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I am – Jesse Metcalfe and Nadine Cole in a Bikini of the Day


I went to some shitty bar while in the process of getting completely wasted and saw a group of topless dudes and one girl in her bra. It was like the typical frat boy party where one dumb and drunk girl joins into the topless frat boy fun. She always ends up getting raped and beaten and Law and Order or CSI make a show about it. Anyway, this chick is doing shots in her bra and she’s not much of a looker, until her 300 pound friend comes along and starts a fuckin day dream in her bra. Lucky for you, I got the video:

Here are some pics of Jesse Metcalfe, some no name from Desperate Housewives and his girl with a dumpy ass but who would look hot next to a fat chick in her bra a the bar. I guess the real joke is all this is that you’d bang the fat chick in a bra at the bar….I guess that’s not really a joke because it is sad.

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