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I am – Sophie Cahill Intentional Flash of the Day


Sophie Cahill was Miss Wales a couple of years ago. I obviously never heard of her because I am really not that worldly and I don’t really follow the whole beauty pageant thing because I find the concept annoying. It turns out that this girl who is obviously out of the pageant industry is doing what any drunk girl who was forced into beauty pageants all her life would do and that’s get breast implants and hang out with party sluts who encourage her to flash her tits to the camera for publicity. As much as I don’t like beauty pageants, I do like drunk girls crying for attention and that’s why I am posting these.

I remember knowing this girl who was the Prom Queen in her highschool, she was also the valedictorian, captain of the cheerleading team, involved in student government, student sports teams and had a scholarship to some good college. I met her after she crashed from all the pressure she put on herself to be the best at everything she did and had dropped out of school, cut off her parents, took up drinking, stripping and turning minor tricks to pay the bills. It was like seeing the girl who had everything going for her give all that opportunity the finger and take on the self-destructive path to nowhere.

Since I never heard of this Sophie Cahill chick, I can’t say she’s doing the same thing, but if she is, I’d probably pay at least 15 dollars a song to touch her fake titties.

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