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Pink Red Bikini Jog of the Day

I got a Lesbian show at the strip club with my friend’s money this past weekend. The girls were fuckin’ bitches and money hungry because all these Americans came in with all their money for the UFC fight I didn’t go to and it turns out that American’s don’t have stripclubs quite like these stripclubs. The bitch wanted 40 dollars a song or a half hour for 400 dollars that ends with one of them squirting. I got into a debate about how squirting is a myth and whenever a girl actually squirts she’s really just pissing, so if I wanted to watch a girl piss, I’d just follow a homeless chick around. They told me that it wasn’t piss, and asked if the room smelled like piss, because she had just squirted all over the place and I told them that I didn’t know if it smelled like piss but it definitely smelled bad. They whispered something in French about how I was some kind of asshole who wasn’t going to pay them as much as the last guys tipped them, which was true because after they put on a staged dyke show, licked each others assholes and made me feel awkward because it was so bad and they wanted me to be so into it but I couldn’t perform, something I am used to, I ended it at one song because for another 40 dollars I could buy a couple more drinks that would give me more pleasure.

Lookin’ at Pink jogging in a bikini makes me wonder whether her lesbian sex is as bad as the stripper lesbian sex I saw, or whether she’s actually got a clit and by clit I mean dick big enough to penetrate her partner because without penetration, you’ve pretty much just got foreplay and there’s nothing exciting about that.

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Pink in a Bikini of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Here are some pictures of Pink in a bikini and I am tired of saying she’s a man, or she’s done a good job tucking her dick into her bikini or that it’s really funny whenever guys dress up in their girlfriends bikini while drunk on the resort or some shit…..

The truth is that Pink is not a man, she’s just ugly, and the only thing she’s got in common with a man is the fact that she likes licking pussy. She’s got pretty much no sex appeal whatsoever but I am sure she’s quite the hit in the lesbian bars because she’s obviously a fuckin’ bull dyke.

She can’t trick me with her lesbian lover who looks a lot like a dude, the pregnant man who was on Oprah ruined it for all the transgendered people out there, and we are onto you motherfucker. I was at a bar this weekend and some hipster weirdness in a pair of sparkley leggings and a maternity shirt was in the bathroom next to me. I called him out on being the pregnant dude from Oprah and he didn’t laugh he just looked at me in a way that screamed no matter how long they fight for their rights to be themselves, there’s still going to be a drunk Mexican dude to shit on them and the fruity way we dress.

That fact that she’s trying to look dainty and girlie in a bikini to prove that she’s the girl in the relationship doesn’t help their case. We’ve all heard her sing and normally when girls sing well it turns me on, because all I think about is that girl singing angelically in the bedroom and whenever I see a girl rockin’ a mic, all I think about is how it would be so fun to shove it up her ass while she’s sucking me off, but then again I always think about shoving things in girls’ asses when they’re sucking me off, it’s kind of a problem.

Unfortunately, when I look at Pink, the only thing I think about is clenching my ass so she doesn’t shove weird things into me and when she busts out in song with all her raspy feminist angst anthems, the only time I am willing to bring that into the bedroom is if I am trying to convince a hot lesbian that I used to be a chick and that this thing in my pants is just an over-sized clit, which is usually a pretty easy fucking sell because penises don’t come this small and because straight guys don’t listen to Pink. You should try it out.

The paparazzi are cocksuckers and are trying to take me down just as hard as they took these pictures of Pink that I had to take down because they are assholes but you can find them HERE

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Pink in a Bikini on a Boat of the Day

Here are some pictures of Pink celebrating being recently single by going out on a cruise alone and taking pictures of herself alone and getting her little hired homie to take a couple for her, because that’s what you do when you don’t have a husband to take pictures of you or with you anymore. It’s kinda like watching a recent widow accidentally buy two coffees at the coffee shop by force of habit…You do the same things you always did only you do them alone, like a self sufficient, empowered woman, who needs men kind of thing, even though Pink is kinda cheating the whole feminist movement by having a penis.

The good thing about Pink is that she can be your thinspiration. I went to the strip club with him last night and this anabolic fitness bodybuilder chick got up on stage. I am immediately disgusted by her 3 inch long clit that is bigger than your limp dick, but my friend tells me that she’s the reason he comes here 3 times a week because she has the body he’s been trying to get at the gym, so he takes her into the lap dance booth and she gives him work out tips.

I asked him if he’s going to get the implants by summer too, because grabbing her broad shoulders and chiseled biceps is pretty homo and getting implants would be the logical next step. He didn’t laugh, but between you and me, I hope he does because I’ll get to touch them whenever I want for free and even though touching my male friend’s fake tits seems gay, it’s way more fun than giving each other high fives or bro-hugs.

Either way, she’s in a bikini and some of you may dig that. It doesn’t make you gay, it just makes you weird.

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Carey Hart Celebrates Divorce with Pink of the Day

The big news of the day that no one cares about is that Pink and Carey Hart are officially getting a divorce. Based on this picture that was sent to me, Carey Hart is pretty hurt by it. I guess it is because Carey has decided to denounce his homosexuality, because as far as I’m concerned Pink’s no lesbian, she’s a man.
Either way, this is what her publicist had to say:

“Pink and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another, while the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger.”

I guess annoucing that Carey was just going through a weird experimental phase and has decided to go back to real vagina instead of the man-pussy he married wouldn’t be good for her career, since some people still think she’s a hot piece of ass and those people are the same kind of people who ask their wives and girlfriends to find their p-spot.

I guess you can’t be too bitter when your man realizes you’re a man and they aren’t down with that after years of deception or whatever the fuck else Pink did to trick dude on their first date to fuck her.

