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Rosanna Arquette on the Beach of the Day

Trying to look up Rosanna Arquette’s beach surong, and I really have no idea why….it probably has to do with it being a slow day in my celebrity pussy digging….or maybe because deep down in my subconscious, I want to fuck her tranny sex change brother , but that’s really no secret….I mean compared to her 51 year old body…it’s not my fault I’d be drawn to her younger more vibrant “sister”….

Ok, enough of this…I need to find something to cleanse these horrible unchristian thoughts…

Not that I’d seriously ever fuck a tranny, I’d just let them give me head, it’s so not gay that way.

I don’t know what I’m talking about, I guess Rosanna Arquette just has that affect on me…

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I am – Rosanna Arquette on the Beach of the Day


I like people who swim with their shirts on. I feel like I already wrote about this, but it’s fresh in my mind because I saw a movie where all these good looking assholes were out by the pool doing whatever it is people by the pool do, I’m taking cocktails and cigars and bitches in bikinis with huge tits spilling out of their tops and shit, but there was this lonely fat guy in the corner wearing a fucking t-shirt in the pool. I never understood whether it was out of courtesy to not make the other people at the party disgusted or if it was personal disgust that they couldn’t deal with showing off the state they let themselves get to… I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I can tell you that Rosanna Arquette is probably hiding the fact that her aging ass isn’t what it once was. With age comes menopause and other exciting things that make a woman like her stop fucking and take up something more interesting like Toll Painting or fucking crotchet. I haven’t got issues with a fat middle aged celebrity hiding her soft spots, but I do have issues with them rockin’ sports bras, but that’s probably cuz I can’t accept the lie she’s telling with her outfit. We all know bitch hasn’t seen a gym since 1998 when she was hot and unfortunately for her toll painting and crotchet isn’t a fucking sport….I don’t know where I am going with this but I do know that she is suckin in her gunt like her brother is a tranny going for the whole operation, tryin to suck in his dick by cutting it off, too bad for him that he doesn’t have the same issues as you that would allow him to keep his cock because it’s so fucking small no bulge would show in his mini-skirts….CUDDLES….

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