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Phoebe Price are the Only Coachella Pics You Need to See of the Day

Phoebe Price, Despite Being 100, Does Coachella and I find the whole thing fascinating…but then again I am fascinated by Phoebe Price and have been for a while now….

I am not fascinated by Coachella, the lame, but in defence of Coachella, because I would hate to hurt its enterprising, exploitative, scamming the masses, manipulating the mainstream, getting all the idiots to pay, watch, promote and make a weekend or way of life out of the festival….possibly hoping to be part of something they think is meaningful….higher level now that people don’t have religion…they need commercial branded events with overpaid celebrities singing brainwashing songs to them….

But seeing Phoebe Price still going to the event, posing with her ass out in her outfit ,never too old to participate in the zeitgeist of the generation….is on another level of why you should hate Coachella, while loving Phoebe Price, because in her own way she’s shitting on the cool factor just by being there.



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Phoebe Price in a Bikini of the Day

Phoebe Price in a Bikini

Phoebe Price is a fucking legend…

It amazes me that no one actually gives a fuck about her, despite her being a fucking legend, maybe she’ll be a Michael Jackson situation where no one cares about her when she’s a diddler, but the second she dies the world celebrates her…not that she will die, because mythical creatures from heavens are bigger than death and live on forever..

Here’s her clickbait shoot for Christmas that is pretty fucking funny…working the paparazzi / tabloids the right way – in an era where none of this matters thanks to social media…

This Girl is a Fucking Christmas Miracle…

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Phoebe Price of the Day

Phoebe Price

Phoebe Price, better known as the goddess of Tennessee who is now in Hollywood, who pre-internet was able to get shot by the paparazzi by hanging out at the right LA places, thanks to LA being a place that attracts people looking for fame and willing to take it wherever they can…

Well, in keeping in the Holiday spirit, she decided to put on a Baywatch themed bathing suit and posed with a car…like the import model of all of our dreams…

It may not make sense, but the beauty of it is that it doesn’t need to make sense…it just happened, and is beautiful, take it in.

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Phoebe Price is Everything of the Day

Phoebe Price in red fishnets on a horse

Phoebe Price is amazing, and here’s a Phoebe Price exclusive you’ve all been waiting for, celebrating her birthday and HALLOWEEN (already), any excuse to bounce on a horse in lingerie in a boomerang for me to jerk off to because she’s perfect.

Phoebe Price for those of you who don’t know is a timeless classic, she doesn’t age, she just just sort of there, where? every where!…

No one what she does, yet everyone seems to know who she is, and by everyone, I mean the one person I talk to, because I have no friends, which says something about her and her willingness to be a shameless attention seeker – who shows up places half naked because she know the paparazzi is there – from the golden age of pre social media – when it took a real special person to actually get paparazzi attention for being shameless…now everyone is doing it DIY…but that doesn’t mean Phoebe isn’t perfect….it’s also nice to see her hanging out with a horse and not all those other fame whores who are actually whores….you know…I KNOW>

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This is What I Am Masturbating To Right Now of the Day

I find it interesting, but not really, that people like to tell each other what TV show they are watching, what series they are really into, what book they are reading, what they are doing throughout the day…

But rarely do people share what they masturbate to, I mean sometimes a girl you sext will send you a video she came to, and sometimes a friend will tell you he jerked off to some old high school year books he found at a garage sale, but for the most part…I don’t tell you what I am jerking off to ever…until today because today….I am jerking off to this golden whatever it is…Phoebe Price…my queen..I don’t think she could be any more perfect…

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Phoebe Price’s AMazing Bikini Pics of the Day

In my line of work, and yes we can all agree that this is hardly work, and sure it’s time consuming and I make millions upon millions of dollars…and meet so many amazing and high profile people without ever having to leave the house…but it’s something I do…and in what I do….getting an email with these pics from Phoebe Price herself…is like a priest getting a phonecall from the pope, or god, before being told to rape boys…it’s like getting a call from Elvis, it’s like getting a call from the President, well pre-Trump president, because they were less accessible…

What I am saying is that it is a HUGE fucking deal, even if Phoebe Price is not a huge deal, the reality is that she is to me. She was using the paparazzi to get in magazines before social media, and she made more of a name of herself than if she hadn’t, in what was clever and shameless marketing, that she continues doing, because we didn’t always live in a world of fame whores and attention seekers, there was a time when it was reserved for a select few….

Now you still may not know who Phoebe Price is, but I do, and she’s wonderful….fascinating, a cultural icon, a part of the zeitgeist that you don’t even know she’s part of because she’s just that good.

I am a fan in fact…I am a servant to her and her hustle….she’s ORIGINAL GANGSTER….but unfortunately she’s never released a sex tape for me to jerk off to..

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Phoebe Price Does the Pumpkin Patch of the Day

I am a fan of Pheobe Price.

You probably don’t know who she is, but that’s ok because she’s not really anyone. She’s from the South, probably has money, moved to LA to either be famous or around the famous. She has friends who are paparazzi and figured out how to manipulate the media enough to get noticed by said paparazzi, for no reason other than to get in the media, and I just think I appreciate her level of shamelessness, the fact she isn’t even interested in a career, I mean she must be in her 40s or even 50s, and most importantly, that she just does this for her ego, to feel important…

I mean, showing up to a paparazzi ridden pumpkin patch in a pants less costume – is next fucking level…and that why she needs to be an inspiration to us all..or at least to girls out there who think they need a marketable talent to get on the internet…you just need a willingness to not worry about being made fun of…and for that reason alone, I would never make fun of Phoebe Price…she does it for her own personal reasons and not to get ahead, and I’ll always support someone just being themselves…especially in this get ahead, suck dick, get famous world…

There’s whoring, there is fame whoring, then there is Phoebe Price..who we don’t really know what she’s doing – but she’s doing it…

(via DLISTED )

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