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Pink and Cary Hart in Bicycle Shorts of the Day

Nothing says homosexual relationship more than two men in spandex shorts going on a romantic bike rides on a 10 speed, other than two men on rollerblades in cut off jean shorts.

This couple’s been through so much, you know pretending they are a heterosexual couple, hiding Cary Hart’s gayness and Pink’s penis, and these pictures are proof that they are almost ready to accept who they are and the fact that their favorite passtime is all night cock slappin’,

So I guess it first starts by going out in public in bike shorts….but it won’t be long before they cut up the best fitting jeans and strap on their blades.

Here they are keeping it Gay, but not too Gay.

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Pink Performs in Her Bra of the Day

So I heard Cary Hart and Pink are getting married again. I guess he couldn’t find a woman quite manly enough to satisfy his gay fantasies who had a bank account that allowed her to keep up with his lifestyle, or some shit. I guess she went out to celebrate getting her man back, despite the fact that he only likes blowjobs and anal, by performing in a bra….

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Pink in Concert of the Day

Here’s Pink performing while dressed like some kind of rooster or some shit. I really don’t have anything to say about this shit because I am falling the fuck asleep. I got drunk and wondered the streets last night and pretty much nothing happened to leave me inspired, and this concert costume isn’t really helping, sure I could talk about the time I met a guy who used to fuck chickens, usually raw from the grocery store, sometimes cooked, once live and in its egghole at some underground hispanic cock fighting ring, and he’d always talk about how there’s no logic to using your hand when the world offers you so many resources when it comes to masturbation, but that never happened, but Pink in this outfit did.

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Pink and Her Disgusting Lesbian Friend of the Day

Here are some pictures of Pink with her friend. What are the chances this pig’s a fucking lesbian. Seriously I first saw them and was wondering why Pink was out with some Perez Hilton lookin’ motherfucker, then realized that this bitch actually has a vagina and doesn’t just wish she had one like the actual Perez Hilton.

Now I am all for dykes, I figure it’s a great outlet for victims of rape and abuse to take, you know since they are scared of cock and need to get lovin’ somewhere.

It’s even a good strategy for fat chicks that guys would rather not fuck and if they did they’d treat them like the shit that they are, where turning to women will be a lot more wholesome and pleasant for them, you know spending their days at farmer’s markets or planting trees, eating organic and vegan food and going on bike rides while protesting same sex marriages and shopping for flannel together, instead of getting told how useless an ugly they are.

All that to say that men are real jerks, so if you’re done with them, you might as well take Pink’s lead and find the closest thing you can to one, without actually being one.

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Pink’s Sober and Has Lesbian Sex With Herself in her New Video of the Day

Pink’s new video for a song called Sober hit yesterday and I was too lazy to post it, mainly because I didn’t really give a fuck about Pink or her penis, but I came across the screencaps of her having sex with herself in lingerie and figured it was weird enough to put out there. Is she going on the Lohan kick and doing what nature intended for her, or is she just over guys because her husband broke her heart by leaving her for a real woman, or maybe she’s just given up on everyone and has vowed to spend the rest of time fucking herself, and I guess it doesn’t matter because she’s not hot, so thinking about who she fucks, how she masturbate or even her getting off in general is something that should not enter anyone’s mind, because if it does, you may just be gay, but you already knew that didn’t you, you just don’t want your family to know…

I don’t know what I’m going on about, the truth is I’d fuck Pink, there I said it, but then again I have no standards and haven’t quite figured out if I am gay or not, but I like the idea of her broken heart, down on her luck accessibility, not to mention her bank account, and her hardcore suburban rock attitude that makes me want to punch a mall security guard while high from compressed air at Best Buy,after he busts me stealing underwear from Sears….or some shit.

So if you can stomach sitting through a Pink video, there’s a couple seconds of her having sex with herself.

Here are some of the screencaps….

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Pink Shows Off The Little Cleavage She’s Got of the Day

Pink wore some tank top that reminds me of some wartime fantasies I once had, of a war that took place before women were allowed in on the site, where I am a hero soldier and being forced to fuck the most feminine of the group with the other soldiers because we’ve been lost in the jungle for the last 8 weeks and horny as fuck. I actually never had that fantasy, but saying she looks like a dude and talking about her ripped pecs is pretty much useless conversation. It’s like calling McCain Old, Lohan a slut, Paris Hilton a herpes ridden whore, Obama a terrorist, the cast of The Hills useless, DJ AM a Bar Mitzvah DJ, shit’s been done and I guess that’s why lookin’ at these pictures of her don’t really warrant a post, but I figure it’s key to give some of the dudes who are on the fence about being homos something to get off to, without having to jerk off to pictures of dudes, because once you’ve reached that point, there’s pretty much no denying you’re a gay…..not that anyone straight or gay could actually get off to Pink and her little tits, but I got nothing better going on right now so deal with it.

