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Shauna Sand’s Bikini Instagram Video of the Day

I was once really into Shauna Sand…not because she’s hot but because she was a novelty act. Totally entertaining…

The kind of inspirational mother who wore her stripper shoes everywhere, who the paparazzi loved.

A professional dancer turned into a professional…because obviously something went seriously wrong in her life, leading to huge stupid fake tits, Playboy and stripping, celebrity husbands who lead to solid child support and retirement money, to being the half naked clown screaming for attention every chance she got….including a SEX TAPE WITH HER ROCKIN’ HUGE MONSTER LABIA that I leaked to the internet in 2009…

It’s nice to see her back to her old self, up to her old tricks, because I’ve felt empty without her….


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Shauna Sand’s Instagram Bikini Pics of the Day

I forgot that Shauna Sand existed!

I am a fan of hers, and I have posted about her lots over the years …so I am shocked I’ve neglected her.

It’s been at least a couple of years since we saw her corpse vagina in action with one of her boy toys, you know to make herself a little money to subsidize her lucite shoe addiction that her alimony from Lorenzo Lamas couldn’t afford, in the form of a flashy, black, vagina SEX TAPE featuring one of her boy toys she hires to escort her around. I just revisited the clips – they are amazing.

Probably one of the worst, 10 years too late, attempt at another go at this fame game, even though her first go involved being naked in Playboy, prior to destroying her tits, face and body with too much fake tan, tit, and face ….but sex tape is a sex tape…even if it involves someone who looks like she has been chewed up by the porn industry and shat out by it many years before actually taking part in it…

But at least we’ve seen her fuck, and now we see her in a bikini on her instagram, still worth fucking, even if that vagina died long ago, that’s never stopped me before. The dryness and fleshy lips would lead to much needed friction to feel anything when inside it. Fact.


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Shauna Sand Having Sex and Giving a Blowjob in St Barths of the Day

I have done a lot of posts on Shauna Sand over the years….because she’s a tormented divorcee who loves attention and who really milked her Playboy fame into motherhood after marrying some joke of an actor….that is fun to laugh at as she tries to get noticed….

She spent his money and lived a life of a stripper….at least in appearancee before deciding late in her career to finally release a sex tape I had the exclusive on – with one of her male escorts she hired from euro modeling agencies….too many years too late….that didn’t end up having much impact on anything she did…leading to their break-up…and the world being reminded of how gross her pussy is…….

She has since replaced her porn boy toy with a new male escort she gets from europe…..that she banged on a public beach…..early in may..

Here is the email the paparazzi sent me last night trying to make as much money as they can off these…..I couldn’t afford to buy them….

taken in early May in St Barts. Shauna Sand fornicating on the public beach with her boy toy. Pics are taken legally and with consent from Shauna and the dude. They are available at per picture rates if you’re interested. Please let me know

The fact they have consent, obviosuly cuz she probably paid them for this, as part of her marketing campaign, makes it far less interesting, but if I didnt’ post it, I wouldn’t be doing what I am here to do, which is celebrate these attention seeking trashcans trying to stay relevant and get reality shows thru sex….20 years too late…a misguided professional dancer who lived in Paris only to become this….my kind of girl…Garbage….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Shauna Sand’s Zombie Corpse Ass in a Bikini Influences Her Daughter Proper of the Day

This is fascinaing to me – I have been following Shauna Sand for a while – because I am weird like that – the kind of guy fascinated with bottom of the barrel, last week’s kitchen garbage no one wants or in this case Playboy’s kitchen garbage from the 90s….

I’ve always wondered how her daughter with Lorenzo Lamas was going to turn out…..she’s probably 16 now, so when I started she was 8….and I didn’t know if her mother humiliated her, as Shauna Sand would humiliate you if she was your mom…..you know exposing her FLESHY DEAD LOOKING VAGINA IN A SEX TAPE WITH A MALE ESCORT SHE CARTED AROUND 10 YEARS LATER THAN SHE SHOULD HAVE or all the walking around half naked, in whore shoes,

I didn’t know whether the daughter, a product of divorce, would be a prude, rebelling against her mom’s way, or if she’d follow her lead and walk around in heels and a thong for the world to stare at her confused…trying to understand what hey just experienced….

I guess this pic answers that question I had….and I’m pretty glad things worked out this way….

To See The Rest of the Pics of Shauna Sands Dressed as A Corpse…..

I approve of this message:


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Shauna Sand and Her Male Prostitute of the Day

I don’t know what’s scarier…Shauna Sand and all her plastic surgery, looking like some kind of living corpse walking around in stripper clothes…..or the fact that she pays male escorts who are likely gay and from a modeling agency to escort her around like she’s some hot piece of ass they crave…mainly cuz her pussy smells like a giant asshole and she’s got a good budget and promises of paparazzi exposure…or the fact she’s a mom to daughters who will grow up with her as an role model…or the fac that she has a SEX TAPE ….that someone actually paid her to do….or the fact that I jerked off to her video…

I’m thinking all are equally amazing….cuz she’s a joke, she’s a novelty act, she’s an atttention seeking whore who did playboy decades ago and she’s one my nobodies to watch fuck so I suggest you GET THE SEX TAPE HERE IF YOU WANT A GOOD TIME if you’re not a broke ass loser…..which I’m sure you are….

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Shauna Sand’s Whore Stack of Money of the Day

Here is Shauna Sand hanging out with her old lady stripper body, stupid fake its, and a stack of money she got from either making porn with male prostitutes she staged as being leaked in hopes of getting a bit of a career going like she was a Kardashian 10 years too late , savings from doing nude photoshoots over 2 decades ago, escorting cuz that’s what people who look like this normally do, all plastic and scary and willing to fuck…despite how scary their vaginas look….or alimony from her ex husband Lorenzo Lamas…

Her hair less blonde…a lot more sublte, maybe she’s officially society and not the spic trash we all assumed she was…..but I know classy, toned down or not, her vagina is probably just as dead…

I’ve been keeping tabs on her for a long time …I even had the EXCLUSIVE on her Sex Tape ….and I think these pics are a glorious addition to my Shauna Sand archives…She’s amazing now BUY THE SEX TAPE – IT IS WORTH IT …..

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Shauna Sand Getting Head on the Beach of the Day

She’s got some of the scariest vaginas in the world….

I have seen her SEX TAPE

I have been to that dark place and apparently so has this guy…I mean assuming he’s not just a pretty boy gay escort she’s imported from Europe to replace the other one…who finds fucking a bitch living off her ex-husband’s soap money way better than fucking dirty old men…even if dirty old men have better contained man pussies…despite decades of inserting large objects inside themselves…cuz Shauna Sand’s pussy is that fucked up…while the rest of her is on some mutated human barbie doll kick…that could make for a great horror movie character…but who needs horror movie characters when the real horror movie is her fucking sex tape…

Either way, here she is “getting head” and posing on the beach, cuz she loves the beach, she even chose her stripper name after the beach and pays the paparazzi for this kind of bikini pic marketing…we’re just no sure what she’s marketing…I guess just aiming for attention…or maybe another sex tape is on its way since it is the only work she gets…

And really, plastic, scary, mutated vagina or not, I’m just happy she’s not fat….

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