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Pamela Anderson Naked of the Day

Pamela Anderson Naked

Pamela Anderson got naked for some magazine at 100 years old – never too late to be a titty model, even when you’re a titty model by definition, it’s all you know, it’s all you do, and you’ve invested in your body…you know her bolt on tits are so youthful..and magical bolt ons probably only a few years old…because girl’s constantly trying to get them perfect, but never perfect…because they are fake.

Go Canada…

The only funny Pam Anderson story I know is that even at 100 years old, she still hates being around young women, she wants to be the hot chick in the room, even though she’s 100..

These are bold, edgy, controversial because she’s so old, but whatever, they are Pam Anderson…with her new Liver from the Hep Cure…to this new life..

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Pamela Anderson Topless and Menopausal for PETA of the Day

I just ate chicken and bacon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect animals, I mean it kind of does since I don’t need to be eating animals, I don’t really love the taste, yet I just ate murdered animal because it was on my sandwich for no real nutritional reason, and I guess meat in and of itself as a concept is vile…

But I like to think I do it to increase my carbon footprint, to help destroy the planet, knowing how much of the world’s resources go into feeding livestock for us to eat, when we don’t need to eat it, and to transport livestock that we don’t need to eat, yet we eat, because we are idiots…

So I get what Pam Anderson is doing here for PETA, getting topless, fighting FUR, it’s important..it’s just weird and shameless to see Pam Anderson and her plastic surgery ridden everything at 50 getting naked to promote anything…and those tits…they can’t be animal friendly…or anything friendly…but at least they are being put to use to save cute animals from dying…for excess even though she’s excessive…

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Pam Anderson Monster TITTIES of the Day

Pam Anderson brought her mutant Frankenstein tits to a photoshoot – where they spilled out of her weird outfit – because she was clearly drunk and a disaster….and so were her tits, that she didn’t actually notice were spilling out of her shirt because they’ve been hacked up so many times…

She’s old as hell, looks old and hell, and this is how I assume plastic surgery ages….

These tits have been mutilated to fuck like some kind of female circumcised vagina but the titty version…she’s a victim here, as she looks down and see what must be scarred to shit, no feeling, terrifying….

Were her her original tits been really that bad….I like small tits…why did this happen…was monster tits the reason for her career? Would she have made it without them? Did people really like tit implants that much in the 90s? Not to mention why is she so haggard…when other 50 year olds aren’t? Is it the cured hep, or the way her injections melt? Why is she so trashy, yet so rich? so many questions..all for Canada…

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They Were Once Hot and Now They Are 100, Washed Up and in Bikinis of the Day

Pamela Anderson

Stephanie Seymour

Fascinating…but not as fascinating as the fact that I would totally still fuck both of them…even knowing they are hep filled and rotten from all the years of being rockstar groupie, party slut, pigs…because I am a sick man…

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Pamela Anderson for GQ Russia of the Day

I wonder how long ago these pictures were shot, I’m thinking a decade, not because she looks young and vibrant, this Pam Anderson bitch, but because she’s in a thong, and being 100 fucking years old this year, thongs are supposed to be banned, making think that even with all the photoshop she can manage, this would never have happened…unless maybe in Germany, cuz Germans are freaks…and into gross fetishes…like shitting elderly diaper porn…

That said, it is typical that Russia would be into her 30 years too late, during the 80s communism it happened with jeans, coca cola, McDonalds and a lot of things us Capitalists were already over and done with….and so the cycle continues…

I mean, I realize these are old pics, but still too new for how old this bitch is…

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Pamela Anderson Big Old Fake Tits for Old Times of the Day

Here’s a tribute to fake tits that encouraged so many strippers after her to bleach their hair and get fake tits in hopes of getting in playboy, then in movies, then rockstar cock, so that they don’t have to live the shitty life, even though they all end up living the shitty life, because there’s only enough room from on slut who you kinda knew would end up dying of Hepatitis way back when you watched her have unprotected sex, and babies with rockstar dick…

These cleavage pics aren’t all that erotic, but I figure since her tits are probably only 10 years old, it’s like kiddie porn….cuz when the minor is a set of fake tits…it remains disgusting but on a whole other level that is legal and not quite disturbing….

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Pam Anderson’s Old Fake TIts of the DAy

This just in…Pam Anderson hasn’t died of Hep yet, but it’s taking it’s fucking toll on her face…unless that’s just natural progression of shitty plastic surgery settling like an old house built on swamp,…..you know plastc aging like it was human….no matter what, it is some science experiment in action and it’s interesting to watch, even if there’s less nipple or see through than I’d want or expect by this old tired bitch.

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