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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Strategic Bikini Pic of the Day

You may remember Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where she became famous as the younger one everyone wanted to fuck, who am I kidding, fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, are still fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in some weirdo fucking obsessive nerd way that includes but is not limited to a binder with all your favorite pics of the stars of the show, models you’ve made of the stars of the show, and possibly one or two weddings and vow renewal ceremonies you’ve held for your Star Wars action figures, because your life is sad…

I am sure she’s been in other things, but I’m not going to bother looking into it, because it doesn’t matter, what does matter is her secret internet fatty pic, of her in a bikini top, shot from the belly button up, hiding any girth she’s been packing, with her head dipped down to cover any double chins, all clever and almost as erotic as the first time you jacked off to her freak.

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Michelle Trachtenberg Titties for FHM South Africa of the Day

Michelle Trachtenberg is usually a pudgy, uninteresting looking girl, who people were into cuz she played the little sister on Buffy….and who luckily people are still into cuz she played the little sister on Buffy…because any dude who watched that how…was likely a socially awkward virgin loser who can’t let go of the past…partially because those were the best years of his life…but more importantly because during that time he made a vow to always love Michelle Trachtenberg…for the rest of eternity cuz in his mind they are soulmates….Obsessive fans are so passionate…..

That said, I always just blew her off as someone on TV or still around cuz virgin losers never let go of the past…it is a nerd thing…but thanks to FHM South Africa…it turns out she’s got tits…and tits are really where it is at….so virgin loser fan base or not…all of a sudden she’s relevant to the masses and the new generation who have no idea who the fuck she is.

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Maxim Bottom Feeds with Michelle Trachtenberg of the Day


This is funny to me on a few levels. Firstly, I hate Maxim. I think the magazine is shit, itt’s struggling, they can’t get a decent bitch in a photoshoot, but more importantly, they are fucking assholes. Their vice president emails me consistently acting like a total cocksucker…

So when I saw this Michelle Trachtenberg shit, a bitch who people only found hot cuz she was Buffy’s underage sister on a show that lured in the perverts, over a decade ago…

So when I saw them trying to make her doughy, uninteresting ass sexy, I realized, this was one of the final nails in the coffin of a magazine you’d think was innovative, if you were an idiot frat boy with no grasp of reality…which I am pretty sure you are…

So here is their promo video 10,000 people watched in the last 5 days, cuz Maxim is a sinking ship….

And now I wait for their idiot marketing executive to email me to take this down, when he should be hiring me as his replacement, cuz clearly he fucking sucks and this is all his fault.

No offense to Michelle Trachtenberg, I’m sure she’s a decent person and all that shit….She’s just not meant for Maxim and is the victim in all this…

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Michelle Trachtenberg Has her Period of the Day

I think there is a responsibility a girl has when she decides to be Hollywood. Sure Michelle Trachtenberg isn’t anything major. I think she’s got a low level role on Gossip Girl and may still be riding off her Buffy money, but she’s still on fucking TV, she still writes she’s an Actor when she applies for credit cards, and apparently she doesn’t take that duty too seriously. She is in the public eye. She needs to make dudes want to fuck her to get better paying gigs, instead she gives us this lazy, sloppy, pig of a person mess. That lack of drive or interest in turning us on has got to be the reasy why she’s got a pretty ghetto career….so here she is dressed like a slob fat chick on her period. Who knows, maybe that’s a niche fetish, and she’s catering to you…but I think she needs to go back the drawing board…

Pics via Bauer

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Michelle Trachtenberg Does Complex of the Day

You pervert virgin losers who used to masturbate to Michelle Trachtenberg back when she was on Buffy, because for some reason, Buffy really appealed to perver virgin losers, who were some of the most committed fans any TV show has ever seen, so committed that they still email me asking me to post more bullshit on the bitches from that show, and I guess I shouldn’t hate on it, since I never saw the shit, maybe it really was a life changing, revolutionary show and the people who tattooed the shit on their dicks, or who stapled pictures of Trachtenberg to their pillows, should be happy…..She just did a hot photoshoot for Complex, remember hot is a relative term, and despite her ignoring me on the internet all these years I’ve reached out to her because I thought her career was dead, but apparently she’s on Gossip Girl. I don’t consider her a friend, or really all that relevant but I know that you consider her your wife of 10 years (or however long the show has been off the air) and mother of your imaginary child (because that’s what happens when you get imaginary married) and you haven’t met her yet. I guess that’s part of her appeal….

Follow This Link To See The Photoshoot

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Michelle Trachtenberg and Her See Thru Sleeve of the Day

Remember Michelle Trachtendberg, well it turns out she’s a whore. Milking the whole see thru clothes trend for attention only taking it to the next fucking level…by wearing see thru sleeves….what won’t girls do to get noticed these days…the whole fucking thing is seriously out of fucking hand. Next thing you know they’ll be wearing see thru pantyhose under their dresses and skirts….it is a crazy world we live in and Michelle Trachtenberg just makes it official….

