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I am – Rachel Ray and Megan Good See Through Shirts of the Day


So there’s nothing better than girls who don’t wear bras. I was walking down the street today and saw some bitch who thought she was on the set of Sex in the City, walking her dog in some kind of tube top party dress that exposed a lot of tit and the part that was covered was tight enough and thin enough for me to pretty much see her whole fucking tit. She wasn’t that hot, but the fact that she went in public that slutty without realizing she was being slutty made me happy.

I don’t know who Megan Good is, but she has amazing tits and I am glad she’s showing the to the world. I can’t really say the same thing for Rachel Ray because I know who she is and I don’t find anything worth talking about her, not ever the fact that she has more nipple than tit and that she’s built like the pile of dog shit I almost stepped on last night when drunk, but thank got I got my shit to together, a feeling anyone who has ever fucked her can’t really relate to…..

Here are the hot pics of Megan Good’s See Through Tits..

Here are the not hot pics of Rachel Ray, because to all thing good, we need a little to balance out the bad….and that’s what makes this post so emotionally stable. Cuddles

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Pics Via CelebSlam Because Other People Are More On the Ball than Me…

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