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Sharon Stone 1000 Year Old Tits of the Day

Sharon Stone showing off her tits in a string bikini the day before she turns 60

I remember when Sharon Stone was a pussy lip flash in a skirt in the early 90s, when porn wasn’t accessible, that lead to a lot of trouble renting the VHS of the tape, but not as much trouble as trying to pause the tape at the precise pussy flash moment to jerk off to the pussy….it took real artistry and skill to lock it in so that it wasn’t a pixelated mess…

That was a long time ago, way long ago, a thing of the past..shit that is in film history books it happened so long ago, but for some reason, I don’t think anyone has told Sharon Stone that it’s long gone…because she’s still out there doing it…

Is this a woman thinking she’s still hot, or a woman who knows she’s not who just threw in the towel and doesn’t give a fuck…

I guess we will never know. We’ll just watch it fall apart as gay men date her or sugar baby them, because why not, it’s a good life being a gigolo…if you can pull it off.


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Sharon Stone in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s a spread legged Sharon Stone unlike the Sharon Stone I used to pause the VHS of Basic Instinct while spread legged…..to stare at her hot actress pussy in the early 90s….

But rather an older, expired, Sharon Stone, who I would still go down on just to taste all the wonderful places that pussy has been, you know for the story..

She’s 60…and pretty good for 60…something I’ve rarely said…because some menopausal women allow you to see the benefits of menopause…like cumming in them at all times… and I assume it’s from not having kids, but apparently she’s got 3 kids…so it’s just from being a vain, superficial, model from the 70s…and some humans are better than others..

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Sharon Stone Shopping Weirdness of the Day

I don’t know what this Sharon Stone picture is….but apparently it’s how Sharon Stone shops…it looks like it is from some video, maybe a movie, and I guess the panties exposed, are competing with her no-bra – because she never wears a bra nipples…

Now, Sharon Stone may be old as fuck. She may have had a career that goes back 3 even 4 decades where she played the hot chick, who may or may not has been celebrated as an actor, but who has definitely been celebrated as a babe…a babe who still gets it…show your pussy, show your tits, fuck everything….get work…make money..so that you can get naked enough in stores everywhere…because you’re Sharon Stone…

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Sharon Stone Old Hard Nipples of the Day

She may be old as fuck, but she’s still got nipples and that’s more than Angelina Jolie can say for herself….yes that was an Amputate your Tits before you get breast cancer joke…even though Breast cancer is not a joke..if anything it fucks with my business…and either are Sharon Stone’s nipples even if Sharon Stone is a bit of a joke…being old as fuck, yet still rocking’ no underwear like this was Basic Instinct…interesting hustle…


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Sharon Stone Old Lady Bikini Pics of the Day

I would say that Sharon Stone is scary, especially in her bikini, because she’s old as fuck, but I kinda like it. I mean sure she’s gone through menopause, and probably 100s of men, giving her a vagina that is probably better to look at in slow motion and zoom watching the Basic Instinct DVD, I mean if you’re scared of an old used pussy, which I’m not…

The fact is, she walks around in see through shirts she just doesn’t give a fuck, almost like senile bitch, confused as fuck, at the grocery store in her underwear, only a little more refined and on luxury vacations, spreading her twat in a bikini, because she’s already put herself out there, and now, as she falls apart, is public domain, ready to be stared at by anyone willing to stare at her…and I am pretty ready to stare at her…

To see you the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Sharon Stone’s See Through Shirt of the Day

Sharon Stone may be old as fuck…her pussy flash may be 2 decades ago or more…a pussy flash we’ve all masturbated to…her face may look a century old…but the one thing you can’t take away from her is that them tits, have out lived Angelina Jolies…and more importantly, they’ve also out lived Sharon Stone’s sex appeal, yet for some reason, I’m still staring at them…because I’m down to fuck with anything…of any age…even if it is digesting…I blame alcoholism for that…


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Sharon Stone’s Big Old Lady Tits Lookin’ Good of the Day

I generally hate old ladies…but I am totally down with whatever is going on here….possibly because her pussy was a big part of my masturbation in the 90s back when I’d rent her video and pause the shit on the pussy flash scene….trying to get it in perfect frame so that I could make out her labia before DVD existed….so many times that we were practically in a relationship. A relationship that ended when the internet hit and I got access to porn. But a relationship I’ll remember forever as a glorious time in my shitty fucking life….

I don’t know why she’s looking so hot at this event, it’s like some divorcee at the night club wanting to get some dick in her to make up for lost time and feel loved thanks to her husband leaving her for a 20 year old shit….a place I like to call heaven.

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