Pics via Fame

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Zac Effron Turns 21 and Sluts Come Out To Set Him Straight

Zac Effron turned 21 and I didn’t get an invitation to his party because my penis isn’t big enough, I have to admit that I was a little heartbroken when I found out he insists all men around him have 11 inch erections at all times, something I couldn’t even compete with if I had a penis . But when I found out this birthday went down pretty much 2 minutes ago, because Zac Effron news isn’t something I stay on top of, especially when I am not asked to be a part of the day he became legal, I figured I’d do a birthday post for him and the 21 topless, waxed, muscular men hired to dance for him privately in his hotel suite and for the cougars who made it out to his party in hopes of swaying him to their side of the fence, and by their side of the fence I mean, into their pants, and by the looks of it, they both failed and left the party alone. If only they wore pants but they didn’t, so here are the cougars Amanda Bynes, her legs and Michelle Trachtenberg and her legs and I guess on the positive side of things, it’s always nice to see girls who you used to fantasize about preying on when they were 16, who you have replaced with other 16 year olds, doing some preying on some young pussy of their own, not that Zac Effron has a pussy, other than the man pussy in his ass that’s been popular at the gay clubs, but based on his hair he just wishes that he had a real one of his own so liking girl things wouldn’t come with such stigma and I am not talking about Vanessa Hudgens. In fact…I have no idea what I am talking about or why I did this post.

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Michelle Trachtenberg is Worth Fucking of the Day

Some people say Jews are worthless people that are always out to make a dollar. I say Jews aren’t worthless at all because in their quest to make a dollar they run big businesses, they are doctors and they are lawyers and politicians helping people and run Hollywood and Fashion Industries entertaining people, but I will say that Jewish girls are generally not hot, so when I see a seemingly worthless girl, not because she is a Jew but because she doesn’t do anything worthwhile and who happens to be Jewish look as good as Michelle Trachtenberg does in these pics, I realize that she does have worth to whoever the fuck is fuckin’ her because I know I like what I am seeing.

Maybe it is just because compared to every Jewish girl I’ve met, she doesn’t look like a rat-faced monster and I am just excited that finally someone has broken down my preconceived notions, but in my preconceived notons defense, Jewish girls aren’t hot, it is just smoke and mirrors.

The same smoke and mirrors Michelle Trachtenberg is trying to use by hanging out with supermodels because despite being a hot Jewish girl she realizes that she can’t be a supermodel but does everything in her power to hang out with them, including going to their events, in hopes to be hotter by association, it’s that Jewish drive and ambition and keen business sense shining through in her marketing of herself and showing off them tits.

Here she is with Maria Sharapova at Fashion Week

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Michelle Trachtenberg Dresses Like a Fat Version of Her Boyfriend of the Day

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

There was a time when Michelle Trachtenberg was the kind of Jewish girl I’d be willing to have sex with provided the opportunity arose and she was eager to piss off her parents by having sex with an old, fat, poor Mexican like so many teenage Jewish girls before her. I never sat around wondering what it would be like to climb her little jew leg to her jewish womb, but didn’t mind lookin’ at her do her thing.

That was before she ate one too many Kanishes and her hips went the way of her grandmothers’ after escaping the holocaust and finding happiness in America (the land of opportunity), making babies and hoarding as much food as possible both in her stomach and in her cupboards to be better prepared to deal with the fear of another bout with the starvation that comes with the genocide of her religion.

The truth is that her fat little jew legs and wide set jew hips that don’t balance out her little skinny jew head aren’t really what throw me off in these pics, it’s the fact that she’s wearing the same outfit as the dude she’s fuckin’ like they were on a cattle car to Auchwitz in their state issued uniform that does.

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

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Michelle Trachtenberg Takes Herself Too Seriously of the Day

So I have this dude I don’t know on Facebook and I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that I won’t have this dude on my Facebook much longer because I took his pictures and put them up here, but I pretty much had no choice because they were too funny to ignore.

I don’t know much about this dude, other than the fact that he is friends with Lydia Hearst and Michelle Trachtenberg and they were recently at a birthday party, where he decided to wipe out all of Michelle Trachtenberg’s face in all of the pics of her.

It’s like this bitch thinks she’s so fucking important that when a dude takes pics of her, she makes dude promise not to do anything with them, I am wondering if it’s for fear of ruining her career because going out for dinner and having a cocktail while your bra is exposed is really fuckin’ scandalous when you are boring as fuck.

We get it, she has creepy fans and she doesn’t like to be out in the limelight, but we kinda realized that a long time ago when she couldn’t land much work after her stint on Buffy, making her barely relevant to the world now, but for some reason I guess she likes to think she is more important than she is and is hoping that by telling people they can’t upload her pics that maybe they’ll start believing her propaganda too, and treat her like she’s special. It’s like the time I told this chick repeatedly how small my penis was until she demanded to see it because she didn’t believe any penis could be that small, but I made a believer out of her pretty fast.

I don’t know who the fuck Michelle Trachtenberg thinks she is, some kind of Princess Diana Royal Family or some shit, but in case she didn’t get the memo, Princess Diana is dead.

