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Sarah Silverman in Masters of Sex of the Day

I didn’t realize that Sarah Silverman, or as I like to call her Anne Franck, is a serious actress now, who gets naked in lesbian love affairs on TV…

I always thought she was the ugly, gross, disgusting to look at Comedian, who for some reason, has made it on various “Hot” lists in the past, because I guess people found her hot. I’ve even met people who thought she was hot, and I’ve had conversations with them about how they are just saying that because they are Jewish and she’s Jewish and they have to by some Jewish code….her existing in Hollywood for her comedy was fine, but to put her in any “babe” even “hottest comedian” was tragic joke in and of itself, but the real tragedy in this comedy, is that now that she’s old, tired and showing her big sloppy tits on TV…and I am not even torn or distracted by tits, I’m like “put your damn shirt back on funny girl”….

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Sarah Silverman and Other Ugly Chicks Full Frontal Nudity in Take This Waltz of the Day

Seeing Sarah Silverman naked is one of the most unfortunate things that has happend to this site…possibly the most unfortunate things to have happened to the internet…

You see one thing I hate is when ugly chicks are celebrated as hot, Sarah Silverman, being ugly, yet she was always on hot lists….at firt I wondered if I was the only one who saw a fat, shitty tit, ugly horse face cunt who isn’t even funny, but who is obvious….past her prime….and even her prime wasn’t prime in the grand scheme of things…just better than now…..even though now is the time she decided to get naked….what a mess…a mess her fans are hard about….horrible….

Michelle Williams and Jennifer Podemski are also naked in this movie….What kind of man hating lesbian who appreciates girls for their personalities cast this shit….

Here are the unfortunate clip:

This just doesn’t make sense….and I can’t un-see it….but the good news is I like seeing all girls naked….even ones I fear…

Here are the other 2 clips I’ve got….

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Sarah Silverman is Not Hot, She’s Disgusting of the Day

One of the most annoying things I hear when it comes to celeb pussy is when a motherfucker says Sarah Silverman is hot. She’s built like a dump truck, and not a nice modern dump truck with air conditioning and other luxuries, I’m talking a dump truck you’d find in some backwoods field used to transport sheep shit.

She’s got no redeeming qualities, I would hate to see her naed. Her shoulders are broad, her face is horse-like and bucked, and her legs and ass look handicapped and fat….

So as much as she can make a motherfucker laugh, she can’t make him cum, she has no sex appeal and even with the most intense and professional blowjob skills that helped her get this career, if you”d get down with this, you may want to see your therapist, cuz you are probably faggot.

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Kelly Osbourne Was the Scariest Thing at the Scream Awards of the Day

Unlike all the fat chicks out there amazed that Kelly Osbourne started working out and lost all kind of fatness to every part of her body but her ankles and head, I am not impressed by her skinny, if anything I find it kinda awkward looking.

She was never hot and despite the happy glow she perspires now that she’shigh on endorphines, instead of being high on chips, cake, chocolate and sleeping pills mixed with uppers mixed with ADD medication mixedd with anti anxiety medication….like all Hollywood trash….she still looks like fucking shit to me.

Proving that sometimes new found confidence for fat chicks turned skinny, although pretty good at ended with blowjobs as they are making up for lost time when dicks didn’t visit their barnyard pussies, are always fucking fat chicks…even when they aren’t fat anymore…cuz fat is a state of fucking mind…and this little phase Osbourne is going through will pass….not that anyone will notice cuz either way…she’s busted….

Here she is scaring everyone at the Scream awards where she won scariest pussy at the event according to me….

Sarah Silverman was a close fucking second….It amazes me that I have seen this pig on “hot” lists by magazines…to me that makes any publication lose any credibility…she shouldn’t even make it on a top 100 hottest Jewish women comedians….even if there aren’t 100 comedians…she’s a sadder lookin’ pussy any pussy that juse realized she had sex with me…and that may not mean much to you…but it’s pretty sad….I have no idea why she has the confidence to wear tight shorts while showing off her pig legs in panyhose…..but I can only assume it’s gotta do with sacrificing herself for content….and I guess who fucking cares.

