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Samantha Fox is Still Alive of the Day

In the 80s, Samantha Fox was a big deal. If you were one of the few guys who didn’t find her the hottest pussy around, you’d get beat up for being a faggot, even though by today’s standards she is just a trashy piece of shit with fat tits, because as a species we have come to terms with the fact that big tits aren’t enough to make a bitch relevant…

Either way, Here’s some of her old pics….

And Here’s her video called Naughty Girls from the 1980s

And Here she is today, with substantially smaller tits, even though her tits were all people cared about, I guess it’s just proof that aging sucks…..especially for her…because we’ve all moved onto new pussy while leaving her with just memories of what was….

Pics via LFI

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Samantha Fox Donates Her Old Bra to Charity of the Day

If you’re wondering why it took me so long to update the site, it is is simple, my wife has been trying to have sex with me for the last 15 hours and I’ve been awake and trying to avoid it as best as I can.

Bitch is going through menopause, which for any average man, would mean he doesn’t have to bang his old withered vagina of a wife anymore and you’d think that now we can grow old together watching shows like Murder She Wrote or whatever the fuck menopausal people do.

Unfortunately for me, my wife is a greasy fat fuck and no matter how dried up she gets in theory, her body is always clammy or slippery to touch. Not to mention her vagina is so big you could store a pair of winter boots in there to warm them up and she wouldn’t even know, making her pretty easy to stick it in under all circumstances, so it turns out that even Menopause hates me.

Here are some pictures of the original big breasted UK Galmor model, Samantha Fox, the one who paved the way for people like Jordan and Abi Titmuss and all the other useless UK slags you’ve been jerking off to. She showed her tits in the 80s and I jerked off to them and now she’s menopausal and giving away her bra to charity because she doesn’t need it anymore, she’s upgraded to one of those skin color harnesses they only sell to elderly women at Sears….I guess to be fair she’s not that old….she just looks it….and that won’t stop you..

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I am – Throwback Topless Samantha Fox of the Day

Samantha Fox

Yesterday I got in a street fight with one of those college cunts that stand around trying to get you to sign some worthless petition for animal rights, greenpeace, whatever. They usually come in pairs, work 5 hours for $2/hr, which means they have to be trust-fund fuckers from Connecticut who just didn't feel like the office internship daddy setup. Instead, they decided to work on their tan while boosting their resume with "humanitarian" bullshit, and use that hard earned 10 dollars for a cab back to their parents' city penthouse getaway.

I was on my way to the bank to cash my hooker-relapse check, when this blonde petition bitch says something about "Do you want to help Gay Rights?" I ignore her because i got places to go. Behind my back petition bitch mutters "Fine, Ignore me." I went into fuck you mode.

I told her "That's your job, to be ignored. I support gay rights by not voting for Republicans. I don't have time to sign your useless petition because i got rent to pay. And that comment behind my back was pretty fucking tactless." I stormed away and petition bitch was stunned. Pussies like her never expect people to fight back.

I was still angry and called my guy friend who works down the street and vented about that little twat. An hour later, he calls me back and said he dragged petition bitch behind a dumpster and raped her. I don't like rape jokes, but I liked that one.

Here is Samantha Fox being blonde like that petition bitch. This Brit is an old playmate from 1993, who got her 'modeling' career started at 16 in 1983 when her mom sent pictures she took of Samantha posing in lingerie on her bed to some newspaper. Classy (at least my mom didn't introduce me to my pimp). She had some sort of music career with a hit called "Touch Me, I want your Body." Now go touch yourself because you want her body the way it was back then so you can ram each and every opening with your virgin prick.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)

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