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Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson in Bikini of the Day

I’ve met both Samantha Ronson and Nicole Richie and they both hate me enough to block me on Facebook and Twitter and that would hurt me if I actually found them interesting enough to hang out with, cuz even in their bikinis, they’re just a couple of low level cunts, spoiled, elitist, adopted by a musicians cuz their real dads don’t give a fuck about them for valid reasons, but at least they found each other, hustle..

Nicole Richie who led DJ AM to an early grave by calling off the wedding, and getting knocked up by a good charlotte sister, Sam Ronson who has led Lohan to a similar fate….making me want to stay away even though I love all bitches in their bikinis…

So here are some shitty people living shitty lives and here are the pics….

To See the Rest of the Pics

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Lindsay Lohan’s Dyke Lover Has a New Pussy of the Day

I have issues with Lindsay Lohan, soon to be just “Lindsay”, cuz she’s disassociating from her woman beating father by dropping his last name, good hustle idiot…

Those issues are really just one issue and that is that we were friendly, she used to text me everyday, but her stupid lesbian, unattractive, opportunist cunt who was literally riding her to the top, turned on me cuz I made fun of her, and I guess wanted to show me who the boss of Lohan was….or maybe it had nothing to do with that…but I know that on some level she ruined my chances of being Lohan, soon to be just Lindsay’s purse carrying friend who follows her around everywhere she goes. Instead, Lohan unfollowed me on Twitter, changed her number, went to rehab and now has nothing to do with me.

She had Lohan, soon to be jus Lindsay in her back pocket. She’d throw her around and get her to do anything she wanted, while having these blow-out fights, I’d somehow always end up being involved in and the whole thing was boring two years when it went down, probably more boring to read now…it was the glory days motherfuckers….

I’m just trying to say she’s a manipulative cunt with no talent who ruined Lohan soon to be Lindsay, and now she’s onto new pussy, who I can assume is going to be famous soon, which may not be news to anyone, cuz most of the world doesn’t know who she is, but it is just proof that Lohan soon to be Lindsay should have stuck it out with me…cuz I got nothing going on and would have been happy just sniffing her dirty panties all day…with no drama…

Either way, I hate Lindsay Lohan’s manly dyke who brain washed her into UNFOLLOWING ME….

-To See The Make Out Pic – If you care about ugly dykes crying for attention –
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Samantha Ronson’s Got New Pussy of the Day

It looks like Samantha Ronson grew out her beard, put on her trademark hat and made an official public appearance with her new pussy now that Lohan and her are rumored to not be together anymore. I think it’s nice to see her coming out of her shell by not hiding her hormone therapy and really coming to terms with her and her ambiguous sexuality because in her case it really is a genetic thing because she is a twin and if you’ve seen pictures of her mother you’d be surprised her uterus was sober enough to get the right amount nutrients and growth hormones to not give birth to a pile of muddy flesh.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s 1 am Massage of the Day

In being a total cunt of a celebrity who thinks she is more important than the rest of the world because she was in a few shitty movies when she was a kid, but who the media fixated on for so long, inflating her ego, who virtually has no money and is a millionaire at best, who lives with her girlfriend who is from a wallet fuckin’ groupie mother, who is definitely a rich kid, but not as rich as you think they are, they are just the kind of rich kid who show off their shit, flaunt their shit and live like fuckin’ pigs who are excessive to feed their useless miserable mooching existence with things they buy with money that they barely earned for themselves, because their daddies didn’t hug them enough when they were kids, all while treating normal people like shit, because they are too into themselves to be conscious of other people, like this poor fuckin’ massage girl who they called at 1 am, because someone is high maintenance and needs a massage “This fucking second” and the whole thing disgusts me.

I mean unless this bitch gives rub and tugs in which case a 1 am massage makes total fuckin’ sense, but she doesn’t look Asian or Russian, so I’m thinkin’ this is more about being a diva and less about getting off on a drunken late night where you can’t find pussy to call your own.