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Pink’s Nipple Tape at the VMAs of the Day

I hate saying this, but Pink looked good at the VMAs. Maybe it’s because she’s lost her husband and is lookin’ for new cock, or maybe because she was the bread winner in her household when she was married and when he left her has since decided to take off her pants and be a girl again or something, I just don’t know, but I do know that I was feeling her performance, despite the song being a little too personal and awkward to listen to, like the time I got stuck in a doctor’s office with a male stripper who went off about how he isn’t gay but how he lets guys fuck him for money if he’s on enough drugs and that he was at the Doctor’s office for some lump they found growing in his neck that could be AIDS, making me not want to be the one sitting next to him in one of those real “too much information” situations that is actually too much information and not just some white person over-using the “too much information” expression like they do when you tell them shit like that you are constipated or that you haven’t jerked off in a month or that the first time you had anal sex, you got shit on your dick, or whatever it is that white people say “too much information” to, when you aren’t even telling them too much infomation and are just trying to make conversation…..

You get what I mean….and I don’t get why I was into Pink last night, but here are some pics to celebrate.

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Charlize Theron Promoting Some Movie in Pink While Hayden Panettiere Shows Off her Midget Legs of the Day

Fuck ending the war in Iraq and terrorism, or stopping global warming by driving shitty cars and recycling, accepting others for their differences and all that other shit they want us to do to make the world a better place, the only way I see the world being a nicer place if more girls were made like Charlize Theron, even with her period bloat.

On a side note, the world would be a scary scary place, if more girls were made like Hayden Panettiere. There would be enough stumpy leg muscle to move mountains or at least a couple apartment complexes in a day, but I wouldn’t want to be watching that shit pop a squat and I’m always down to watch a girl squat, just last night I was trying to convince a girl to pee for me it didn’t happen and either will a world filled with Charlizes or Haydens and that’s enough of this stupid post.

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Pink in a Bikini Top on Set of Her New Music Video of the Day

I am struggling today and I realize it. My computer has the Aids virus because it is used and belonged to a gay dude who probably had sex with it everynight he owned it and that is probably the reason I got it for such a good price. If he is still out there, these Pink pictures may help him cum even though they aren’t helping me. I assume Pink is like a Gay Icon and is inspiring men who feel like women on the inside to go through with wearing those panties they’ve been prancing around the house in all these years out in public or to take those heels they love so much out during the day….

The only thing I hope is that at the end of this music video she’s shooting, she pulls out her balls just to show us how punk rock she actually is, because when girls look like this, they usually come with a set of balls and if anything should be inspiration to the guys out there who are not getting laid, that life could be a lot worse and they could be stuck in a relationship to something like this.

That’s all the bad posting I’ve got in me for now…..today is killing me.

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Pink Goes for a Jog of the Day

Gender Benders are everywhere and if I was to make a big deal about seeing a man in a bikini, I’d be a hypocrite since I made a man with tits flash me the other day for 5 dollars. I thought it would make a good internet video, one that would take this site to the next level, but I don’t own a camera so only I got to see it. I know you are jealous, but that’s just because you are sexually confused, and to make you feel better about your sexual dysfunction, the majority of people who fuck tranny prostitutes are actually straight. I guess they just relate to boys pretending to be girls better than they relate to their haggard wives pretending to be girls.

Either way, here’s Pink training for the sex change or to become a mover in a bikini top, because she hasn’t quite made her tits transition into full man pecs yet and running around topless would still be deemed offensive, even more offensive than her in a bikini, something you thought wasn’t possible, but it is, so be grateful she’s covered up.

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Pink is a Lesbian on a Motorcycle of the Day

*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*

It’d be obvious to talk about how girls with motorbikes are all lesbians and that Pink isn’t actually a lesbian but a man on a motorcycle because she likes the way it vibrates on her balls, but I don’t think there’s any proof that this bitch eats pussy, other than the way she looks, and who really cares if she fucks girls with her oversized clit, it doesn’t really change anything in my life.

The truth is that I love girls who ride motorbikes, they look like they’d be down to fuck, it’s the kind of roughness you want in a woman. I am not talking about 300 pound women in chaps who scratch their asses, I am talking about the ones in tight leather catsuits with their tits busting out of her top while riding their bikes. That’s the masculinity you want in a woman, not only can she fix your carb and likes adventure, but also likes to fuck because of the constant vibration on her cunt making her always horny. Women are the keepers of sex and usually not always horny and need to be stroked the right way to get up in them, and I guess if they are more like dudes on the inside and not at all like dudes on the outside the relationship will involve beer drinking, lots of sex and a lot less headaches.

Here’s Pink riding her bike, lookin like a man.

*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*
*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*
*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*
*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*
*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*
*Images removed in compliance with DMCA*

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Pink and Bai Ling Are Friends in Bikinis of the Day

It’s always so exciting when you find out that two celebrities your don’t give a fuck about are friends or lovers. What is more exciting is when you try to figure out exactly how they met each other and make a game out of it with your friends because you are a fuckin’ loser with nothing better to do with your time than worry about this menial bullshit. It’s like – was it backstage at one of Pink’s concerts because Bai Ling has always been a fan of Pink’s music because it really speaks to her even though she doesn’t understand any of the words or maybe it was at a red carpet event where Bai Ling’s nipple was hanging out of her shirt and Pink just needed to suck the fuckin’ thing because it reminded her of her over-sized erect clit that was piercing through her leather pants. I like to think both have the same shitty tattoo artist and are members of the shitty tattoo club, but have a feeling that that club doesn’t really exist because people with shitty tattoos usually love their shitty tattoos and think they are amazing, despite being shitty.

