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Nicky Hilton Miami Beach Bikini of the Day

I made friends with a paparazzi on South Beach and he told me that no one gives a fuck about Nicky Hilton….he said she can walk around topless or in bikini and no one will fucking notice her…or even care if they do see her…to which I said that no one has ever given a fuck about Nicky Hilton, she was just the whore’s sister, who fucked around with her enough to be a bit of a name, but who never really mattered and still doesn’t matter…because of zero personality….which was about the point I realized I’ve been doing this shit too long…I should have zero opinion on Nicky Hilton or how legit she is….but then when I see her uninteresting ass…I can’t turn away…I’m so torn as a man….


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Nicky Hilton Vagina Hugging Shorts of the Day

Historically speaking…Nicky Hilton is the boring as fuck, waste of a vagina, sloppy looking, awkward skinny body that I can only blame her mom’s cocaine use for…and everytime I see her, I want to take a fuck nap, or punch her in the face, in efforts of seeing some emotion or personality…but instead she just sucks…

But today she’s come alive, because the only thing that’s sucking is her vagina….taking all of her short tight shorts in…

And just like that…Nicky Hilton’s become semi-interesting….she just has to keep it up…and really it’s not all that hard to pull of…

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Nicky Hilton Covered Up and Sloppy on the Beach of the Day

Nicky Hilton fucking sucks. She’s the boring latch on sister who had no problem riding Paris Hilton’s sex tape fame, you know being her sidekick at all the events and shit, all while never doing anything remotely interesting or scandalous….It’s like she had the opportunity to have dudes jerking off to her but now she’s just like a fucking sack of potatos, all sloppy, dumpy, uninteresting and a fucking waste….that’s why she’s in a fucking beach dress over her bikini…cuz she knows she’s a SLIM FAT…

The funniest thing about these idiot sisters, is that they rented a beach front Malibu house, you know cuz that’s where the paparazzi hang out, and this is pretty much the closest they’ve had to bikini pics leaked this summer, meaning their marketing hustle’s not working out so well for them…or maybe that they just fucking suck….

I guess we can only hope they get catty one night and one gets jealous of the other and kills her off….just to make the Hilton sisters a little more interesting…even though I’m pretty sure their time in the limelight is over…you know that happens with 30th birthdays…guys start feeling questionable when checking them out…cuz we have our own over 30 year old women in our life…give us the 20 year olds we’re not allowed to have to fantasize about…you know…

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Nicky Hilton Sucks on the Beach of the Day

Nicky Hilton is one thing out of LA that I will never understand. She’s the latch on sister who never wanted to be in the spotlight, but who wanted all the benefits of her sister’s humiliating behavior, and who pretty much escorted her everywhere she went around the world, pretending that she was some kind of Business Woman, when she was just a reserved piece of shit riding coattails….but that’s not what offends me…I am offended by her lack of a personal trainer, she has a responsibility being a socialite in the media, despite how much she’s into taking the backseat, because according to her body, and her beach apparel, she’s a dumpy sack of shit….sure she’s probably a size small, something you’d all want to be if you were a woman in theory, something that makes her think all is OK, but not all size smalls are a good size small, cuz she’s a sloppy mess.

We call her kind Slim Fats and here is the slim fat on the beach.

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Nicky Hilton Has a Shitty Body of the Day

I always hated Nicky Hilton….even more than I hated Paris Hilton…because Paris Hilton tried to make a mockery of herself and in doing that was semi interesting…you know releasing sex tapes, partying, portraying herself as the single thing on the planet worse than cancer, but at least she was doing it….

While this dumpy birdface bitch would follow her around, not say too much, kinda just shadow her sister so that she could take the high road, even though she was just as trashy, slutty, disgusting, but she never really exploiting herself for attention or did anything fun and always seemed like the latch on who was miserable to be around, just the cunt in the corner who looks like she’s Andy Dick with a sour face…all sucking on lemons and shit…

Well her are her pics of her dumpy vagina sucking on pants…

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Nicky Hilton’s Got Bad Ass of the Day

I’ve always Nicky Hilton’s body. I’m sure that’s had a huge impact on her everyday life, you know hitting the gym, buying the right spanx and jeans, studying herself in the mirror wondering if all the hard work, money and time that went into her revamping her look would get my approval, you know since I have a totally insignificant website no one ever reads…but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s got a shitty body and a budget to fix it if she really wanted to. I don’t get how someone seemingly skinny, can look so fucking sloppy, I’m talking her dumpy ass hanging off her bones, like some kind of muscular disorder that doesn’t allow the bitch to tone the fuck up….It’s insane…but I guess in her defense, at least she’s not Paris Hilton…cuz even if bitch rolled out in a wheel chair, attached to a bag to shit in, wearing a helmet so she doesn’t bang her head into the wall compulsively like some kind of retard, she’d still be the sister the family is most proud of, provided they got their Yuppie rich kid heads out of the bag of coke they still dabble in while the kids are out making sex tapes….A family of trash living off one man’s successes…I’m sure that Hilton empire founder would be proud of how shitty his genetics are. FOLLOW ME

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Nicky Hilton Sexes it Up in Dominatrix Jeans from the Future of the Day

Even though she’s trying as hard as she can, Nicky Hilton is still not hot. Bitch could be rocking white cotton panties soaked thru with pussy juice while counting her trust fund in her vault muttering legit offers of the good life with my cock down her eager throat, I’m talking contracts in hand, ready to sign me over as her financial partner while getting sucked off by her and I’d still be trying to figure out why I think she’s average at best…but I’m easily bought…and I mean really easily bought…so her shitty looks wouldn’t stop me…but since she’s famous, I feel it is essential to point the shit out…

Her jeans are ridiculous, I know she’s trying to be sexy, sure it’s an improvement to what we’ve seen of her in the really boring and conservative, wide-hipped past, but painting a broken down car doesn’t make it anything but a broken down car….and when you need to get from point “A” to point “B”…sometimes a broken down car can come in handy….if you know what I mean….

Here are her pics…

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