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Susan Sarandon’s Old Lady Tits of the Day

I generally don’t care for 60 year old tits, this is not one of those times.

See normally when I go to the mall to stare at tits, I focus on the 18 year old girl cuz they are so young and perky, usually being shown off, cuz this generation love showing off their tits. Sometimes I’ll allow myself to divert my focus onto a bitch in her 30s or 40s who clearly has a kid or two and who’s once perky C cup is now a DD, full and mom-like despite all her pilates classes. I normally skip the 50s and 60s cuz that’s the awkward age for women, and fall back into the 70s cuz I never had a granny growing up and now have granny issues, but also cuz their pensions, lonliness and life expectancies make fucking a bag of loose wrinkled skin, sagging wrinkled tits and big, sloppy yet dry vagina you can hardly feel so it’s like you’re not even do it worht it.

But today, Susan Sarandon’s nice full old lady tits remind me why I used to jerk off to her bra scene in the Rocky Horror picture show, cuz even at 60 she’s stacked.

This may be a low moment in my life, I am really glad to be sharing there with you.

If I felt shame, this would probably be one of those times.

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Susan Sarandon’s Nipple and her Boy Toy of the Day

Susan Sarandon is fucking a 31 year old….I am not sure why he’s fucking her, maybe he has grandmommy issues and never got to peak at his granny getting changed before church…or maybe he’s an opportunist who realizes that fucking Susan Sarandon is not THAT bad of a thing….or maybe he’s just a Rocky Horror Picture show fan and he had to slam janet dammit….or maybe he’s just going with the flow…even if this MILF is not so much of a MILF anymore…since she gets senior discounts at the pharmacy and wears her pants like her uterus is trying to escape her gunt cuz it’s no longer needed….but maybe some of you are into it cuz big tits are enough to satisfy your needs no matter who they are on….

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