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Pink on the Breast Feed of the Day

Pink is not a man…..or she is but she has decided her pronoun is mom…and she’s shoving tits in her babies mouth for the world to see in what she may pretend is empowerment…even though breast feeding in public has never been a thing anywhere I’ve been…for as long as I can remember – women have breast fed in public….but these idiots are trying to find a cause to attach themselves and I’m all for it thanks to tits.

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Pink Naked in People of the DAy

Pink, despite having a penis, or at least a body that looks like it has a penis, got naked for People magazine, because People magazine is fucking SMUT garbage for trailer park women on welfare with diabetes too obese to do anything else but eat donuts, shop at walmart because of the motorized carts, and read this shit…

The unfortunate thing is that they didn’t give us any scoop on her genitals or any scoop on her genitals, gossip I care about, but instead showed side of her tits, that may or may not be real, based on her balls – probably isn’t…

I mean if you get a girl in this position – shoot her from the back yo.

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Pink Freaks Me Out of the DAy

Pink is pretty fucking intense and I am not just talking about her shoulders and biceps that make me question why she bothered with a bikini top…even though part of me is pretty turned on at her strength and flexibility, I mean to be a fucking tank with endurance and intensity that may make me question her genitals but that make banging her that much more confusing and sometimes confusing is exciting because it’s something different than we are used to without actually having to announce to your family that you’re gay…she’s like gateway, but more importantly…she can do push ups and squats while you mount her..and whether that is hot or not doesn’t matter…it’s hysterical and probably something everyone should experience…..

That said, she’s on tour now…if you want to get an awkward boner to this weirdness live…


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Pink’s Lesbian Fight on Stage of the Day

In case you weren’t at the Pink concert, and I sure as fuck hope you weren’t, because Pink is a dude you shouldn’t be watching perform, no matter how much of a creeper you are, you should however keep your Pink fantasy to yourself, because it is one of those things that despite her vagina, makes you gay…she’s a gateway gender bender who is a very grey area that’s on the homosexual side…but apparently she’s got back-up dancers in lingerie and shit and there ain’t nothing wrong with that….other than that PINK Is in the frame…

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Pink in a Bikini in Mexico of the Day

Last week, Pink wore a bikini…it took me 3 days to process it, try to understand it, and really figure out if what I felt was a homosexual experience, you know falling into some “is this a dude” folder in my sexuality…but the truth is I don’t mind a sturdy women if that women is sturdy due to fitness and muscle mass and not being born with balls…the fact is that a fit girl can fuck better, she can ride the deadness in your groin longer…and she can usually use her muscle control to squeeze your non-existent penis in ways that make it feel like it’s more substantial…sure broad shoulders, massive back, can be a little weird when banging from behind, especially with the short hair, but as long as there is a vagina, no matter how big that clit is, rather than balls…it’s ok…you have my permission to enjoy these…


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Pink is the Least Glamorous Person to do Glamour of the Day

She’s like some rough neck bitch you’d expect to find wrestling dudes in the backyard at the trailer park, and by wrestling I mean raping them.

You know, just a rugged, masculine, arm wrestling beauty, who likes strap-ons and peeing in urinals as much as the next penis hating dyke.

A penis hating dyke, in a dress, being a lady for a magazine of the day….and I feel some of you on the fence fags like it, cuz she’s the gateway girl to what you really want.

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Pink is Unfortunately in Her Bikini of the Day

Everyone is so shocked by these Pink in a bikini pics….because she’s got abs and is ripped….where as I’m just shocked she’s in a bikini…cuz I am conventional and don’t really understand when I see dudes in bikinis….you see cuz that’s why she’s got abs after pregnancy…that baby was adopted and a stunt bump to keep her husbands homosexuality underwraps, he doesn’t want the guys at the X-Games teasing him, and she doesn’t want to throw her career under the bus with that kind of scandal…a scandal we’ve all been calling for years…since she named herself PINK, after the vagina she always wanted, and her favorite color, despite her dad’s will, when she was “Lil Timmy, the boy who liked dolls”….

I mean either that, or she’s just in shape, but based on the way America is going, muscles can’t be on girls, girls have to be eating donuts and being lazy and gaining 100 lbs during pregnancy cuz it’s an easy fucking excuse that is socially accepted…..

Fitness can be hot…I am not anti muscles….I am just not too sure if Pink can be hot….whether she’s actually a chick or not….


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