icing off the cake seductively reminding us all how they got pregnant and of what they are going to look like in 5 years.

Either way, bitch is prepping for Dancing with the Stars because she’s obviously starved for attention and trying to hold onto that little bit of fame she has and she’s doing it with her tits out because tits are one of the best ways to get attention.

Point of this post is to say that it’s nice to see the progress black women have made in society that to see a set of their tits we don’t have to hit up national geographic.

Bonus – Mel B’s Tits Leaving the Dance Studio

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