This is a lot like the time I was outside my building and my neighbor came home with a Tranny. I pulled him aside and told him that bitch was a man and he told me I was crazy. The next day, I got a knock on my door and he said “bitch was a man, you were right” and I asked what he did, thinking he beat her up and kicked her out for trickin’ her and he told me he fucked her. because he was in too deep and that they were going out again that night, because since he already did it once, he’s already got over the stigma of having sex with a tranny. If you know what I mean, which you do, because you felt the same way the first time you masturbated after years of convincing yourself it was the Devil’s Sport, until doing it and never stopping…seriously, it’s making me uncomfortable….

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I am – Pink is a Man in a Bikini of the Day


I am sure it’s tedious for you 6 assholes to read that Pink is a man, or that Pink is a lesbian, or that Pink is a bull dyke with a plastic dick she straps on and poses in front of the mirror with, stoking it while screaming and crying to god asking why he wronged her the way he did by blessing her with the gift of song and success but cheating her out of the one thing she really wanted…a dick, because I am tired of writing about it.

Lesbians generally don’t like me. The other week I met some girl who hadn’t been with a man in 5 years and I was working some drunken angle trying to convince her to make out with me. I have a thing about breaking people down and getting them to get busy with me, considering I smell like feces and am obese and she was convinced she was a ‘mo, I thought it’d be a challenge and despite being a lazy motherfucker, sometimes, alcohol makes me ambitious.

Anyway, I got the lesbian to make out with me and I was suckin’ her tit in the bar, but then she realized what she was doing and fucked off, never to be seen again, until the other day, when I had to shit and ran into some organic food restaurant because it was the nearest place and I figured organic hippie lesbians assholes would embrace my shit and want to get some use out of their composting toilets so that they can use my shit to help fertilize their organic garden next summer,

I walk in and the lesbian who’s tit I sucked was working the fuckin’ cash. I said hello and asked to use the washroom and she looked at me with disgust and asked me to leave. I guess she didn’t want a round 2, I would have totally let her play with my vagina-lookin’ broken penis.

BONUS – Pink Walking

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I am – Pink Wearing Pink of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Pink is so clever in the way she dresses because she’s wearing pink and her name is Pink. It’s like the time she dyed her hair pink like the raver she claims she was. I think I like that she’s wearing pink because it makes her ditch pig face believable because pigs, like Pink are pink.

I was trying to get home last night from being drunk and the whole street was in lock down. The media was there and about 15 cop cars and 30 cops. I asked the guys to interview me as a star witness because when I am drunk, I feel lying about crimes I didn’t see for the local news make for good times, but they didn’t want to bother with me. They did tell me that the crime all these cops were there for was because a cop shot a dog. Some homeless dude’s dog bit a female cop and she pulled out her gun and shot it. I tried to move into the scene to get my own video of how ridiculous the whole thing was and a cop got fucking aggressive with me. He was french and yelling at me to get the fuck away from where I was standing and I just said that I was lookin’ for my daughter’s dog and I wondered if he had seen in. That’s when I realized that dog killing cops have no sense of humor and motherfucker tried to arrest me.

Either way, Pink’s a fucking dog and should be shot. Here are her pics.

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I am – Pink Does Lady-Like Things of the Day


The great thing about Pink is how committed she is to pretending that she’s got a vagina, when we all know that bitch is packing the biggest pair of balls Cary Hart has ever seen. Here she is getting a manicure like every normal tranny because having nice nails distracts people from the bulge in her fucking thong.

I got no tranny stories for you today….so just look at the pictures and make up your own or remember that night you slipped up because you were so horny and knew bitch was a dude, but told your friends that you only figured it out after you sucked its dick….if you know what I mean…which you do because it’s your story not mine. Get it together asshole.

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I am – Pink is a Man in a Leotard of the Day


There was a time when I was really into leotards. I am not talking about when my stepdaughters were five and taking dance classes because that’s not the kind of guy I am, I am talking about when they started to hit the scene in the last couple of years. I remember in the 90s girls would wear these things called body suits that had snaps in the crotch and would pretty much be these tight fucking shirts that made a nice change in scenery from bitches in over-sized t-shirts. I was always fascinated by an article of clothing that touched the ass, pussy and tits all at the same time and I guess I carried that over into my life today. I remember convincing my stepdaughters to wear leotards and walk around the house in them because despite not being able to get hard, my love for clothing that touched tits, ass and pussy at the same time never changed…and as American Apparel started pumping more and more of them out and girls from all walks of life started wearing them daily, I became a happy man….

That was until today, when these pictures of Pink wearing a leotard pretty much disgusted me. Her broad manly shoulders and the penis bulge that I can only imagine she’s hiding behind that skirt thing of hers is about as sexy as prison rape and that is why I am posting them for you, because I know you have a fantasy for prison rape. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you a fag if no one knows you get off to men shoving their dicks in you violently….well, maybe it does…but just a little.

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I am – Pink Likes to Fly of the Day


I never found Pink even remotely hot. Everyone always busts Fergie’s balls for being a tranny, without taking the time to acknowledge the fact that Pink actually has a set of balls.

She may not realize how much of a fucking bull dyke she is but at least she realizes that she’s a fucking clown and is doing something about it by doing some theatrical shit that you’d only see in the circus. Even when bitch is publicly on a sex swing in bootyshorts spinning around in ways you’d only wish your girl would spin around for you, she still looks like my friend Tom and there’s really nothing hot about Tom, except for maybe his handlebar mustache, but I only think that’s hot because despite being 35, I never got a full enough beard to grow one of my own.

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