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Nicole Kidman Photoshoot Erotica is So Uncomfortable of the Day

I don’t know when these pictures of Nicole Kidman are from, I guess I never really locked in that Stellar Magazine subscription I always wanted, you know because I’m a degenerate who can’t afford things like fancy magazines that feature Nicole Kidman in them…especially not in an era of why kill the trees I will see all the weird slutty pics on the internet eventually..

Well, I can’t say I’d expect Nicole Kidman pictures to be anything but awkward, uncomfortable and weird…she is a robot that was created by scientology…before the technology was really there…

But I can say, it’s nice to see that they made her waterproof….

She must be 60 years old by now, she seems to have been around forever, but I guess that could just be some alien programming shit that is making me think that…who knows…

Good tits…though…better when she’s showing off that ginger bush….or transparent ginger nipples really…but I’ll take what I can get or what is given to me…that I feel compelled to post and say “what’s going on here”…

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Nicole Kidman’s on the cover of magazines at 100 years old…reminding you that Robots Don’t AGE…they just eventually stop working and you sell the for parts…I’ll take the pussy…not that it was ever used, and most likely had a dick for Tom Cruise’s Needs…bringing up the important question “CAN TRANNIES HAVE BABIES”….sure…if they ADOPT like Nicole Kidman did…

Either way – GREAT ROBOT nipples…

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Nicole Kidman Gets Knocked Down of the Day

Robot created in Tom Cruise’s spaceship lab, Nicole Kidman got slammed by some hipster photographer on his hipster bike and she survived because she was built to handle an alien invasion…and the paparazzi got some HOT ASS PICS , I mean provided you’re like me and into robots because they can’t get pregnant, or like Tom Cruise because they speak to his Alien leaders, but more importantly they don’t fuck up his homosexuality when he has sex with them, because it’s not STRAIGHT if you marry and fuck a robot…even if it looks like it has a pussy…when really it just has double asshole…

To See THe Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Nicole Kidman Models Shoes for the Foot Fetishists of the Day

Jimmy Choo’s fall campaign stars Nicole Kidman…the robot/alien ex-wife of Tom Cruise, who happens to own a carrot pie that he probably wasn’t too into eating, because it didn’t have testicles, but that I am totally down with eating, because I’ve never had sex with an official redhead thanks to years of being disgusted by them…and karma not allowing me to get up in one now that I’ve grown as a man and accepted all shades of pubic hair, even the pubic hair that contrasts heavily with the bright pink of the vagina lips that contrasts heavily with the pasty, almost invisible skin.

I know she’s old, I know she’s clothed, I know these pics are about the shoes, something I assume at least one of you has a fetish for, a fetish so consuming you have a pair on right now….because that’s jus the kid of crowd I attract…

I blame THIS NICOLE KIDMAN PHOTOSHOOT …for the boners Nicole Kidman now gives me…

Here’s the campaign.

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Nicole Kidman’s Awesome Panty Shot in The Paperboy of the Day

I haven’t seen The Paperboy, but I hear it has some steamy Nicole Kidman scenes in it, including but not limited to peeing or being peed on and that sounds like a lot of fun because I have a thing for Nicole Kidman….but only because I’ve never banged a ginger…but am dying to….even when they have hands like this that look like they’ve already died…cuz I guess BOTOX doesn’t work on anything but face…

I came across these crotch shots and figured I’d put them up….even if I have nothing to say about them…cuz I’m too busy watching the pantyhose being ripped the fuck off…HOT….like a rushed masturbation or fuck…


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Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Look like Nicole Kidman for V Magazine of the Day

I have no idea how these pics are of Nicole Kidman, I figure there must be another Nicole Kidman out there, cuz the Nicole Kidman I know is some washed up, relatively monster looking bitch who was once trapped by Tom Cruise….She has never been hot, never turned me on even in nude scenes in movies when I hadn’t jerked off that day…week…month or even year….

I am thinking it is a typo, or the magazine is lying….or maybe she got teleported back from her space travels looking sexy as fuck…you know with that whole Scientology, she knows too much, let’s replace her with a hot version of her…..cuz this version has absolutely no similarities to her….even if her own mother saw this shit, she’d have no idea who this was…V Magazine is just that good…and so are these pics…I am so torn, I feel so lied to…I don’t get this..at all…I keep looking back…and feel so confused, scared, and alone…is the world what I think it is…or have I been wrong about everything….I think I should go kill myself now…..looking at Nicole Kidman’s nipples…

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Nicole Kidman’s Sex Scene in Hemingway & Gellhorn of the Day

Nicole Kidman, who I like to refer to as the original Tom Cruise escapee, because I guess her contract was up, but based on her face and all the work she’s had done to it, her mind never fully recovered from the Scientology and fronting that her man wasn’t a homo, despite all their adopted kids, is in Hemingway & Gellhorn and she fucks in it, and this is the clip, that I didn’t watch, because I’ve seen Nicole Kidman naked at her prime, and even that wasn’t all that awesome, so I can only assume, this is not that awesome either, but I’ll post it anyway like it was my job, even though I don’t have a job…..