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Michelle Trachtenberg Shouldn’t Hang With Skinny Girls of the Day

Michelle Trachtenberg went to some Nylon event because she’s got nothing better to do with her time that hang out with a bunch of self-proclaimed fashionistas at their magazine party, but she made the mistake of showing up with Billionaire Lydia Hearst because next to skinny Lydia Hearst, Michelle Trachtenberg looks like some kind of monster. Her enitre body, from face to thick angles looks like she lost a mud wrestling match with elephantism, but I’m not doctor, I could be wrong.

I kinda have a soft spot in my heart for Lydia Hearst. We became facebook friends and she was always nice enough to answer me up until recently. I tried to convince her to buy my site off me because I can’t afford to pay the servers or to license pictures and thought she had lots of excess money from her greatgrandfather’s media empire, but she didn’t bite, so if the site gets shut down, you know who is resposible for it.

BONUS: Lydia Hearst at Some Other Event Showin’ Some Tit

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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Got Nipple Pasties of the Day

There was some event called the Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala last night and besides it being one the most obnoxious sounding event names a lot of people showed up. The more interesting of the bunch was probably Michelle Trachtenberg because she wrapped her nipples up like a Christmas gift, despite being a Jew, while wearing a pretty see through top. I guess being left out and watching all those Christians in her elementary school class doing the secret Santa gift exchange while she sat in the corner playing with her dreidel while speaking yiddish to herself has emotionally scarred her enough to develop an addiction to wrapping up everything in the house on a regular basis in gold paper, sometimes even her body parts or maybe she just didn’t want us to see her Jew nipple. I heard they don’t look like a regular nipple because of the generations of inbreeding and obsessing over the whole Holocaust thing they can’t seem to get over, but they sure are good at making money and not spending it on tipping waiters.

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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jew Kiss of Death for Passover of the Day

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Here are some pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg making out with some Gossip Girl motherfucker. I figured this would upset some of you Buffy fans who still masturbate to Buffy reruns and have her pictures printed up and put into a scrapbook you keep under your bed. It’s really just a numbers game since Buffy was designed for losers and so was the Internet and since I have a website and you are reading it, then you are a loser too, possibly one whole liked Buffy.

The good news is that it’s passover and Jews aren’t allowed to eat yeast so no one will be lickin’ your favorite pussy for the next week so you can be happy that this kiss doesn’t lead to her promised land, but at the same time, realize that she’s getting paid to make out with some dude, which to me is total prostitution. I wonder what Moses would have to say about this…..

Yes, I am capable of making really bad jokes.

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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jewish Girl Outfit of the Day

Since being hacked, I can’t upload images but had these ones already uploaded last week but never posted them because they suck. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to revisit last week, when Michelle Trachtenberg was on the set of Gossip Girl because I guess she landed a job, finally.

The reason I bothered with this pictures in the first place was because I had a feeling you are one of those virgin losers who loves Buffy and I was trying to make fun of you but realized it wasn’t funny and still isn’t so I backburnered the shit. I guess I could talk about her Jewish Outfit of the Day but since she’s Jewish, it’s just standard uniform and would be like making fun of a cop for dressing in a cop uniform or an arab for wearing his bed sheets.

I guess until I get the site up, this is the best I can do for you. Deal with it.

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I am – Michelle Trachtenberg's Whore Lipstick of the Day


So I didn’t give up on the Token Gay Blogger, even though he thought I did. I just overlooked this post of his for a day because I was out getting drunk and I like making people feel insecure about themselves, it usually keeps them on their toes to pump out stronger, better, faster posts that will actually make me famous. So I am still convinced the Gay Blogger is going to make all the difference for me, while Michelle Trachtenberg may be making all the difference for the Jewish girls she used to go to summer camp with….it gives them massive street cred at temple….

Here is his post:

So I was walking down the street today and I noticed there was a lot of traffic, which I thought was strange for the hour of the day. As I kept walking, I came to a crosswalk where there was this homeless guy, standing in the middle of the street directing traffic. Of course he was no good at it because he was homeless, which means he was drunk and/or high and/or crazy and he was causing all kinds of confusion. People were honking at him and screaming and just generally pissed off. But I thought “Good for you Homeless Guy! Grab life by the horns and go for it!” See, he could’ve been like every other homeless person and just sit on the sidewalk and ask for change or play a shitty guitar or paint a shitty painting but no, he wanted to be different so he just jumped in the middle of the road and directed traffic. He is an inspiration to us all.

Which brings me to Miss Tranchtenberg. See, she hasn’t done much since she was on Buffy, sure was in a few episodes of Six Feet Under and a few shitty movies, but she is not doing all that much to separate herself from every other young starlet. So what’s her solution? Putting on whoreish red lipstick? Sorry, sweetheart, Xtina already did it (and she looked a trillion times better too). I think Michelle needs to take some lessons from our homeless friend and do something daring. So, Michelle, wipe off the whore lipstick and do something unexpected.

Like make a sequel to Harriet the Spy.



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