I am pretty sure I coulda taken a better angle with the Scream Awards…like by posting the bitches who were there who I actually want to see naked…but I make no sense….

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Sarah Silverman in her One Piece of the Day

This is the worst joke Sarah Silverman has ever made. She looks so bad and I get that sometimes ugly people like to play it up and make a joke out of it since everyone is already feeling awkward and laughing on the inside, but seriously, this is painful…more painful than any annoying fart joke she’s made…

I’ve always found this bitch to be a hack. I thought her jokes were obvious and intentional cries for attention, I hated when people gave her credit but worst of all, people actually used to say she was hot and that was just fucking strange…cuz fat guys get pussy with jokes, not the other way around….

To See More Pictures – FOllow This Link

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Sarah Silverman Kissing a Guy of the Day

The only thing funny about Sarah Silverman is the fact that she’s managed to land a dude willing to kiss her in public for the paparazzi.

She is disgusting and there is no way she’s not paying this dude to pretend to be her boyfriend, or maybe he’s just doing it because he knows idiots everywhere think she’s God’s gift to Comedy…but either way…there is a tradeoff and this isn’t something he really wants to be doing…

I hate that people love this pig of a woman because they are told she’s funny and don’t actually have a brain of their own to realize that she’s just a really ugly chick trying to get noticed who is just fucking annoying to listen to, because if they admitted that they wouldn’t fit in with their peers, they’d be going against the cool kids and there would be no hope for them to make it in America….

See girls aren’t aren’t supposed to look like men in wigs, it’s okay to find this sick to look at and to find their jokes basic and obvious…. It’s okay to hate her for everything she represents…Sarah Silverman is not a cool thing to be into..you can stop making her money now.

Here are pics that can’t be passed of as a joke, they are too traumatic…

Pics via Bauer

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Sarah Silverman Ruins Lesbian Fantasies of the Day

I hate Sarah Silverman partially because she is fucking ugly but also because I never thought she was funny despite the world buying into her whole “be as gross and as inappropriate as possible” comedy. I just thought she had solid marketing behind her and since the world are a bunch of fucking spineless sheep with no opinion of their own, it made sense for them to find her funny, or at least say they do, so that they fit into the miserable conversation their coworkers have in the office.

But then again, I hate all female comedians, not because I don’t think vagina can be funny, but because they are all fucking dykes, or desperate fat chicks to begin with, and I fucking hate dykes and fat chicks. They are the breed of people that I pretend don’t exist, and I’d rather spend my time laughing at my bad jokes I tell hot little college girls in efforts to get them to show me their vaginas….

I guess in Sarah Silverman’s defense, she has been involved in a really funny joke at least once, and that was when I overheard a group of guys talking about how hot she is and they were fucking serious…I don’t know what kind of fucking guy is turned on by a girl solely based on her comedy, or why someone would think there is anything attractive about this big bushed, sloppy tit, who fucks Jimmy Kimmel pussy, but I can only blame the same Marketing campaign that got her a career.

Here she is trying to be funny, pretending to be a lesbian for the camera and it is really just a reminder that all my lesbian fantasies are NEVER what actual lesbianism is like. Actual lesbianism is a disgusting thing and that depresses me…..

Pics via Bauer

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Sarah Silverman is Fucking Ugly of the Day

Thank god they are funny, or that people think they are funny, because I don’t find them funny, but they are fucking ugly….maybe half of the laughs they get are from people awkwardly trying to process the mess that they are lookin’ at. You know, like the time I went to the hospital to visit a friend of mine who had been in a car accident and everytime people I knew warned me how offensive the sight was, I’d go into hysterics, or even like the time I couldn’t stop laughing when a friend of mine confessed to be about being raped violently by a masked man, leaving me feeling awakward knowing that I was the guy who raped her, hey, she was wearing a short skirt and totally was into it when it happened, don’t judge, I did the noble thing andconfessed to her a couple years later and she took it pretty well considering, you know she didn’t press charges or anything….but I haven’t been getting her annual Christmas cards or birthday phone calls, so she could be a little upset about it…..