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Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman on Set of the Day

As you may know, I can’t stand celebrities….It’s not because I am jealous of celebrities because they get to live the good life, I just don’t think they deserve all they have….

Take this bullshit Adam Sandler movie starring Nicole Kidman in a shitty bathing suit, Jennifer Aniston showing off cleavage and looking for love and Brooklyn Decker convinced she can make it in Hollywood as an actress because she got the cover of SI for wearing a bikini and having her husband Andy Roddick pay them off with exclusive tennis stories for the next 18 months or some shit….

They work for 6 weeks in Hawaii, pretty much on vacation and make 5,000,000 dollars…The entire time they are there they have assistants doing pretty much everything for them…they are staying at the best hotels…they are eating the best food…they are fucking the best hookers and it is all at the Studio’s expense. The only work they have is to wake up and have the driver take them to set where they take take after take of the 4 lines at most they memorize per shot…. It’s like they have this fucking scam going that in theory is fucking awesome, but just frustrates me, because it’s all our fault they live these lives….If we boycotted movies and focused all our energy on something else, like this website for example, there would be no need for these overpaid cunts to live the good life while contributing nothing to society like some egocentric leech…..

Now I know you only come here to see tits and pussy, so I’ll just get to the boring pictures of these cunts on set, but realize as you stare at Aniston’s lonely tits, forget that she’s crying on the inside cuz her life is so unfair cuz Brad Pitt left her and forget your fantasy of sweeping her off her feed and making her yours cuz she’s so broken and you’ll help mend her wounds and remember she’s just a worthless, overpaid cunt who doesn’t deserve yours or anyone else’s attention….let her die alone on her pile of money for her assistant who shows up late to wipe her ass to find her and sell the exclusive to RadarOnline….

BONUS – HERE’S BROOKLYN DECKER PICKING HER NOSE CUZ SHE’S A PIG WITH HORRIBLE HYGIENE….cuz you know if a bitch doesn’t use kleenex for her nose, she probably don’t change her tampons too often, or really rock enough toilet paper…disgusting….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

Pics via Fame

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Nicole Kidman’s Got Cameltoe of the Day

Here’s a little Nicole Kidman cameltoe for those of you who are still curious about this red vagina, especially post Tom Cruise. I mean based on the Tom Cruise stories I’ve heard, I just always assumed she was packing a solid set of testicles, I mean it would explain why they adopted kids. I just thought she was like this doll-like soft spoken asian tranny I spent a night having drinks with because she was the closest thing I ever got to glamor. I mean, I guess these pics prove the whole reason she and Tom Cruise broke up and so did that pregnancy with her cowboy, but I am still skeptical and think this is just a good tuck job. I really don’t have much to say about this because I am sad on the inside, but at least the thought of Nicole Kidman’s lie of a pussy, makes me feel a little better about my life and that night I kissed the asian tranny because I was caught up in the moment.

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I am – Nicole Kidman Dirty Ass of the Day


Today is the day for celebrities in bikini bottoms and button up shirts because I guess that’s the trend for has-beens like Nicole KIdman. I guess it could have to do with the fact that she would pretty much burn up in the sun like she was a crack rock in a homeless shelter. That was a bad analogy but I tried. At least he’s got a dirty ass like most of the homeless chick’s I’ve ever banged. I was walking by my drug store at 1 am trying to get out of the house for an hour and I saw a group of men cleaning the place topless. My initial thought was that the place was being robbed by the shirtless bandits but the mops kinda put that theory to rest.

Speaking of rest it is 6 am and I should go to bed. I had about 15 exciting things to write today but forgot them all making me a pretty fucking useless guy with a site. Notice that I didn’t call myself a blogger, because bloggers are fucking lame. Speaking of Lame, I got a random text message from Stavros today, it said “Where are you?”, I am convinced that he thinks I am someone else so I said I was in bed waiting form him to show up at my slumber part. He never responded and that’s enough of this post, just look at the pics, you like pale ass don’t you virgin?

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