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Samantha Ronson Spins at a Stripclub of the Day

Samantha Ronson DJed the stripclub opening Pam Anderson was at and I wonder if she found love for 10 dollars a song like I have so many times.

I always laugh when I see lesbians at the stripclubs I go to, they are usually really fat, manly, horny bitches who all the strippers flock to because they feel less violated when something that claims to have a pussy slaps their ass, despite the fact that there’s no real proof she’s a woman, and really all evidence points to penis.

They always seem to be out of control, drunk, screaming, annoying, flashing the strippers their tits, putting money in their mouths and laying on stage, eager to get pussy and it is like watching an obese person at the all you can eat buffet, knee deep in mash potatos, if you know what I mean. It’s one of thoseKaty Perry lesbian fantasy killer situations that makes all the guys in the club hate that she’s stealing the limelight….

On a sidenote, is this the end for Ronson, I mean all the stripclub DJs I’ve ever seen are pretty bottom of the fucking barrel, does leaving Lohan mean a life of awkward parties, stripclubs and back alley abortion clinics, you know bringing music to ease the pain of killing your unwanted fetus.

On another sidenote, I am sure she got paid 20,000 dollars to do this, and the place I go, the DJ only gets paid in handjobs.

Let’s do one more sidenote, I hate you.

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Some Lindsay Lohan Ronson Crisis Footage of the Day

I remember a time my wife wasn’t too fat to get her period. Those were horrible fucking weeks building up to the shit. Not because it meant no sex with her, because that was something I fucking celebrated, but it meant that she would be fucking nuts.

I can’t imagine what throwing drug, alcohol, insanity, lebsianism to the mix, but the whole thing is pretty fucking funny. Not cuz I hate Lohan or Ronson, but because I hate drama and their lives are so fucking stupid, makes for good times.

I’ve texted both of them, they didn’t answer, I don’t like being ignored or stood up via the internet. Cunts.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Girlfriend Looks Like Her Dad of the Day

I got this email:

this is why lindsay and sam are together…because sam looks like lindsay’s dad.

i’m no scientist…but i think lindsay might need some therapy to heal her issues with her dad…so she doesn’t date chicks that look like him.

that’s sick babe.

comparison pic attached…

Now I am no a scientist either, but I don’t think this is an issue of science, I mean it’s definitely not the cure to addiction or HIV, but it is common for girls to date dudes who look or remind them of their fathers. I guess when their dad’s are total fucking fuck ups who I hate and don’t even know, they turn to pussy, but I guess they just can’t break free from going for what they know.

It’s no secret that Lohan is hopped up on the booze and drugs she snorts as a result of having horrible parents and no childhood making her this weak scared victim, it’s also no secret that Sam Ronson looks like a man, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Ronson looks like’ Mike Lohan, but it wouldn’t be a shock if we found out she was one of his many love children he doesn’t know exist because he was blacked out from substance abuse and Dina Lohan’s annoying demands.

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Samantha Ronson is Too Nice to the Paparazzi of the Day

I am going to take a wild guess here and assume that the Paparazzi didn’t graduate Journalism with Honors back in College. Maybe it’s because they are immigrants who get paid a dollar a day to throw out their broken english while stalking celebrities, maybe it’s gotta do with them being the scum of the fucking earth most likely petty ex drug dealers trying to get legit and jumping on a make money fuckin’ quick scheme, but asking Samantha Ronson if she still loves Lohan is really just a useless fucking question. Firstly, she’s going to obviously say yes, secondly, who gives a fuck, I mean I want to hear about the reason for the fight, I have a feeling it was over what all couples fight about….deciding on matching tattoos, or maybe it was about who paid the last cable bill, or even about something a little deeper than that like over what movie their going to watch when they get back to the hotel room, but more importantly, I want to hear about the make-up sex, in detail, possibly in video.

