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Reese Witherspoon Tight Leggings of the Day

Reese Witherspoon Tight Leggings

Nothing makes me want to masturbate harder and with more hate than seeing Reese Witherspoon in leggings…

It’s like one of those things you’d put sex offenders in front of to try to sterilize them to get them to stop the rape…

The kind of thing that makes you look in the mirror and wonder what the fuck is wrong with you…what kind of person are you….who masturabtes to Reese Witherspoon..

It’s the thing to masturbate to that brings you great shame and self hatred, like when you used to masturbate to your mom’s dirty laundry hamper, sniffing the panties like the sick fuck you are…you know really into it…until you realize you just came all over your mom’s dirty panties…that you can’t rinse out, or wash she’ll notice…and if you leave your cum on it…she’ll wonder what the fuck is on her panties…and if you throw them out…she’ll wonder where they are….

You know real deep rooted shame you carry into your adulthood….


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Reese Witherspoon Panty Flash of the Day

Reese Witherspoon Floral Skirt Panty Flash

It’s interesting how the human mind works..

What is probably the least erotic thing I will see all day….like this Reese Witherspoon panty flash….

May very well be the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.

You know, there are Reese Witherspoon fetishists out there, maybe fans of CLUELESS, or whatever fucking move she’s been in thanks to seducing and scamming her agent and now husband who is the reason her career exists…I mean that and being knocked up by Ryan Philippe when she first started out…which went no where because he went no where…but like a good Christian she pivoted and moved onto bigger and better things…that probably require paying Philippe out…even though she’s not that hot, has never been that hot, all pig faced…

But this could be hot to you….despite not being hot to me.

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Elle VS Pam VS Reese Old Lady Bikinis of the DAy

Which girl over 100 fucking years do you like best….

Elle Macpherson….the model I used to jerk off to in 1989 when I first found Sports Illustrated swim when it still mattered….who still looks amazing because models know how to get rich guys and keep them…

Reese Witherspoon who you never jerked off to but who was the chubby, and now still chubby, chronic jogger, who trapped Ryan Philippe, stole his career, won an Oscar, married her Agent like a dirtbag, and made stupid fucking money while pretending to love JESUS…when really she loves fame, and money and eating..

Or Pam Anderson..tits you jerk off to for being naked trashy, with trashy tits, who influenced strippers everywhere…aging in a weird way thanks to years of hepatitis she’s cured and plastic surgery rot…an icon no more…

My vote is with ELLE…CAST YOUR VOTE…

Elle Macpherson in a Bikini of the Day


Pam Anderson in a Bikini of the Day


Reese Witherspoon in a Bikini of the Day


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Reese Witherspoon and Benedict Cumberbatch Kissing for the Oscar Nominations of the Day

So the Oscar nominations came out HERE

Reese Witherspoon and Benedict Cumberbatch are nomanated, so I figured I’d post this month old video from the New York Times of them Kissing…

I think the whole celebration of over commercialized, overpaid, overpriced shit starring people who have already won the scam…is very obnoxious…but people in the industry feel like the Oscars are actually accurate in terms of best performances….

I saw Foxcatcher, it was fine, I was fingering a 27 year old over her jeans while she was busy being creeped out by Steve Carrell…instead of me…

I saw Boyhood, it was interesting, I call it the birth of a hipster….and liked the concept…but was mad I wasn’t fingering a 27 year old over her jeans while trying to ignore Mark Ruffalo’s weirdo voice…

So here’s Steve Carrell vs Laura Dern from the same series kissing…just because I missed it a month ago..

See all the videos HERE

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Reese Witherspoon Topless in some Movie of the Day

Reese Witherspoon busted out her mom of 4 tits for a movie she’s trying to win another Oscar in, all thanks to her agent husband who needs this win for another 100,000,000 dollar payday….because she’s a good Christian and realizes that it’s okay to make an idol out of yourself, it is okay to get naked for a big payday when you pretend your art is your god given talent, because you’re so full of your own bullshit, and your head is so far up your own fucking ass, because making millions and millions of dollars to live in really expensive houses and a life of Luxury is exactly what Jesus is all about…

Hollywood people are the fucking worst…full of shit lies…but at least she’s showing her tits for Jesus…

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Reese Witherspoon Housewife Porn for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

Reese Witherspoon is channeling some of her Pleasantville roots in this shoot for Harper’s Bazaar that scream “Stepford Wife Erotica”….you know 1950s scandals involving little Jesus freaks moving to Hollywood to get famous, only to get knocked up on set, and pressuring the guy who knocked her up to man-up and be a dad to their kid, while creating more kids, like some pushy self serving bitch with her own agenda….only to do a series of shit movies, before an Oscar winning movie, that probably happened after she left said husband she had all the babies with on set of a movie they worked on like a little slut….for her agent…because fucking the people who make money off you…just makes sense…

I never found her hot, or exciting, and I am going to assume you don’t either…but someone must….because why else does she exist? Maybe she’s right, and the lord she pretend to cherish and obey, even though she’s a heathen, hollywood, false idol, who lives a lavish and exclusvie celebrity lifestyle, proving she is full of shit…not that you needed proof…she’s Hollywood – it’s kinda what they do…

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Reese Witherspoon in Tights of the Day

Want to know something that I don’t like…Reese Witherspoon in a pair of tights.

I also don’t really like that back before she was really famous, she got knocked up on set of Cruel Intentions and instead of an abortion like a normal girl getting knocked up, she made Ryan Philippe commit and make her 12 more babies, that’s the way good southern Christians work…it reminds me that at any given time – my unprotected sex may end up a living hell. She’s the poster girl for that…but the good new is that girls aren’t dumb enough to have my kid, and more importantly, it all worked out pretty well for Philippe. Reese got really fucking famous, we’re talking A-List…and probably bankrolls his broke ass because pretty boys don’t last forever…they are easily replaced…

So looking at this mom ass doesn’t excite me…it may excite you…it’s better than any ass you’ve had…and those girls weren’t even moms…they were just fat and half retarded and lonely…

But this mom ass represents hope…of a better tomorrow…


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