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Sienna Miller Bikini of the Day

Sienna Miller Bikini

Sienna Miller is rocking some bikini for Jude Law who I think she’s still fucking, because from what I remember they were the same person, used for the same reason, basically being the british actors in American films with bad American accents and blond hair, getting paid so that they can finance their sexual and cocaine addiction.

I always liked Sienna Miller, not so much as an actress but as a getting naked in movies kind of actress who knew that despite being very famous, you still don’t turn your back on the opportunity to show your tits, especially if you’re getting paid, so that you keep getting paid…but I guess being rich has made her soft in more ways than one, cuz there are no tits being flashed here…no acting work being acted…just a mom in a bikini on a boat living off the scam she pulled off in her 20s…a scam I appreciate.



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Sienna Miller Not So Racy Toplessness on her Social Media of the Day

Sienna Miller topless on Instagram

Sienna Miller posted a topless picture on her social media….she’s 35 so it shouldn’t really count, because 35 in Hollywood is old as fuck, no matter how many face fillers they have, while 35 in my life is fine, I mean I’ll jerk off to / on / inside girls of all ages…I am a pervert…but Hollywood has different standards to my no standards…that’s why these people get paid so much…

I still have a place for her in my heart, because I remember her as the girl in movies who played the hot British chick that was willing to get naked….that was always naked…who you know only got the roles because of her level of “fun” off screen..

So this toplessness that you’d see as fame whoring, attention seeking, is hardly topless, I can’t see her nipples, so I don’t think I can even call it fame whoring or attention seeking, as anyone who knows Sienna Miller or cares to see her topless has seen her topless and can just watch her old movies…or google those screenshots…and topless beach pics…

If anything, this is just a tribute of what was, not a tease like “you know what’s behind this quarter turn of my body, just beg me to fully turn to the camera”…and more a “don’t look, you don’t want to see this, it’s an old mangled mom mess, and I can’t put you through the pain and suffering accepting that life is finite and that we are living to die….”….

Because when looking at tits, who needs to really deal with the aging process and death…NOT ME…except when I try jerking off to it and fail…because of the same aging process that is making Sienna Miller shy about her tits.

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Sienna Miller in a Magazine of the Day

Here’s Sienna Miller, who has clearly lost her edge, in a magazine posing “topless”…but not Sienna Miller who you probably were into in the mid-2000s, because she was hot, in a lot of movies, willing to get naked, before fading back to the UK where she dated Jude Law, Daniel Craig and made little UK babies, that you shouldn’t give a fuck about because #America.

Like everyone else, in every business, who has seen any success, she was never all that hot, she was never all that talented, she was just positioned in the right way, and I guess I prefer the actresses who get naked to the ones who don’t, even if everything about them was inflated bullshit….but as far as I’m concered…getting naked in movies is all the talent a girl needs…and I guess Sienna Miller, baby momma, embodies that.

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Sienna Miller’s Nipple of the Day

In case you forgot that Sienna Miller existed, this is her throwing out a reminder…but intentionally wearing a see through dress, with her nipple exposed, which isn’t a big deal at all, I mean it’s just nipples and tits are just tits, I see this shit everyday, and if you go to Europe they are everywhere….not to mention we’ve already seen her naked last decade when she mattered and was actually in movies…but it’s still welcomed behavior…because it’s better than not seeing nipple….

Fascinating right, I should be a modern day Philopsher…maybe I already am one…and just don’t know it….Deep…

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Mom Sienna Miller for Esquire of the Day

I didn’t realize that Sienna Miller had a baby, last I heard she was dating Jude Law, who she cheated on with Daniel Craig and the whole thing is way too UK trash polluting American soil to really bother with…

You know, foreigners stealing our acting jobs, while pretending to be Americans by masking their accents is some confusing as fuck bullshit…

If you really sat back and thought about it…Sienna Miller isn’t really all that hot or amazing at acting, to me she’s just some hipster looking bitch from my generation, who partied a lot with the right people and rocked a stylish bush and a willingness to suck dick…but that doesn’t mean she should be taking jobs from American girls, while playing American girls in movies…when not an America girl…

Not that that matters, she’s gone back to the UK, and virtually disappeared…until today…when she’s on the cover of Esquire…in panties…in pictures we can all pretend aren’t her as a mom…

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Sienna Miller’s Back and She’s in a Bikini of the DAy

Sienna Miller lives…there was a point in her career where she was fucking everywhere, you know the hottest little coke head party slut from the UK who partied with the right people, fucked the right people, booked the right movies and was willing to get naked…like she was willing to get herpes…in the process of making millions…but then one day she disappeared…and crawled into a hole with Jude Law’s hairline, never to be seen again…that was until today…when she was out in a bikini…reminding us of a better time, at least in her life…when she was getting paid and people cared to see her fashionable bush…

I used to be a huge fan, which is saying a lot for me, since I hate everyone, especially my wife…and I guess she’s still good to me…but mainly because I am fascinated with how many objects…from penis to household she’s penetrated her asshole with…my kind of girl.


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Sienna Miller for Elle November of the Day

This just in…Sienna Miller lives..and she’s doing a photoshoot for an actual magazine and not sucking dick in a back alley for some drug money like you’d expect her to be doing after she pretty much fell off the fucking planet after being the hottest thing for a minute…cast in everything…because the good news about being the hottest thing, even for just a minute..is the fact that you have a lot of money in the bank and you can save your whoring to your bedroom…or the bedroom of various men you use to occupy your gutter broken down…mind…and the fact is…I think she’s fucking lovely…one of the best there ever way…maybe not in acting…but in something to look at…

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Sienna Miller For Old Times of the Day

I used to think Sienna Miller was amazing….

She was always naked in movies, because lets face it that was her only real skillset when it came to depth in acting….and she always looked good getting naked….but this was at least 5 or 6 years ago….Since then…she’s disappeared and hardly exists….she locked down a relationship with Jude Law, her costar in many movies, because I assume they understand each other, since bother are washed up UK actors who made it in America, but more importantly, because they probably gave each other some STDs, and the set just happened to be the same romantic premise of the MEETPEOPLEWITHHERPES site…you know if you already have it you can’t get it again or give it to new partners if those partners have it to….

But she still looks kinda good, and I’d be more than happy to see her titties naked, perky, small and lovely like it was 2004 again….but that’s probably cuz I live in the past and have a hard time moving on…proven in his site’s modern and functional design…amongst other things like not leaving my wife for fame and fortune of Hollywood and shit…

Either way, here are the pics

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Sienna Miller for Old Times of the Day

I remember a time when Sienna Miller was naked in every movie….that made me her fan…that time is no more…I don’t even remember the last time she was in a movie and there’s no pregnancy to really blame, home wrecking maybe, but if she did get knocked up, that fucker died of AIDS inside her dirty party girl slut womb….but I still find her hot, diseased, irrelevant, clothed or not… FOLLOW ME

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Sienna Miller in a Bikini as Jude Law Sniffs it of the Day

I am not surprised these idiots are in a relationship. I mean it was pretty obvious that he was the male version of her….at least it was back when they were actually relevant, before he started balding, back when Hollywood loved light haired people with an accent, before they were rejected and forced to a life of luxury smearing their dirty genitals on each other like two prostitutes with AIDS who found each other and thought it was destiny…..I just don’t know why it took them so long to lock each other in, I mean I guess they both wanted to fuck everyone they could before giving into love…and who cares, she’s in a bikini and her body is still alright, even though my love for her has died like her vagina’s health…but she’s still in a bikini and that’s good enough for me.

Pics via Bauer

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