I don’t know what I am saying, I am so fucking confused and distracted by the way these two look….

Bonus – That’s Not Really a Bonus – Because More Pics of this Cunt is More Like a Punishment – But Luckily So Is Everything On the Site – So I’m Sticking With Bonus – More Pics of Her….

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Sarah Silverman at the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards of the Day

I wasn’t too surprised to see these pictures of Sarah Silverman at the Gay Awards, but I was expecting Kimmel to be there too, because you’d have to be gay to stick your dick into this bitch, but then again I guess what he does isn’t really considered media, it’s more of a late night informercial than a talk show. He probably pays ABC to give him that time slot because there’s no way they’re paying for his shit. He’s just another Ron Popeil, only difference is that Popeil has more talent, which isn’t saying much but it’s saying something.

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Sarah Silverman Sings With her Vagina and Ass of the Day

Everyone finds this bitch hysterical and I don’t see the funny in what she does, what I do know is that her shoulders are so fucking broad she probably didn’t land much cock growing up and that’s why she’s overcompensating, kinda like the funny fat kid in the back of the class who makes everyone laugh so he always gets invited to parties instead of made fun of and left in the corner where he belongs, and sometimes the hot chick decides to fuck him when she’s wasted because he makes her laugh.

I was never that guy because I am not funny, I am just an asshole and that usually makes one other asshole laugh while just hurting the feelings of person I am making for of and that doesn’t get you invited to the parties, but this isn’t about me, what it’s about is Silverman.

This is her stupid act that involves her disgusting vagina and ass singing along with her. It is harmless and would go over huge at a frat party meaning that you’ll probably like it because you are a loser. I always thought girls thinking their pussies having a mind of their own was kinda cute, but the thought of Sarah Silverman’s ass or pussy makes me think scary things, that don’t involve singing but do involve a weird alien creature crawling out of the shit like some kind of miscarriage gone wrong and grabbing you by the dick and forcing you inside.

I know you really like the idea of an ass and pussy talking because in your fantasy they are convincing their host to give you a shot, an while you’re in there they give you words of encouragement as to just how good of a job you are doing. When the truth is that if Vagina could talk, they’d all be begging you to stop poking them there and screaming for help while the woman they belong to is passed out in the back of a cab and you’re taking advantage of the situation. You’re such an opportunist and I guess I have no choice but to respect that.

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I am – Gay Porn Moment of the Day


I hate this Sarah Silverman bitch. She looks like shit and is about as funny as the rash on my balls that won’t go away. I know to other people a rash on my balls that won’t go away could cause a good fucking laugh, but the bleeding, burning and infection I have to deal with daily makes it not very funny at all. Watching her make lame shit and piss jokes that she thinks are fucking hysterical and that were kinda pushing the limit and were better than anything that fat gay dude from Hollywood Squares with the red plastic glasses could do it still makes me question my sexuality, because if there are women like that in the world I don’t know if I can look at vagina the same way ever again. Since I am impotent, I guess the fact that I don’t get it up kinda makes me asexual and reality is that there are so many amazing girls in the world that I wouldn’t give up on a whole race because of one bad apple, so in my mind I’ll just pretend this slut has a dick, which isn’t too much of a stretch.

On the same note, Jessica Biel is more ripped than Paris Hilton’s vagina after the night she spent with Rick Solomon in the hotel room that she’ll never live down. That shit will follow her for life like her herpes but this post is about Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman, two dudes in women’s clothing, trying to make you laugh but almost making out on MTV and how there is nothing hot about that unless you’re a motherfucker who likes tranny porn. Obviously there are a lot of tranny porn lovers out there because porn companies make this shit and I can only assume that the 15 of you fuckers who read this site are probably in that market because I attract the fucking winners.

Either way, this is your Gay Porn Moment of the day because if these bitches don’t have dicks, I will be fucking surprised. Don’t let their tits deceive you. Remember that they have ruined a hot fantasy of girl on girl that may never have the same appeal it once had….

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