Either way, we know after they sea kayaking, these bitches are going back to Pink’s house, to play with each other’s pink, which in Bai Ling’s case my not be entirely Pink and in Pink’s case may in fact be a penis.

BONUS That’s Not Really a Bonus – Here’s some more pictures of Bai Ling Feeling Herself Up and Showing Some Tit on the Set of the Crank Dat Soulja Boy 2….I take Offense to the Last Picture.

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Pink in a Bikini Top of the Day

So I was hanging out outside the Maternity store again, not because I thought it would be funny to call the girls walking in sluts as they passed me by, or even give them the eye that I knew what went on in the bedroom to get them into this mess to begin with, but I was there because my wife is fat in the uterus and I like trying to buy shit designed for pregnant girls to hammer the idea in her head that she’s gotta hit the fuckin’ treadmill. I wasn’t actually going to buy her anything because she doesn’t deserve gifts but there was a hot girl who walked in there who I thought needed to be followed in and that’s the line I used to get her to try shit on for me. When I asked when the baby was due, she told me she was there for her sister and thanked me for destroying her self esteem. We really hit it off as she told me to fuck herself and walked away.

That’s when this bull dyke working the cash came up and asked me to leave. I asked her what it was like being amongst all these pregnant chicks all day knowing that she will never have a baby because society doesn’t approve of her having a baby because she’s a lesbian and that’s when she told me that she wasn’t a lesbian but in fact a gay dude named Frank who designs all the clothes in the motherfuckin’ store and that’s the gender confusion I think Pink goes through everyday. You know when a couple of dudes invite her out to the beach to pick up girls cuz they think she’s one of them and she pulls off her t-shirt only to show them her bikini top, making them think she’s playing some kind of practical joke because she’s the one in the group whos a total fuckin’ jokester and they are forced to gang rape out of anger for the lie she fed them and when they find out she has a pussy like that Boys Don’t Cry movie, cuz nothing says I am straight like fuckin’ my homie when I find out my homie has a cunt.

Either way, here she is in a bikini top so take it in as some kind of warning because if she ever comes to your small town lookin’ for friends and beggin’ to jump in on your pickup basketball game or night out at the stripclubs she’s desperate for friends and comes to you, you won’t get caught up in the lie.

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Pink Joggin in the Same Outfit She Wore Last Week of the Day

I had a very short lived altercation with a homo a couple of nights ago. He was the kind of homo who was flaming, who was borderline a chick and who was ridiculous and unnecessarily catty. He was making obnoxious, rude and hurtful comments to passer-bys and I decided to step in a put him in the place because it was annoying me. It was clear that no one has put him in his place since he was molested at 13 when his uncle went a little too far one night after drinking too much, throwing the fag into some sort of scared, violated and silent phase a broken down molested kid goes through and his family didn’t bother doing anything about it because they liked that his annoying 13 year old brat mouth was shut the fuck up. Either way, time heals, and he found his obnoxious voice but a little more bitter because of the damage of his uncle forcing himself on him but has forgotten what it’s like to be a scared, violated, broken down.

I basically told him that if he didn’t shut up I would kill him and repeated it a few times and it made me think that gender lines are blurred now and if I actually beat up a little homo who identifies with 14 year old girls more than he does with the rest of society, who weighs 110 lbs because he’s jacked on coke and likes the way he looks in size 25 jeans, it would be like beating up a chick and I’ve been raised to think that is wrong. I guess anytime my wife pisses me off I should just go Gay Bash but then again there are a lot of Lesbians who are stronger and tougher than me, so maybe I’ll just start fights with them on purpose by randomly punching them in the face to end up wrestling on the floor like I was 15 and it was the only way I could get girls to give me boners.

Either way, here’s tough Pink training on the beach in the same outfit she wore last week and her nipples are hard so I figured you’d like that.

See Pink Wearing the Same Outfit She Wore Last Week

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Pink’s Hard Nipples Go Lesbian Shopping of the Day

Here are some pictures of Lesbian Pink doing some Lesbian Grocery Shopping and her nipples are hard. I was trying to figure out what she bought because I figure lesbians buy anything tree hugging, vegan, organic and granola based, but can’t make out what this is. I guess lesbians also buy anything phallic because they can use it on their pussies before eating it in some kind of green-living, saving on consumption kick.

I think ti’s funny how everyone is fuckin’ crazy about saving the environment now, it’s everywhere I fucking look. Where all these people think they have a responsibility to save the fuckin’ world and that their using shitty overpriced lightbulbs or putting a brick in their toilet is going to make a fucking difference. I don’t like group though and that’s why I still don’t recycle. I am a garbage producer and the proof of that is in this site.

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