Either way, it’s nice to see Ronson tell them paparazzi off, because she’s usually pretty calm/quiet and nice about things, so telling them that their question was stupid is a big step. I expected more out of her, she’s supposed to be a lesbian and lesbian are usually a lot angrier than this, at least when directed at me for asking them for a blowjob because I do not believe they are actually lesbians because everyone knows lesbians don’t exist, they are just rape victims and girls with daddy issues or seeking attention in clubs, and are scared of the cock and forced to an alternative lifestyle until they get over that shit….

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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Have a Fight on New Year’s of the Day

I guess things are rocky in the world of fake celebrity lesbian relationships that were set up as a publicity stunt and that are now getting hard to keep up because the dying need for penis, because here’s a video of Lohan bitching out Ronson at Mansion on New Year’s. I am sure Ronson deals with this shit everyday, because Lindsay is one of those high maintenance, unstable, needy bitches you’d only date if it mean you’d make 3,000,000 dollars a year while with them. The funniest thing in this video is that they aren’t fighting about coke, or jealousy, they are fighting over me and by me I mean over who used up all the coke. I just have that affect on fake celebrity relationships.

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Samantha Ronson Makes 3 Million Dollars a Year of the Day

Everyone is freaking out about Samantha Ronson making 3,000,000 dollars a year as a DJ and claim that she’s only getting the 25,000 dollar a gig price because club promoters think she’s going to be carting Lohan around with her and is pretty much using Lohan to get the big payout, but bars and clubs are fucking sketchy business, run by the mafia to launder money and there’s tons of cash that needs to go around and get accounted to prevent people from going to jail, so people in the bar industry have always spent tons of money on various DJs, acts, parties, hosts, whatever, because they have tons of cash to do it, whether celebrities are involved in the mix or not….

Sure, more mainstream people know who she is now and care about who is DJing the party more than they used to, but that’s why these celeb DJs exist. People don’t know if someone can mix a record together well or not, they care about who is mixing that record and if they recognize any of the songs the DJ is playing so they can get on the table and dance around like idiots while singing along….

I snuck into a Ronson party last year when they were just rumored being together and shit was fucking packed with chachi motherfuckers who bought bottle after fucking bottle in some sea of cheese that made me want to kill myself, and that made the club a couple hundred thousand dollars, so why shouldn’t the DJ who people came out to see, see some of that money since the club was pushing her as “Lohan’s possible Girlfriend” to sell tickets. Seems fair to me….

A few years ago, DJ AM was in town and he got paid over 100,000 dollars to play one night with Nicole Richie when they were fucking, and he also has a million dollar deal with a Vegas club to play on a weekly basis. That’s 1 million dollars to work one day a week for a year. He also owns two night clubs and a management company that represents a bunch of these celeb/mainstream DJs who all get paid between 10k and 30k a gig, depending on when and where. So he laughs at the 3,000,000 dollars Ronson makes, while counting the 15 or 20 million dollars he probably makes doing the same thing….

I know this because a promoter wanted to organize a birthday party for the site, and I wanted celebrity DJs there because I thought it would be funny to throw shit at them while they DJed and not getting kicked out since it was my fucking party and I’ll throw ice at the overpriced celebrity DJ if I want to, so I reached out to the booking agents, and the cheapest quote I got was 15,000 dollars for any of them on an off night, like a Sunday or Monday. So instead of getting the funding to throw pies at AM while he Djayed, the idea was flushed down the toilet.

So these people make fucking bank,they party and drink all night, play music, fuck hot chicks and travel the world and people come out to dance to their boring, sweet sixteen, mainstream sets, but at least they are doing something for the party, unlike the time Paris Hilton came to town, she got paid 80,000 dollars and a bunch of coke to show up to an event, Hilary Duff, Christina Aguilera, Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Marissa Miller, P Diddy, and a lot more celebs have rolled through here and they all cost more than 25,000 dollars a night and they just sit around for an hour pretending to drink before heading back to the hotel, so to put it all in perspective, it’s really not all that crazy, even if 95% of their sets is playing other people’s music….and what it all comes down to is that we’re idiots struggling to pay our rent because we didn’t have the foresight to get on this DJ train and date a celebrity of our owne, while Ronson laughs her way to the bank….

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